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    PaultanDesigns: The DARK KNIGHT PC

    OMG.. :respect: what material did u use for covering backpanel cable?
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    Razer Unveils the Orbweaver Mechanical Gaming Keypad

    doesnt look comfortable when reaching (spacebar) thumb button..
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    Crysis 3 to Ship with High-Resolution Textures

    wonder how my aging lgt 480 will perform... :o
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    Silverstone SST-PS08B Micro-ATX Case Detailed

    M-Atx with 1,2k psu.. :banghead:
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    ZOTAC GeForce GTX 650 Destroyer TSI Graphics Card Unveiled

    what the.. almost identical to twin frozr.. :shadedshu
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    Icy Dock Introduces MB996SP-6SB Backplane Cage

    ohh yeahh.. finally a docking that match my core1k panel! :cool:
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 660 SuperClocked and GTX 650 Pictured

    Promosi ya gan? :P
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    Colorful Shark Bionic Cooler Detailed

    reminds me of the powercolor product with a different color theme.. cant recall what its called tho