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  1. Bansaku

    The Soul Still Burns - SOULCALIBUR VI Hits PC and Consoles in 2018

    I know eh? It's like the fighting Gods are on our side! I for one am super stoked over the news!!!
  2. Bansaku

    Capcom Announces Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection for May 2018 Release

    Woohoo! Been a SF junkie since day 1, and I can't wait for it's release! No more breaking out old consoles and/or emulation!
  3. Bansaku

    Capcom Reveals New Mega Man Game in Celebration of the Series's 30th Anniversary

    Classic 2D side scrolling MegaMan with updated hi-def hand drawn graphics? Hells ya! Been a fan of the series since '87 and have been waiting for a "proper" continuation of the classic series!
  4. Bansaku

    HDMI 2.1 Specification Sets New Resolution Standard

    " The cable ensures high- bandwidth dependent features are delivered including uncompressed 8K video with HDR. It features exceptionally low EMI (electro-magnetic interference) which reduces interference with nearby wireless devices. The cable is backwards compatible and can be used with the...
  5. Bansaku

    Razer Lifts the Curtain on New Wolverine Tournament Edition Gaming Controller

    Uhm, actually the SNES was the best for fighting games, followed by the Dual Shock. As someone who just last weekend broke out the Dreamcast to do a little retro-esque gaming, I can say it's controller was not as good as I (or my brother) remembered. Still batter than the XBO's d-pad, that's for...
  6. Bansaku

    CORSAIR Launches HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset

    Wow, somebody is taking a cue from Sennheiser! :p
  7. Bansaku

    Intel Announces "Coffee Lake" + AMD "Vega" Multi-chip Modules

    Why is this surprising for some? Look at Samsung and Apple's partnership, despite being bitter rivals! If it's good for business, why not?
  8. Bansaku

    Blizzard Announces Upcoming 'Battle for Azeroth' Expansion for World of Warcraft

    I loved WoW, but I am tired of giving them my money just so they can make more shitty CoD games! Get rid of the asinine, antiquated monthly subscription fee and just charge for the bloody expansion! Blizzard has made BILLIONS off from sub-fees, time to give us hardcore loyalists a break, and...
  9. Bansaku

    "Scene Groups Have Figured Out Denuvo", Piracy Group Declares

    Ding dong the witch is dead! :rockout:
  10. Bansaku

    Where Art Thou, Denuvo? Shadow of War DRM Cracked in Two Days

    The WItcher 3 sold more than 10 million copies, and it is DRM free. If you make a good game worth spending one's hard earned money on, people will gladly fork over the cash! Make rehashed garbage year after year (CoD) and expect the game to be torrented! When will the industry learn...
  11. Bansaku

    Do you think i should try windows 10 for gaming?

    I can understand one being hesitant to upgrade the OS when the next big version comes out, it's always wise to wait and see from early adopters what issues may arise from current hardware and software compatibility. However, Windows 10, a free upgrade, has been out for how long? grandekid, there...
  12. Bansaku

    Intel Unveils Full Intel Core X-series Processor Family Specs; 14- to 18-Core

    :p Well, when you put it that way..... But seriously, I upgraded cheaply and frequently in the past and hit a wall in 2012, right when AMD started tanking badly leaving me, and others, with no real options for any significant gains. I applaud AMD for getting their house in order and is finally...
  13. Bansaku

    Intel Unveils Full Intel Core X-series Processor Family Specs; 14- to 18-Core

    Yawn..... Nice try Intel; Your days of the Extreme king are over! It's been 5 years since I upgraded because your CPUs have stagnated yet your prices increased for a mere 10% performance gain? Then you expect me to buy a whole new mobo that are just as crazy priced? Then there is the fact that...
  14. Bansaku

    Intel Coffee Lake CPUs Will Require New Motherboards

    There is a reason I have not upgraded since 2012, and just when I think it might be worth it, Intel lines it's pockets again by forcing consumers to by a whole new motherboard with it's new CPU. Ya, me thinks it's time to go full team RED soon....
  15. Bansaku

    EagleTree Capital Buys CORSAIR Majority Share in $525 Million Transaction

    $525 Million? I think Corsair got ripped off! How much did Blizzard-Activision pay for Candy Crush? o_O
  16. Bansaku

    Intel Says AMD EPYC Processors "Glued-together" in Official Slide Deck

    The last time I upgraded with Intel was back in 2012, like the vast majority of us. Sorry Intel, AMD is leading the charge this round! Say what you will about glued together CPUs; They are kicking your ass!!
  17. Bansaku

    Intel X299 Platform Called a "VRM Disaster" by Overclocker der8auer

    Tomorrow wins! :rockout:
  18. Bansaku

    GIGABYTE X299-UD4 Could be its Most Affordable LGA2066 Motherboard

    Never had a Gigabyte mobo die on me, and all I have owned over the years are still 100% functional. :toast:
  19. Bansaku

    The Slumbering Giant Wakes: Intel to Introduce 18-core X-Series Processors?

    Two things immediately come to mind: Temperature/power draw, and the MASSIVE cost! Reminds me of the old Core Extremes.
  20. Bansaku

    AMD Ryzen 2000 Series Processors Based on Refined 14 nm Process

    Go go AMD!!! THIS is exactly what the industry needs; Competition through innovation and advancement! :toast:
  21. Bansaku

    Various GeForce GT 1030 Graphics Cards Leaked to the Web

    Why?! Not needed or wanted...
  22. Bansaku

    Oculus Shuts Down Its VR-driven Story Studio - The Empire Falters

    Maybe, just maybe, if they hadn't bribed 3rd party content creators to make their software proprietary to the Rift, perhaps their future would be looking a little brighter. I hope Oculus crashes and burns while others (love the HTC vibe) thrive! :toast:
  23. Bansaku

    TSMC Trade Secrets Stolen - Former Engineer Arrested In China

    Yup! I am surprised we don't hear of more stories like this coming out daily!! :toast:
  24. Bansaku

    AMD Increases Its Market Share on the Back of Strong Ryzen Sales

    Looking at the graph, it's shocking how AMD tanked once Intel launched the Core series CPU. Coincidentally, that was the same time I moved on from AMD. :toast: