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    Mionix's New Avior Optical Mouse is Available in Different Trendy Colors

    Looks are cool, but whats inside is what matters. :D
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    Ethereum Startup Confido Vanishes, Scams Users in $375K After ICO

    Regular currency is scam too. Except most ppl never realize that. Crypto currencies might have a lot of issues, but at least they truly represent freedom, in good and bad.
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    Is Themed hardware the way forward?

    That actually does look cool. But then Doctor Who is kinda mature thing and SW is especially lately Disney kiddie stuff.
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    HAVIT HV-KB390L Keyboard

    While it might not be pleasant to type on, Zowie keyboard does have PS/2. And yea, I miss that option too.
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    HAVIT HV-KB390L Keyboard

    Well, I had happy 6 years with it. It was under heavy gaming load and they used unfortunately not so great controller (switches are still fine). SS is just brand on that keyboard. Wouldnt buy that again, but there is no guarantee that even quality ones last "forever" (probably apart buckling IBM...
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    Cougar Revenger

    I would go for Logitech with Hero (G602? I think) or G203/103 Prodigy (recognizable by sensor sensitivity only up to 6000 and "designed in Switzerland sensor"). There are some cheap nice white ones on eBay. Only passable option for PMW 336X is most likely Roccat Kone Pure. Thats if they didnt...
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    HAVIT HV-KB390L Keyboard

    Just my opinion, but if you want to have a mechanical keyboard, you should buy a true mechanical keyboard. You wont go for half-measure solution, that will probably leave you unsatisfied with product you would most likely prefer to not have at all. My suggestion for all that want mechanical...
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    Cougar Revenger

    Get Cougar Revenger S, its upgrade in every aspect. Thats if you like that crappy sensor.
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    Call of Duty: WWII Scores Over Half a Billion Dollar Opening Weekend

    Hm, cool.. ..but I have better games to play.
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    Cougar Revenger

    Hm, just wondering, why reviewing old version when there is new Cougar Revenger S? Which btw. actually is interesting spec wise.. (and apparently not bad mouse according to few reviews). Not that Im going to buy anything with PMW 336X ever again. :D
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    Eizo Foris FS2735 144 Hz

    Thats coverage with default factory settings. It does cover 100% of sRGB just it would require calibrating to match it, eg. creating custom profile. Pretty sure that can be done. That graph there is just test of how its calibrated from factory, it doesnt display whole possible gamut of LCD.
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    Eizo Foris FS2735 144 Hz

    Is warranty 5 years or it has like most of their "5 years or xx.xxx hours used"? As for color coverage. 80% aRGB is pretty good for something thats gaming monitor. If you want more, than it gets rather expensive. Also Im not sure there is high Hz monitor paired with lets say 95% aRGB (kinda...
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    Blizzard Announces Upcoming 'Battle for Azeroth' Expansion for World of Warcraft

    Would say that its quite achievement that they managed to keep that ball rolling. 13 years, yay.. Well, I enjoyed a bit of vanilla, TBC and bit of WOTLK. And that was all. It still looks pretty interesting, especially now. But I think Im a bit old for that.
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    Call of Duty WWII: Benchmark Performance Analysis

    STEAM reviews dont look exactly positive. :D
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    COUGAR Announces Two New Flagship FPS Gaming Mice - Minos X5 and Revenger S

    Looks like mix of Zowie, Logitech, Razer and Steelseries designs. Well, curious if it will be usable. 2kHz polling rate is interesting, not sure it will have any effect tho.
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    EA Forces Shut-Down of Fan-Run Servers for no Longer Supported Battlefield Games

    Well, BF4 was last thing I got from them. By looks of it, last thing forever. They are on my blacklist. Included are also Ubisoft and Blizzard-Activision. But its their choice and ppl choice. If ppl want crap, well go on, buy it.
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    Roccat Isku+ Force FX Keyboard

    Hm, I also own rubber dome keyboard (Topre - CM Novatouch TKL) and I would not recommend this filthy rubber domeh for gaming.
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    Logitech CRAFT Keyboard

    Ah so they still make them (or made), my old G9x had same. Very nice thing. Quite miss it on other mice.
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    Sennheiser GSP 301

    They actually make wireless and with mics. Just not sure how much usable is that mic in it.
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    Sennheiser GSP 301

    Well, its company that makes great professional microphones, so not that surprised. Way you described sound reminded my of my old HD555, which apart other things were pretty good for gaming (if I dont mind them being open and this is closed design, bit more suitable for gaming). Nice review...
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    Logitech CRAFT Keyboard

    If only Logitech did mouse with free wheel.. (well they used to, not sure atm).
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    Datamancer Diviner Keyboard

    500$ is not that crazy, but it would need to be really good keyboard with really nice caps and custom cable on top of it. Which, this kinda isnt. For this kind of money it should be done quite a lot better. Would start with that cable.
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    Intel Core i3-8350K 4.0 GHz

    Given his description. Thing is, if CPU is "dud" usually it simply doesnt boot or wont even make it to loading Windows. There is most likely some setting that needs to be altered (or mobo changed) to make it stable. Sure, most of my experience is with older CPUs, but even with new CPUs its very...
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    Intel Core i3-8350K 4.0 GHz

    Maybe silicon lottery needs some other settings changed, just an idea.. Unsure if its the case ofc.