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  1. PopcornMachine

    "Not So Fast": Bungie Automatically Bans Destiny 2 PC Players With Overlays

    Was really thinking about getting this game. Not going to happen now. Just amazing business decision by a game company. Just about every PC gamer uses one of these things. Afterburner? Who doesn't use that. Might as well not issue a PC game. Hopefully hurts the company bad. Real bad.
  2. PopcornMachine

    Goa´uld Al´Kesh [scratch build]

    Stargate fan here. Looking forward to where this goes. Thanks.
  3. PopcornMachine

    PC not starting after Applying thermal paste

    Glad things are looking up. that's great. I also think you are fine sticking with the 2600.
  4. PopcornMachine

    PC not starting after Applying thermal paste

    Probably doesn't help now, but your cpu/board reporting 98C might indicate the mobo was having issues before you decided to do anything. I don't think old paste would cause the cpu to get that hot. The problems you had might have happened anyway, even if hadn't put a little extra paste on it...
  5. PopcornMachine

    Alphacool Presents the Eisblock Flatboy Waterblock for Socket TR4 Systems

    Rarely do these marketing introductions give you an obvious reason not to buy the item.
  6. PopcornMachine

    Why isn't the Opera web browser more popular?

    I started using Opera over 10 years ago. It was the first browser to use tabs. But it is true that they lost innovation when they switched to the chromium. It became a stale subset of the old Opera. A couple of their former developers started up Vivaldi a few years back, and although it is...
  7. PopcornMachine

    Antec Introduces the CUBE Special Edition Gaming Chassis

    And it has 2 windows you can't see through! Oh boy!
  8. PopcornMachine

    ASUS Radeon RX 460 STRIX OC 4 GB

    Great price/performance. Too bad that performance doesn't include playing games.
  9. PopcornMachine

    NVIDIA GTX Titan X Pascal 12 GB

    So if you've got the money to buy this card, then you may as well spend a few more bucks on a water block and whatever else you need to liquid cool this thing. Be interesting to see what it can do then.
  10. PopcornMachine

    Mars rover says: 'good evening gale crater!'

    It looks a roosting bird, but it's just a rock
  11. PopcornMachine

    TechPowerUp Screenshot Thread (MASSIVE 56K WARNING)

    Playing Rise of Tomb Raider, and this is my favorite screenshot.
  12. PopcornMachine

    NVIDIA GeForce Experience Gets UI Update, Won't Work Without Login

    Upgraded driver. Uninstalled GeForce Experience. Too many apps checking what I'm doing already. Going to start cutting down on this. None of their friggin business.
  13. PopcornMachine

    AMD Radeon RX 480 8 GB

    Those announcements came after they found out what they had.
  14. PopcornMachine

    AMD Radeon RX 480 8 GB

    Summary of why I and a lot of people find the RX 480 disappointing. Never before has new generation card not been more powerful as the previous generation, which in this case is the fury. Reviewers have gone out of there way to applaud AMD's pricing of the card, and they did do the right thing...
  15. PopcornMachine

    Raijintek Invents the World's First Passive Liquid Cooler

    Some here are missing the point. It's the 'special coolant' that makes this different, and probably required a lot of R&D. And until the cooling efficiency is tested and verified, it is to early to draw a conclusion. But if this does provide the cooling of a custom loop without a pump, sign...
  16. PopcornMachine

    Wake up, Rosetta!

    Love the picture of the moon, but not seeing new pic. Anyway, thanks for all the updates. Didn't know Rosetta was still active and tracking the comet. Very cool stuff.
  17. PopcornMachine

    Wake up, Rosetta!

    Very cool stuff. Thanks for all the updates.
  18. PopcornMachine

    Now that W10 is out, are you a W7 / W8 refusenik?

    Stuck with XP, hated Vista. Stuck with 7, hated 8. 10 is good and upgraded without issue.
  19. PopcornMachine

    Will you upgrade to Intel Skylake?

    Considering my i5-2500k system bit the dust and I'm using my old reliable Q6600, this would be a huge upgrade for me. Getting a i5-6600k would be fitting, as it follows in the footsteps of my previous chips, including my i7-920. Just waiting for all the reviews and hardware to hit the stores.
  20. PopcornMachine

    Samsung F1 1TB

    I have one still going strong. Don't remember when I got it. Sorry to hear about your loss.
  21. PopcornMachine


    I wouldn't expect to find anything similar to us anywhere. Any life we find is going to be very different. Just my theory. Thanks for the cool info.
  22. PopcornMachine

    Wolfenstein: The New Order Teased

    That's what I'm talkin' bout' Can't wait to start killing Nazis again. :D
  23. PopcornMachine

    Scientists Create Solar Cell From A Brand New High-Effieciency Material

    I will go where I want. Even to talk to people who think they know everything that can possibly every known about something. Just maybe people will show a bit of curiosity of things outside their preconceived notions. Evidently a waste of my time, but there you are.
  24. PopcornMachine

    Scientists Create Solar Cell From A Brand New High-Effieciency Material

    I'll just leave you with your delusions.
  25. PopcornMachine

    Scientists Create Solar Cell From A Brand New High-Effieciency Material

    Produces tons of radioactive waste that we don't know what to do with other than bury. Yeah that's not going to come back and bite us in the ass. It'll be fine. If you don't get that as a problem, then you don't get much. Long winded answers don't mean anything.