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    Asus R9 280X DC II TOP 3072 MB

    the fan noise testing is faulty, it freely adjustable. how about finding the lowest fan rpm to hit 79c then also publish that information, that would actually been something....
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    OCZ Vertex 450 256 GB SSD

    too small size dont get the point of testing 256gb storage, its too small for consumer use anyways, 500gb minimum.....
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    Cooler Master Also Announces the VS Series Power Supplies

    platinum now just make a platinum version at 700 to 800w and im in
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    low fps in movies on pc

    i found a solution to my old problem of viewing movies on my pc, all tv's now got some way built in to double the frames per second pc movie players do not, the standard now is lowly 24... after some googling i found - SmoothVideo Project (SVP) - since i got a gaming pc with 144hz monitor this...
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    The Dedicated PhysX card FAQ - Read this before asking any questions!

    i remember my last pc, bought three nvidia 260, hoped i could get 2 of them in sli and one as dedicated physx... end of story i only used 1 card the 5 years i had the thing, nice project.......crysis 1 was on top back then, could never get that thing playable.