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  1. RX-7

    [FS][US] MSI GTX 460 768mb Twin Frozer II soc

    MSI N460GTX Twin Frozr II SOC GeForce GTX 460 (Fer... comes with card and power extenders, never overclocked or even had a game played on it $80 shipped Continental US only
  2. RX-7

    [WTB][US] X2, x3, x4 am2+/am3

    I have a 440 Rana coming free or a 240 Regor
  3. RX-7

    pick your poison

    none of those trip my trigger at all RE5 you can not run and shoot and I don't care for the fighting games and dark void is horrible
  4. RX-7

    [WTB][US] 2x2gb DDR2 Memory

  5. RX-7

    [FS][US] GA-965P-DS3 + E7200 + 4GB Crucial DDR2

    lowered prices a tid bit
  6. RX-7

    [FS][US] GA-965P-DS3 + E7200 + 4GB Crucial DDR2

    Back up for sale or potential trade
  7. RX-7

    [WTB] 939 board with PCIe-X16

    I need a board like this for around $35 shipped to 67211, this is a replacement for the board my sister had that blew up.
  8. RX-7

    [FS][US] GA-965P-DS3 + E7200 + 4GB Crucial DDR2

    Traded please close thread