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    [Solved][Z77][Asrock Exteme4][What closed loop cooler, to allow top PCIEx1 sound card

    Hey guys thanks for responding, the problem is that if i orientate the H80 so the tubes are above the fans it will block the PCIE 8pin. Also i dont think there is room if i orientate it left or right. At the momment though the tube comes from below the fan, which as you said would block the...
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    [Solved][Z77][Asrock Exteme4][What closed loop cooler, to allow top PCIEx1 sound card

    I currently want to fit 2 x 3 slot graphics cards to my asrock Z77 Extreme4 at the same time fit my Auzentech - AZT-BRAVURA to the top slot, however the h80 i have leaves little room for the sound card to fit into the top slot. Is there any closed loop coolers that can allow me to fit a...
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    PowerColor HD 7990 Devil 13 6144 MB

    If you did want to quadfire 2 devils... what kind of motherboard would one use? With enough room for a sound card?
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    EVGA Announces the Classified SR-X Motherboard

    This http://news.softpedia.com/news/Intel-May-Release-Unlocked-Xeon-E5-CPUs-in-2012-236174.shtml "success they had with the unlocked version of the Westmere-based Xeon 5600 processors " "target enthusiasts" "VGA SR-2 was mostly used by SGI and others to provide overclocked solutions to the...
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    How To: Enable SLI on pre-i7/i5 hardware

    Hi there, i too would like to sli on my no sli board but i would like some links for 64bit and 32bit computers. Could anyone give me links to the right places so i can sli as well? Ive tried some link on peoples signatures and previous posts but they all give me error pages can anyone tell me...