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    Razer Releases the Turret Lapboard and Mouse Combo

    So when is this getting reviewed and can we get a "Long term test" style review in about 3 months?
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    Sama Forza Titanium 800 W

    All show, no go.
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    AMD Preparing to Drop 32-bit Support for Radeon Drivers?

    About time, Windows 10 should not exist as a 32 bit version.
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    Acer Unveils the Predator XB321HK 32-inch Gaming Monitor

    Here you go: http://arstechnica.co.uk/gadgets/2016/01/crazy-ultrawide-329-and-241-displays-will-be-released-by-samsung-and-lg-this-year/
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    Acer Unveils the Predator Z35 Curved Ultra Wide Display

    Not sure but the G-Sync model will be £150 to £300 more than the equivalent FreeSync model!
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    AMD Details Exascale Heterogenous Processor (EHP) for Supercomputers

    Combine AMDs anouncement and Obama's announcement http://www.wired.com/2015/07/obama-supercomputing/ and you can see where this is going.
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    ASUS Radeon R9 Fury STRIX 4 GB

    OK so where's the softmod to Fury-X for those who want it watercooled but don't want the noisy CM pump?
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    AMD Revises Pump-block Design for Radeon R9 Fury X

    I disagree, to make it competitive they need to lose the pump and ship a single slot version of the card with a full cover block.
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    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X 4 GB

    I wanted to want this card, but I think AMD should have had two SKUs, one with the CLLC and one with a full cover, single slot waterblock. How well the card competes with the 12GB Titan-X at 4K shows that (for now at least) the extra 8GB are just for show.
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    Radeon R9 Fury X Faster Than GeForce GTX 980 Ti at 4K: AMD

    Yeah, I just e-jizzed all over my keyboard. Then I found the user guide and fired the second barrel! http://support.amd.com/Documents/amd-radeon-r9-fury-x.pdf
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    AMD Radeon R9 Nano to Feature a Single PCIe Power Connector

    Think of it as TerraFLOPS/Volume
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    AMD Announces Five New Products Based on the Fiji Silicon

    Imagine a multichip module featuring a 16x CPU, 16GB HMB RAM and a Fuji GPU and a TB of SSD. I wouldn't be surprised if this shows up in a slab of elegant aluminium with an apple etched into one side and a 5k screen on the other in a few years time.
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    GFXBench Validation Confirms Stream Processor Count of Radeon Fury

    If they have to rebrand I'd rather see the HBM card slot in at the top as a 390X and everything trickle down a peg so that when the charts come out it looks like there are performance gains at each segment. 290X -> 380X 290 -> 380 285 -> 370 270X -> 360
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    GFXBench Validation Confirms Stream Processor Count of Radeon Fury

    I don't like how the 200 series is being re branded with a halo product at the top of the stack. The rebrand seems especially bad seeing as the 7870 (Tahiti) already became 270X and is about to become the 370. Nvidia did the same with the 8800 GTS 512MB/9800/GTS 250 With the Fury being a halo...
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    AMD Releases Catalyst 15.5 Beta Drivers

    No love for us W10 pioneers?
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    AMD "Fiji XT" SKU Name Revealed, ATI Rage Legacy Reborn?

    Stop with the teasers, release the damn card and take my money!
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    CRYORIG Announces New Line of CUSTOMOD Covers and CRYO-Paste

    Not really a representative sample. I worked on custom PCs, dozens a week, when I had the builders change from spreading to the pea sized dot we saved loads on CPU paste, our return rate dropped and the frequency of the testers re-pasting or mounting CPU coolers due to high temperatures reduced...
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    Intel Compute Stick Now Available

    So can it run Steam IHS as a client?
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    Futuremark Releases 3DMark Update with API Overhead Feature-set

    The test ramps up the draw calls until the system cannot hold 30fps so the draw call/second figure is the number of draw calls at the end of the test at 30fps. It's broken down in the detailed results below: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/6380242 DX11 Multi-threaded draw calls per second 667667.2...
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    Futuremark Releases 3DMark Update with API Overhead Feature-set

    Use MS Update, make sure you select fast in Build speed options and you'll get 10041. Here's my results BTW: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/6380242 DX11 Multi-threaded draw calls per second: 667667 DX11 Single-threaded draw calls per second: 696097 DX12 draw calls per second: 11380943 Mantle draw...
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    ENERMAX Introduces the World's 1st Digital Fanless Power Supply

    Meh, have a 300W Silverstone fanless in a build somewhere. I must have forgotten where cos I can't hear it.
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    AMD R9 390 Series To Launch Alongside Computex 2015

    Whers da popkorns?
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    "It Won't Happen Again:" NVIDIA CEO Breaks Silence on GTX 970 Controversy

    Lying about the memory configuration might not happen again. A flagship card catching fire hasn't happened again. Paying developers to gimp games when run on AMD hardware hasn't happened again. Paying resellers to slate AMD's drivers hasn't happened again. Programming drivers to 'cheat' on...
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    AMD Rolls Out Catalyst 14.3 v1.0 Beta Driver

    So just turn off one GPU and play, a single 7970 is plenty for Thief, assuming the rig is actually running windows.