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  1. kajson

    HDD to SSD clone

    https://www.paragon-software.com/home/migrate-OS-to-SSD/ I cloned my ssd to a larger ssd, but this piece of software does it all painless, including the right alignment changes from hdd to ssd. Burn the image, boot clone done. I found this software after extensive research. I'm assuming you...
  2. kajson

    lookin to upgrade i4770k to... i7820k or 8700k?

    I'd probably wait for 8700k, it's the answer to finally having to compete again with another company for intel, so there might be some actual $/performance gains in store for you. Also more future prove, optimizations for 6 cores will become more regular in gaming as we go, certainly in the...
  3. kajson

    Upgrade Suggestions for 2012 PC

    If your samsung ssd is a 840, make sure you have the latest firmware on there before reinstalling, it also suffers from performance deg if the data isnt rewritten over time, samsung magician has a manual function to do this. I think you should just think of a future strat for monitor and gfx...
  4. kajson

    looking for a good anti-virus program

    I advice to use adwcleaner besides malwarebytes. Solved all unwanted toolbars/starting page hijackers including ask at my neighbours last week, the big advantage being it runs about 3 minutes, which is a LOT faster then malwarebytes, they acquired adwcleaner though recently. But if you want a...
  5. kajson

    Troubleshoot a faulty GTX 1060

    Welcome. Make sure the link i sent is to the right motherboard ofc, (if you update with the wrong type bios you kill the motherboard) but have you tried and update the bios of your motherboard? It is theoretically possible for the microcode to have problems with newer graphics cards...
  6. kajson

    Non-Gamer Bored And Looking For Light Entertainment

    If you get a wireless 360 controller, steam tells you of each game if there's partial or full or no support, but the no support games are mostly not meant to be played with a controller, then there's also the steam controller they sell on steam, which is more versatile but has a learning curve...
  7. kajson

    AMD Radeon Crimson ReLive Drivers

    my 7950 clocks down to 500 mhz (my 2d clocks because of 75hz monitor) core clock in full load in WoW, instead of the OC profile amount I set at 1100 mhz, the memory clock does go to the OC'd 1450 mhz and stays there. So the profile is being applied. I did a clean install of these new drivers...
  8. kajson

    USB Flash Drive or Ex HDD?

    If you go for a hdd, I can strongly recommend: https://www.medion.com/gb/shop/desktop-pcs-medion-life-p82775-external-hard-drive-2-5-md90174-50047250a1.html you can get 10 pound discount if you sign up for the newsletter. The reason is, the thing I hate about all drives that are not USB type...
  9. kajson

    Looking for a decently priced, well-known PSU to get! :)

    I'm not well read up enough to judge these PSU's. One from the other, better take Barbaric Souls word for it. :) I always do shitloads of research when buying this kind of part, but the last PSU i bought was 2 years ago.
  10. kajson

    Looking for a decently priced, well-known PSU to get! :)

    One more thing about modular vs non modular is you have all the cables waving in your face all the time during building, and then you ofc have to fold the left overs somewhere in your case. I like things neat, but also just during building I really felt more at ease the first time I build a...
  11. kajson

    PC freezing when playing pc games.. can someone please HELP?

    I assume you have checked temperatures on both gpu and cpu when playing metal gear solid? Is it only metal gear solid 5 or also at least one other game?
  12. kajson

    Low Grade World of Warcraft Build

    I would really really opt for the i5 750 solution presented, that is a great cpu, ofc you'd need to find an affordable mobo. I've rebuild my dads rig last year with an i5 760, which is the same but clocked slightly higher. Here's a recent article that shows you how good that cpu is in comparison...
  13. kajson

    Low Grade World of Warcraft Build

    Ok so I've played wow for quite a while. but I quit playing totally about 2 years ago, I know the game asks for more these days then it used to but most things don't really change. I think for one thing you need to accept that a 40gb hdd will give you huge performance problems if you even get...
  14. kajson

    Win 10 clean install question

    So I spend the day yesterday installing the computer, using a prepared usb key with windows 10 on it. I got it all sorted in the end but I'll share my fails anyways so others might learn: Do not try to do a clean install win with win 10 home N, when you come from a machine with just win 10...
  15. kajson

    Win 10 clean install question

    Hello everyone, my brother in law has bought a new computer yesterday still with win 8.1 on it, which he'll be upgrading to windows 10. I'm guessing non pro edition. So far I've determined that if you want to do a clean install after the upgrade you don't use an updated productkey, rather...
  16. kajson

    Reddit Discovers a Neat Performance Improving Trick for NVIDIA Users

    Couple of months back I used "space sniffer" on my 120gb ssd only laptop, I had been using it for about 2 years by then. It visualizes what programs/files use your hdd space. Turns out Nvidia had backed up all previous installers on alternate locations in two different ways mostly too. I free'd...
  17. kajson

    RAM or SSD ?

    my view: you only need more then 8gb ram in a laptop if you're running things like autocad or specific very mem hungry software, so forget about that. You will not notice a performance difference at all. Video editing depends more on cpu and at the lower end gpu will have an impact too. If you...
  18. kajson

    2 msata ssd's in raid0 on GT70

    Hello, my friend has just bought a MSI GT70 2QD (dominator) http://www.msi.com/product/nb/GT70-2QD-Dominator.html#hero-specification And now he wants to get 2 msata ssd's probably 128gb-256gb to and make a raid 0 and use 1tb hdd for storage. My question is what are the best/most reliable...
  19. kajson

    Typing causes OS to lag for a few minutes after bootup

    Also try to start up in save mode and see if everything is at it should be there, if it is, you can be pretty sure it is one of your start up services, uncheck all your start up stuff and add em a couple at a time till you've found the culprit.
  20. kajson

    ASUS STRIX GTX 970 OC 4096 MB

    I'm a bit worried for AMD, the gap performance/ power consumption was already quite big, now NVIDIA ads 1/3rd performance vs 770 at lower power and about the same price. And the 770 was already considered the best buy. Anyone slightly interested in power consumption/heat won't even consider AMD...
  21. kajson

    Mods Please Close

    You want to run it on that 350 watt PSU? Most people here will tell you you'll need a better higher watt PSU. I don't know if that thing has a 80%+ efficience certificate. Your best bet is indeed a nvidia 750 or 750TI http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/NVIDIA/GeForce_GTX_750_Ti/23.html That...
  22. kajson

    Build for internet browsing + using itunes (no gaming)

    I'm not an expert, but in your case it might be worth while to actually invest in some form of creative soundcard and a couple of decent speakers? Or are the speakers covered? A combination of those 2 can make a big difference in sound quality. Though maybe someone else can advice on decent...
  23. kajson

    What do I need to run this game?

    the best possible graphics cards with your current power supply would be the new, 750 and 750ti from nvidia, other then that I'd consider a 650 or 650 ti or a 7750/7770 amd you are using the 240 2gb currently? 7770 or a 650ti would be affordable upgrades second hand.
  24. kajson

    would this manage light gaming?

    Well actually I dont really get why the advertisement isnt more focussed on the turbo frequency, but ofc it's to lower power usage, you battery life improves enormously because of that bit of technology, as does the life expectancy of your system. i3s do not have turbo cores, where as far as I...
  25. kajson

    would this manage light gaming?

    I dont know which i5 4200 that is, but the 4200u has a turbo core up to ~2.6ghz which is quite sufficient for light gaming. According to notebook check, that gpu actually does about 8k 3dmark 06 points. Which isnt half bad for such a low end mgpu...