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    Project Z

    Hello fellow Modders! :rockout: What better day is there to start a project than your B-Day! So for everyone there is some digital pie So starting on "Project Z" :D Why "Project Z" you ask? Well because "Project X" was already taken... And I think it looks a bit like a 'Z' or a 'L' or...
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    [Cip]Nice Soil

    Now my first project is almost finished(Server Case 2.0) I'm starting with my new build: Nice Soil. The hardware I will be using is the hardware from my main pc with some nice sponsoring of Cooler Master: Rest of the HW: - q6600 @ 3.3Ghz - Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R - XFX HD6870 Black Edition...
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    [CiP] Server Case 2.0

    Hereby I present to you: The "Server Case 2.0" This is the restart of my "Server Case" build, which I only posted on dutch fora. First things first, I will introduce myself. I'm Yorick, I live in the Netherlands, I like working with computers a lot, and also the making of my own pc cases...