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  1. 3rold

    Scythe Silently Introduces the Sengokubune Tower Cooler

    The fans should be named Kamehameha. Just sayin'
  2. 3rold

    Does anyone know if I will be able to put Ice Lake in my Z370?

    Makes sense. IMO the 8400 is the perfect overall CPU, with a high core count and a very good IPC with 3.8GHz all core turbo while using only 65W and at an acceptable price.
  3. 3rold

    Massive Leak Reveals New Information on Devil May Cry 5

    This game is smooth :fear:
  4. 3rold

    What Ram to get

    At best get one that has the same frequency of your current one. a set of 2x8GB will be good since you will be able to use Dual channel. My recommendation would be buying just 2x4GB if doing gaming and such, since more would be useless.
  5. 3rold

    Do windows updates slow down the computer?

    While downloading and installing the updates, Windows tends to be sloooow, especially if you lack an SSD. Also RAM and CPU are limiting factors. For best performance I'd suggest at least 2C4T (i3, i5) CPUs, 6GB+ RAM and an SSD. You won't notice any performance loss.
  6. 3rold


    Zorin has out of the box some look templates installed along with PlayOnLinux and Wine. You can install these on any linux distro too though, so no sweat there. Depending on the machine specs I'd recommend it or avoid it. Lower end machines do tend to be unresponsive with Gnome in general and...
  7. 3rold

    Fujitsu Refreshes LIFEBOOK Notebook Line with New Thin, Value-Focused Models

    Yeah, well I used to be a big fan of Thinkpads til I got mine. I switched from a 3rd Gen i5 (Compaq) to 4th Gen i5 (Thinkpad E540) whilst migrating SSD and RAM and I must say, I am very disappointed. Both were 35W i5s not some 15W U counterparts and still the Compaq was much snappier while the...
  8. 3rold

    KFA2 and GALAX Announce SNPR GTX 1060 External Graphics

    Price of a GTX 1060 250€, price of the external housing 250€. Seems illogical, but still cheaper than most offerings that come empty at that price.
  9. 3rold

    GIGABYTE Unveils Their Latest X299 AORUS Gaming 7 Pro Motherboard

    Why buy such expensive stuff when next year some new stuff comes out and completely makes it irrelevant...
  10. 3rold

    "Scene Groups Have Figured Out Denuvo", Piracy Group Declares

    IMO the prices for games and software should be set with a high regard for that country's economy. I mean 60$/€ is something in Germany and a totally different thing in China. Edit: I took China as an example, but there are also a lot of other countries where people earn less.
  11. 3rold

    Windows 7 Premium ISO required

    Wow, I had completely forgotten this version existed lol
  12. 3rold

    DRAM Output in 2018 Planned for Continued High Pricing - TrendForce

    I remember when buying 32GB DDR3 cost $99. RIP those times
  13. 3rold

    i5 8400 or Ryzen 1600

    Yep, that's a great choice. Also the upgrade path is open for much longer than Intels.
  14. 3rold

    i5 8400 or Ryzen 1600

    But you can still OC it lol https://proclockers.com/reviews/cpus/intel-core-i5-8400-cpu-review/page/0/4 tbh I'm not a fan of what Intel does, but AMD is also not playing fair with this whole GPU thing. Prices have skyrocketed and this falls on our shoulders. The market is pretty f'ed up right now.
  15. 3rold

    Intel Helps Retailers Digest Old Core K-series Inventory with Game Bundles

    That makes sense of course, but sense will not make their pocket full...
  16. 3rold

    i5 8400 or Ryzen 1600

    The i5-8400 is without a doubt an excellent CPU, meaning that those cores are pretty smart and can at the same time turbo at 3.8GHz, something the Ryzen can't do, without manually OCing. If you like OCing than it's better to get the Ryzen. The upgrade path will be open for longer, the extra...
  17. 3rold

    Intel Helps Retailers Digest Old Core K-series Inventory with Game Bundles

    What I meant was that instead of the games, they should make those $100 a discount. Meaning the CPU should be $100 cheaper. Which would be right, honestly.
  18. 3rold

    Should I buy a gtx 970 for 130 dollars?

    Do it OP. It's a huge improvement over the 960. Also 960s can sell for up to $100, so you can get a huge part of the money back.
  19. 3rold

    Intel i7-8700K Coffee Lake Memory Benchmark Analysis

    Great review thanks. btw, I think the difference would be visible in scenarios where the CPU is lower, like the i5-8400 or so.
  20. 3rold

    Intel Helps Retailers Digest Old Core K-series Inventory with Game Bundles

    I'd gladly take the $100 as discount.
  21. 3rold

    AMD's Pinnacle Ridge Zen+ 12 nm CPUs to Launch on February 2018

    You dirty, dirty Octopuss ;)
  22. 3rold

    Intel Core "Coffee Lake" Desktop Processors Launch Date Revealed

    Whoa, price increase. This is like the next cockblock from Intel. So they're basically offering less than Zen for higher price. Sounds familiar? These will ofc be beasts, but let's be honest. The next Zen iteration will come with higher clock speed than 4GHz making it obvious that the winner...
  23. 3rold

    Intel Says AMD EPYC Processors "Glued-together" in Official Slide Deck

    Nope, like Pentium D. Oh wait, that wasn't even glued together... Maybe taped lol