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    why no HDMI on sound cards?

    i want a sound card with HDMI connector so i can take advantage of blue ray's high quality audio(im connecting my pc to my 7.1), so far i could not find any sound card that has HDMI connector, why is that?
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    processor speed

    i wonder how can processors' performance to be measured. Are they measured in FLoating point Operations Per Second? i read the statistics on folding@home, i could not understand the performance measurement between CPU,GPU and the Cell processors
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    pc and ps3 quality

    i just wanna know, in terms of quality(sound/video//physics/latencies) of games in pc and ps3, which one is better? and also, why are some games on ps3 more expensive than on pc? like bioshock
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    need some help to select a LCD monitor

    im looking for a suitable monitor for myself, but currently there are just too many options out in the market, im really confused on which one to choose, can anybody who knows well suggest me some models I want a LCD monitor in between 20" to 24" here is my needs for the monitor - DVI...
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    directX upgrades more frequently than opengl?

    anybody know why directx upgrates more frequently? opengl latest version is 2.1 directx latest version is 10.0 compairing quality is directx better than opengl? because people say directx 10's quality is better than 9.0c but i see 9.0c is almost the same as opengl2.0 thanks...
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    bank cycle time (trc) tweak

    I found bank cycle time (trc) in cpu-z so i did a test on it trc 23 default▲ trc 14 highest▲ seems it improve speed a little, it is very easy to test, once you are able to boot, it is stayble, otherwise it wont boot
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    a program generate more heat than prime95

    i found a program called cpuburn, it generate more heat than prime95 testing using same priority on my athlon3800+ 90nm, it can also detect any errors like prime95 is there any other program that can make more heat than this? http://pages.sbcglobal.net/redelm/ EDIT:just found out s&m...
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    adding 0.1V on my video card

    i am trying to add 0.1V to my nv 7600GT but i am not sure how to i just dumped my bios, and use nvidia bios tweaker to open it i saw some VID, is this correct way to add voltage? but what are the number of voltage table? there are 5 numbers
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    how to find the max output bit rate on my sound card?

    16 bit fixed point 24 bit fixed point 32 bit fixed point 32 bit floating point how do i know what is the max for my sound card? my card is audigy 2 ZS and floating point is better than fixed point? do i need my sound card to support floating point? thanks
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    nvidia single pcie card ranking?

    nvidia single gpu card ranking? 7900GTX 7900GTO 7800GTX512MB 7950GT 7900GT 7900GS 7800GTX256MB 7800GT 7600GT 7600GS 7300GT 7500LE 7300GS 7300GE 7300LE 7300SE 7100GS i made this list i am not sure if this is correct or not change:only include 7 series
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    is this a bug on my mb bios?

    mb: asus m2n-e bios 0304 (not beta cpu: athlon64 3800 am2 my cpu default running speed is 200fsb*12=2400mhz when i try to oc my cpu, i use 237*11=2607,4x ht after one night stress prime no error then i use 260*10=2600mhz,3x ht my pc cant post i let my cpu to get cool then i...
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    some questions about my 3800

    my cpu is amd athlon64 3800 am2 (not x2 mb is asus m2n-e not beta bios accourding to this page http://www.techpowerup.com/cpudb/details.php?id=363 my cpu should use 1.4V vcore the problem is: in my mb setting page, if i set vcore to auto, in the status page it shows 1.41V...
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    cannot read memery timings on my intel i855pm

    systool could read my memery timing setting in previous versions. but it cannot read my settings now in new versions the last version it worked is around 633, sorry i am not sure because i dont have old versions