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  1. rougal

    Ryzen benchmarking and overclocking results

    So, despite the outcome, it still seems more of a bang for buck than the marginal performance difference... but since most of the reviews are using the same Asus board, the results were somewhat "incoherent". I smell the need of "AMD dual-core optimizer" all over again like the old Athlon X2 era...
  2. rougal

    Ryzen benchmarking and overclocking results

    Nice Case. Tell me about the mobo and RAM speed at least.
  3. rougal

    Post your SSD life here

    I've used this drive since january 2012...
  4. rougal

    Pricing of Entire AMD Ryzen Lineup Revealed

    The pricing looks good. 6 core looks yummy.
  5. rougal

    Diablo 3 Discussion

    I posted in the diablo 3 forums a long time ago that I would buy a dlc if it includes infinite chars and infinite stash space rather than having to delete a char to make room for a new char every season... I will wait and see if this Necromancer DLC is any good before buying it.. If it has no...
  6. rougal

    TechPowerUp ASUS GTX 1080 STRIX Giveaway - The Winner

    Congratz to the winner... RNG was on his side.
  7. rougal

    During gaming or watching videos screen flash black then gets back normal!?

    I had this kind of problem before. The monitor flashes blanks on random occasions sometimes twice a day, sometimes a few days later... Turns out my monitors mainboard was dying.. maybe because u have the same type of monitor i have, i would only assume its the same problem.. eventually 2...
  8. rougal

    Spoiler alert....this bike is fast

    my old bike since 09 zx10r.. The max i've ever gone to is at 309kmh around~200mph... At that speed, with my head held low all i can only see blurs on the road and all that guides me are the white lines and u have focus 100% on to traffic/obstacles at least 300 meters from u to get a breaking...
  9. rougal

    Please help me pick out PC parts (i5-6600K + GTX 1070)

    I'm not telling him to buy "junk". an SSD is not a junk and based on the specs of all the other hardware he selected, not using an SSD will cripple the gaming performance of the system he is building if he plays some off the games I mentioned. Currently there are a lot of cheap SSD in the...
  10. rougal

    Please help me pick out PC parts (i5-6600K + GTX 1070)

    Assuming this is a gaming PC, u need an SSD now for better performance in certain games such as BF4, civilization 5, fallout 4, and a few others, which cuts the annoying loading times by half. Also certain games like Diablo3 have stuttering issues if installed on normal HDD. Ur setup parts are...
  11. rougal

    NVIDIA Announces the GeForce GTX TITAN X Pascal

    Whatever the price is, anyone who have the money and passion for fastest graphics should buy this... buy it fast and stay on the top... until the next 1080Ti comes and then buy that to stay on top.
  12. rougal

    Looks like AMD finally made a profit!

    Aren't the new consoles Xbox "Project Scorpio" and PS4 NEO suppossed to run AMD chips? If so, then they'll still have some more income coming. I really wanna see Zen hype but after what happened with the Bulldozer, I doubt they really have something extraordinary to show. They have NEVER manage...
  13. rougal

    Would you buy GTX 1060 or RX 480 ?

    Custom RX480. Intend to use for at least 3 years and gonna crossfire later... my desicion is final.
  14. rougal

    Some pics of RX 480 AIB (and a bonus)

    I really appreciate these shots. Good angel, I'm leaning (Biased) towards MSI or Sapphire. (good pricing, reliability wise)
  15. rougal

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB

    If compared directly to RX480, this card is a tad better some games, has a significantly lower power draw even when OC'd and definitely has better OC capability. But at the price range asked and with no SLI (cant buy 1 now, buy 1 later) is a real heavy downside for me. On the other hand 1 of...
  16. rougal

    I have a screen that is capable of 1920x1080, but can go well beyond that?

    Image Scaling ≠ True resolution. Anyone and everyone that has a monitor can set the resolution higher than native resolution but it does not mean that your monitor can show the true image at the resolution u set for it. If that were the case I will still be rocking on my 2006 17" samsung...
  17. rougal

    GPU Hanging due weight?

    It will eventually kill your card, 1 of my 7950's died that way. I thought it was normal and causing no problem, so i left it alone. It turns out 1 of the VRam (in the middle, just above the pci-e slot) is not making contact to the heatsink it was just hanging on only to the thermal pad. The...
  18. rougal

    Now that W10 is out, are you a W7 / W8 refusenik?

    I'm still on w7. Why? No driver support from Asus for My Mobo... Not gonna upgrade until this mobo is dead, by then i'll have force myself to upgrade to w10 on a newer setup.
  19. rougal

    So GTX 1060 is the best price/perf card it seems?

    Same here.. If this is better priced and perfoms on par with rx480 i might just get this baby... been so long since I upgraded.. gonna be my last upgrade on my old obsolete 1080p setup.
  20. rougal

    Can't wait for the new expansion of Diablo 3, Reaper of Souls!

    killed mathael.. could only do it in master.. damn so hard.. hoping to find newer legend sets... to play higher torment. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/LowKow-2867/hero/13393932
  21. rougal

    Can't wait for the new expansion of Diablo 3, Reaper of Souls!

    People should just try to gain higher paragons while the 50% bonus is still on... legendaries are just bonuses because Ilvl60 cap legendaries will certainly be overshadowed by the RoS ilvl70 legendaries. After RoS if they follow trough like BETA, adventure mode/infinite bounty hunt is the only...
  22. rougal

    Can't wait for the new expansion of Diablo 3, Reaper of Souls!

    Gonna play it... Infinite bounty hunt, did that in Beta, Just hoping they update other stuff along the way in RoS.. a $39.99 gamble..
  23. rougal

    How much power does your PC use?

    I will post the power consumption results when I have time... might be a few days HX650w 80+ Bronze vs Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 650w 80+ Gold PH
  24. rougal

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    Found my other lost and forgotten powersupply in my store... Upgrade or sidegrade? from HX650w 80+ Bronze to Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 650w 80+ Gold.. Closeup shot... Dusty and can't clean it without voiding the warranty... Bigger is Better?
  25. rougal

    My XFX 290X teardown [56k]

    Good tear down... For me I really like the way the cooler looks, but that's one hell of a bad copper base... no wonder all the stock cards are way hotter than expected. Very informative indeed...