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  1. BigD6997

    MicroFly/Qpack MODernize

    damn mark, your cases are getting way refined! down to ever last detail!
  2. BigD6997

    What Is This?!

    what is it? :wtf:
  3. BigD6997

    8800gts 640mb user HELP PLEASE

    thank you!
  4. BigD6997

    8800gts 640mb user HELP PLEASE

  5. BigD6997

    8800gts 640mb user HELP PLEASE

    yeah i hear that... if reflashing the bios doesnt work, and a windows reinstall doesnt work... :cry: but i have my hopes up, reinstalling windows now.
  6. BigD6997

    8800gts 640mb user HELP PLEASE

    i reallllly need the bios for EVGA 8800gts 640mb OC for some reason mine just underclocked itself after a crash to 218mhz core and 398mhz mem WTF:wtf: so i can barely play cod4.. but counter strike still works fine:D still NEED THIS BIOS
  7. BigD6997

    markklebs-MKmods SFF comp gallery..

    mk your oldies still impress
  8. BigD6997

    Wolfdale Tempurature Compilation

    ah very nice! cool, then we can make a temp collaboration!
  9. BigD6997

    Wolfdale Tempurature Compilation

    yeah, the problems happen when people push 1.45v's thats the max
  10. BigD6997

    Wolfdale Tempurature Compilation

    Thnx. also the degradation only seems to be a problem when pushing 1.4v's and anything over 1.45v's the 45nm are really sensitive...
  11. BigD6997

    Wolfdale Tempurature Compilation

    ok here are my results with realtemp, and i think it might actually work the temps are closer to ambient when idle :rockout: (not like 12* off, only 3-5*) and load seems to be better too and differs from hwm and coretemp about the same as idle
  12. BigD6997

    G80 IHS removal

    what im waiting for too! getting 8800gts (or 9800gtx if its worth it) with the tax return lol and then off comes the ihs
  13. BigD6997

    Wolfdale Tempurature Compilation

    trying that now.
  14. BigD6997

    Wolfdale Tempurature Compilation

    actually the temp problem was something i wanted to address in this thread, i wanted to see what temps were being read.. coretemp, and HWMonitor both state my load temp is 53c (highest of the two cores, full load orthos) i would love to check the temp with a infrared therm, i might buy one...
  15. BigD6997

    best cooler for ASRock 939Dual-SATA2?

    thermalright ultra extreame
  16. BigD6997

    Wolfdale Tempurature Compilation

    Please post your ambient, idle, load temps as well as your clock and voltage and what type of cooler your using would like to know how certain coolers perform in real world and the average temp for the wolfdales example, and i will start off e8400 @ 4ghz 1.344v Thermalright Ultra...
  17. BigD6997

    G80 IHS removal

    when i get my taxes back im going to do this too!
  18. BigD6997

    I Heard a rumor...

    yes and no, depends on the memory mostly if your using a s939 board then i wouldn't suggestion using all 4 dimms
  19. BigD6997

    Put motherboard on Mobo box?

    Ive seen a pizza box be used as a case before
  20. BigD6997

    ATi Xpress X300

    ok thanks for the help guys, i just looked at some old benchmarks and it seems to be able to play hl2 (source)
  21. BigD6997

    ATi Xpress X300

    is the x300 a ok card to play old games? i just found one in a old dell computer is it at all decent enough to play counterstrike 1.6, MAYBE even counterstrike source? i have enough left over parts for a pc and this is the last piece i need
  22. BigD6997

    Newegg starts selling Palits!

    ive always wanted to see a grfx card with a white pcb :toast: it could have a shinny gold heatsink and be called the BALLA edition :D
  23. BigD6997

    4851mhz on 5000+ BE

    heavy dutty cooling? :respect:
  24. BigD6997

    processor temp

    get a freezer 7 pro http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835186134
  25. BigD6997

    Stability Help..

    yeah im working on it, i have a feeling the motherboard needs some more v's got some orthos errors with the FSB up, with the multiplier at 6 so gave it a little more juice 1.3v to 1.4v and i think that was the problem been orthos stable since (30 minutes)