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  1. Basard

    ADATA and TechPowerUp XPG EMIX Giveaway: The Winners

    Ugh! Canada! So close! lol.... Congrats, peoples!
  2. Basard

    Inno3D Launches New P104-100 Crypto-Mining Accelerator

    Why no buy one with just a LITTLE bit of resale value?
  3. Basard

    Bitcoin Futures Listed by Chicago Board Options Exchange

    Yup, the amount of basement dwellers sucking somebody else's electricity is definitley on the rise... or is it?!? :wtf:
  4. Basard

    Antec P8

    The magnetic filter on top is a "meh..." I've got mine stuck to the inside of the back-side panel--the top's for exhaust! Shouldn't be a "positive" attribute. I'd rather the money be spent on a good intake filter that actually does some filtering. I hate metal mesh filters. I hate them even...
  5. Basard

    NCIX Closed Up Shop and Filed for Bankruptcy

    Linus does do some talking about it in his WAN show. @ 41:43
  6. Basard

    AMD Second-generation Ryzen "Pinnacle Ridge" Confirmed to Support AM4

    Hell, I've still gotta machine in the house running a 770 chipset with Vishera. Sure, Vishera support on the 770 chipset is kinda weird, but it still works. USB 3.0+ is so overrated---who needs 10x the speed?:laugh:
  7. Basard

    Cougar Conquer

    Too rich for my blood, but it's pretty cool looking.
  8. Basard

    Intel, Warner Bros. Aim to Develop In-Cabin Experiences for Autonomous Cars

    Can't wait to get stuck behind one of these, full of doped-out teenagers playing "Batman" at exactly 44.9 Mp/h in a 45... while I'm on my way to work, about to be late.... I guess I'll start leaving even earlier now, haha.
  9. Basard

    Industry Leaders and Experts Join Forces to Fight Against Loot Crates

    If you don't want it, don't buy it.... the only thing I can see this doing is making games more expensive by sticking one more badge on the "box." But then, it costs almost nothing to get the game onto our hard drives these days. Now, you click and the computers make it so. Back then you...
  10. Basard

    XFX Launches Custom RX Vega 56 and Vega 64 Double Edition Graphics Cards

    The uglier the better, usually, lol....
  11. Basard

    Japan Opens Prototype Quantum Computing System for Public, Worldwide Use

    Maybe... one day... one of the billions of people on the internet will actually find a use for it. Good thinking, Japan.
  12. Basard

    Ethereum Startup Confido Vanishes, Scams Users in $375K After ICO

    I wish my first thought wasn't "LOL, noobs...." Kinda make me feel like a jerk. I'm over it now though.
  13. Basard

    DarkSide Gentle Typhoon 1450 RPM Black Edition Fan

    I've got these old two Masscool 80mms that I always brag about like they are children or something.... The bastards just wont die.... almost 10 years old. I do find it odd that there is a "Black Edition" fan though.
  14. Basard

    Overwatch, Star Wars Battlefront II Loot Crates Under Gambling Scrutiny

    You wanna see gambling? Load up Entropia Universe! You can actually turn your game credits in for real cash.
  15. Basard

    Intel Readies Optane DIMM Roll-out for 2018

    I like how they write in their slide that RAM is more expensive than NAND.... Yeah, per GB maybe. But how much is an Optane DIMM vs RAM+SSD?
  16. Basard

    Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 64 Nitro Custom Model Pictured, Tested

    Can't wait til these things start coming with AC power cords, lol....
  17. Basard

    Which Future Starts with NVIDIA's Titan "Star Wars" Collector's Edition ?

    They are already gouging a million percent. So keeping the same price is moot. A plain titan XP, in my opinion, is a collector's item--a better one than one tainted (again, in my opinion) by a Star Wars logo.
  18. Basard

    Qualcomm Starts Shipping 48-Core Centriq 2400 Processors

  19. Basard

    The eGFX Breakaway Puck Turns Your Ordinary Laptop Into a High-End Gaming PC

    That's cool that it charges too.... seems too expensive though.
  20. Basard

    Logitech Tells Harmony Link Owners to Bid Their Devices Goodbye (Updated)

    Lawsuit-worthy. Screw that, seems like a good motive for a homicide, lol. Sounds almost like theft. I'm sure there was a "right-to-screw-you-over" clause in the TOS though.
  21. Basard

    AMD Radeon Boss Raja Koduri Jumps Ship

    In my opinion, the thing amazing about Radeon in the last few years was HBM and the size reduction of the card that came with it. The only good Fury/Vega iteration was the Nano, and that was about 30% overpriced for the performance it offered. Yeah, that Nvidia control panel sure is garbage...
  22. Basard

    ADATA Releases the Special Edition UV100FU SB Flash Drive

    Christmas-themed USB drives, my prayers finally answered! But what will they think of next?o_O
  23. Basard

    Purdue University Develops Next-Gen, 3D Intrachip Cooling Technology

    Giant heat sink sitting on top of it all.. lol.
  24. Basard

    DATALAND Introduces White Version of the RX 580 X-Serial

    More white hardware? Nah, I prefer nicotine yellow.
  25. Basard

    ASUS ROG STRIX 1070 Ti, Turbo Graphics Cards Pictured

    I dunno about you guys, but I'm sick of all these options.... Just send me a video card in the mail and garnish my paycheck for whatever you think is fair. (sarcasm)