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  1. Solaris17

    Show off your homelab!

    Hey everyone! There seemed to be some interest from a Few people in THIS thread. So I decided to make a thread were like minded people can tell us what kind of equipment they have running at home. I am confident a closet majority of us run some kind of extended/augmented/just for fun learning...
  2. Solaris17

    [FS][US] 32GB Iphone 7 Matte Black

    Hiya. I am selling my iphone 7 matte black (32GB). Work issues and pays my phone so I dont need it. I have dis-associated it from my icloud account and phone is unlocked with clean ESN. I bought it directly through apple and paid in full. Phone comes in original box. Lens is perfect and LCD...
  3. Solaris17

    27" 4k $275 w/ coupon (freesync)

    https://www.buydig.com/shop/basket.aspx?sku=LG27UD59PB&qty=1&add=1&warranty=&warItemID=LG27UD59PB&cpn=PIVOT seems like a great deal for a 4k IPS panel
  4. Solaris17

    "Fake" adblockers affect 20m+ chrome users

    This is the importance of doing some research and not installing the first thing you see at the top of the list. I am sure this also goes for other browsers as well. Either way, education is always key. Read the article below...
  5. Solaris17

    Professional/homelab sub forums

    @W1zzard I would like to propose the following under the software section. Homelab Administration (server network etc) Defense: We have many categories and sub forums under hardware. Arguable some of which are not even used that often. Examples of this would immediately be Crypto currency...
  6. Solaris17

    Windows spotlight images (Lock screen)

    This is really dumb, but if you are like me and use spotlight for your windows lock screen images, I actually tend to like some of them alot. They rotate it seems every few days but it doesn't seem to delete them as often as it gets new ones. With that said I couldnt find anything similar...
  7. Solaris17

    I lost 2TB worth of data and here is what I learned

    Tonight was like any other. I came home cleaned the cat box started the dishes and re-heated some old pizza. I booted my PC and logged in. Ten minutes or so later my wife came home. The back story is that for the life of my chrome has not been running correctly. What I thought was simply an...
  8. Solaris17

    Back in Action! 2 years and the checkered flag

    About 2 years ago this season my office roof collapsed. some of you know the story. Most of what I owned and attributed to the IT/Gaming world was destroyed. However that changed last night. After getting the roof replaced (we sealed off the room its been wet for a long time) and fixing the...
  9. Solaris17

    How are you handling stiff tubes?

    How are you modders dealing with the stiff cables? It is my understanding that you need to use a heatgun to bend them but I am also curious how you are getting them to bend at such nice angles is there a trade secret? Can anyone shed some light on the proper procedure or an ideal method to...
  10. Solaris17

    More CPU reviews?

    When it comes to specific products I am aware the OEM dictates a lot of it. I was victim to a few "Sorry we don't have enough"'s when I did reviews. But is it simply the OEM in TPUs case? I don't see many reviews on CPU's or motherboards and I would really like too.
  11. Solaris17

    Safe DNS Project

    Hey everyone! I am running a usability experiment to see how naive it might be to provide everyday users the ability to browse the internet in a safer manner. To accomplish this I am running a public DNS server that is running Pi-Hole with extended definitions. This experiment ties in directly...
  12. Solaris17

    Guide: Global Network DNS blacklisting (Pi-Hole)

    Hey Everyone! Decided to make a guide on how to leverage DNS blackholing or "blocking"/"filtering" on your network. I will cover a few different aspects and approaches and like most of my other guides an honest PRO and CON list on why or why you shouldn't utilize something like this to help...
  13. Solaris17

    A few suggestions for the UI

    I was wondering if it would at all be possible to add the following when you might not be so busy with the actual core code to Add Command flags Completion sound/error detect sound A bit of a darker red in the bar when an error is found (I think the current shade has issues with certain...
  14. Solaris17

    Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed

    I attempted to run this on a work bench as a test. This is preliminary and may have been a fluke. I have hundreds of systems I can run this on. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that this exists. First and foremost the unit WAS running GPU and CPU Folding@Home calculations. the specs are I3 6100 2x4GB...
  15. Solaris17

    Need help understanding this.

    Please explain to me how a VCR rewind function works. Does it have a tension weight sensor as to not snap? Does it somehow keep "ticks" for the amount of times the spindle has spun and just go in reverse that number really fast? I dont consider myself dumb by any means. but this has always...
  16. Solaris17

    Windows Time is off today

    Just an FYI since I overlooked it and it hit my org. Multiple work benches and DCs were off. time.windows.com has been giving out NTP data at odd stratums. Looks like anyone affected is +1hr. https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=time.windows.com&src=typd...
  17. Solaris17

    [FS][US] Z170 parts, CPUs and some older GPUs!

    All gone thank you!
  18. Solaris17

    Project: Bring TD200 Back to life

    Its been really boring since the rig died. Most of my time has been passed with labs, work and more labs. Since most of my time tinkering must by done not on my production home server it limits the amount of things I can do with no spare systems. However I was super pumped when a co-worker was...
  19. Solaris17


    I stumbled across this recently and it looks like a hardware based implementation of adblock extensions or even services like openDNS. Still it seems like a really sweet project, though I can't say what its effectiveness really is. https://pi-hole.net/ I think I will install it on a spare rpi...
  20. Solaris17

    FreeBSD 11 leaves the oven

    freebsd-update upgrade -r 11.0-RELEASE https://www.freebsd.org/releases/11.0R/announce.html https://www.freebsd.org/releases/11.0R/installation.html#upgrade https://www.freebsdfoundation.org/blog/freebsd-takes-open-source-to-11-with-latest-release/
  21. Solaris17

    Guide: Virus Removal 101

    Rules of the road THIS IS NOT FOR INFECTION HELP! PLEASE MAKE YOUR OWN THREAD! THIS IS MEANT FOR BEGINNERS BE NICE! YOUR OPINIONS ARE YOUR OWN THIS GUIDE FOCUSES ON FACTS AND EXPERIENCE! Information and Scope About Hello! This thread was created by request and support from a few member of...
  22. Solaris17

    [SOLD] Getting rid of my stuff

    Well its been several months and I have been denied all possible assistance from the state to fix my roof. Since the room is still sealed off and my wedding is next month I am selling what did make it out (All tested working) from the collapse, too put towards the wedding. Here is my HEAT I am...
  23. Solaris17

    Finally got all my equip on a rack!

    Still saving for the roof so expenses are pretty locked down. As such my equipment has been on an old dilapidated china hutch we were greeted with when we bought the house. HOWEVER! A friend managed to snag me a 48u rack from a warehouse he was helping cleaning out. I worked with what I could...
  24. Solaris17

    SNMP help

    Just have a quick question for the network guys that deal with it all the time. I run a ubiquity shop (Switches/APs) and use cisco RV320 for satellite office routing. I am moving the network monitoring off site to a hosted server. I use SNMP now to monitor devices. However Currently spiceworks...
  25. Solaris17

    Thank you SeaSonic

    2 years ago I got rid of a raidmax unit I bought as a temp after my corsair HX1000 melted my motherboard. The raidmax (as I expected) started giving me issues shortly after. I RMAd the unit and bought a Seasonic 1200 platinum. You dont hold up the rest of your parts with a $40 PSU as they say so...