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  1. 123bob

    Contributing to a great cause: Loonym's Daughter

    I just checked into my home at XS (yup, I've been on the road for some time...) and saw a PM referring to this post. I must say, you folks just plain rock. Jon would be very pleased to see this happening. From my family to all of yours, I wish you the best Christmas ever. You folks deserve...
  2. 123bob

    Loonym (Jon) has passed on....

    Let me check into that and get back to you. Again I must say thank you all, for Jon. He would be blown away seeing this. You know, I saw this some weeks ago and meant to comment. I think this was one of the most profound and thought-provoking things I have ever read for a situation like...
  3. 123bob


    Congrats are due to all of you, and CP rocks. Your team has turned into a major force in the WCG world. :up: (XS emoticonage for thumbs up...:laugh:) :toast: Regards, Bob
  4. 123bob

    Human Proteome Folding computation error

    Yes, it's safe to say the project has a problem. It has had a problem for some time and there are many threads about it on the WCG HPF2 forum. I quit running it entirely a while ago. Regards, Bob
  5. 123bob

    Loonym (Jon) has passed on....

    Amen Brother. Take peace in knowing that his message did not fall on deaf ears. Bob
  6. 123bob

    TPU WCG Challenges Thread

    CP, LMK if you join a challenge and need some help.....I can and will. On the "123bob_TPU" account. It's still there.....Rammie is still off on walk-about right now. I bet he'd be up for it too. On this last challenge, I had to look to see who you were talking about....:laugh: Even if I...
  7. 123bob

    Loonym (Jon) has passed on....

    I'm sorry to report this, but I'll borrow Movieman's post over at XS to help me out.... "This is something I think we all knew was coming but all hoped we'd never see. I had the pleasure to meet Jon twice and the joy of his life his daughter Annabelle. Rest in Peace my friend. ELLSWORTH...
  8. 123bob

    i7 920 vs. i7 860 WCG comparison

    I put up another post showing the effect of boosting the Uncore and 1T timing on the 920 rig to exactly match the 860 rig. In a nutshell, it brought it in to be about 1% FASTER than the 860. This is not a huge amount, but a difference. Bottom line is that they are still in the same "ballpark"...
  9. 123bob

    i7 920 vs. i7 860 WCG comparison

    No problem Fits, it's all good. The thread at XS also had a very good conversation on what metric to use to compare rigs. What we came up with was a way to sneak work units from one rig to another in order that both machines are crunching EXACTLY the same WUs. We are then taking the average...
  10. 123bob

    i7 920 vs. i7 860 WCG comparison

    I'm doing another run just to be sure on the original thread at XS. I had the uncore multi a bit lower on the 920. We don't think it will make a big difference, but I want to be sure. I paid hell to figure out how to get it to match on this MSI board. It didn't seem to be as straight...
  11. 123bob

    Who the friq are you?

    Rename away! That probably would be appropriate. Feel free to do whatever you folks want to the title of the thread. I am still stopping by once in a while. Good to see the team is doing well. My best to all of you, and for those in the USA, Happy 4th of July! :toast: Regards, Bob
  12. 123bob

    TPU WCG contest discussion thread²

    Thanks guys. I will still be seen lurking over here from time to time. You folks know where I live. If you need some more "cavalry" support sometime, just let me know...;) I'm VERY pleased we got the sub-forum and about how this team has taken off. You guys rock! :rockout: Thanks...
  13. 123bob

    TPU WCG contest discussion thread²

    As I said before, please eliminate me from the contest. My little "mecenary" quad will be moving along soon anyway, to help in starting another team.... My best to all of you at TPU. It's great to see how you have grown as a team in the few months I have been here. Kudos to you all, and...
  14. 123bob

    WCG Recruitment ideas??

    Idea just popped into my head. How about an animation that starts out with a cool WCG graphic of some protein or something getting crunched, that morphs into a bunch of smiling kids representing a cure, followed by a text recruitment message? Or some variant of that...... Just a fast...
  15. 123bob

    WCG Recruitment ideas??

    Our crunching brothers and sisters from Team 2ch were featured in an interview on WCG. Link Here. They are the number 1 team in the world with thousands of members. Congrats to them for the WCG interview. :clap: I think they have shown themselves to be an honorable and very capable team...
  16. 123bob

    Calling Out Mike047

    I ran dedicated 20 amp circuits to the farm, each on it's own 12 gauge wire, with the appropriate 20 amp commercial grade outlet. Not the 15 amp cheapo "normal" stuff. As Mike points out, this is rather important to keeping the house around your head, and the roof where it belongs. Real...
  17. 123bob

    Calling Out Mike047

    No, some of us are still here. We just know you mean it, and more importantly, are capable of pulling it off....:laugh::toast::roll: On a slightly different, but similar enough topic, I am on 7 different folding/crunching/doing-stuff teams now. No wonder I can't figure out who I'm talking...
  18. 123bob

    Calling Out Mike047

    No worries, you will be back on the top three soon, if not already. As I said in the other thread, I powered down a bit to promote the same kind of cross team sharing at XS. That said, I do have my eyes out for another 260-216 sale....;) I'll power back up some then...:toast: Regards, Bob
  19. 123bob

    Crunching tips

    Here's a good one.... Check to make sure the bios time and date is set correctly on your rig!! If you don't, you may not be able to connect to the servers since they use time sensitive certificates for authentication. It will drive you nuts to figure out why you can't get work!! A few...
  20. 123bob

    What about a TPU F@H/WCG-BOINC joint effort?

    Temporary breathing room.... Some of you, who I don't know, but respect, I'm about to roll over.... So in light of this, and in order to propagate this cooperative team idea to my home team, I am powering down a little, for a bit.....;) I had six 260-216s here, an 8800GTX, and an 8600GTS...
  21. 123bob

    Crunching tips

    Control laptop temps (or your desktop if you're having temp problems) by using the profile parameter "On multiprocessors, use: XXX % of processors". I used to run my lappy at 60% to keep it running cool. It ran for over a year 24/7 doing this... This puts a sawtooth looking pattern in...
  22. 123bob

    Have you got pie today?

    Congrats on the pie everyone!! :toast: Four of you are going to be running me over soon. I better get some more tire track remover...:laugh: Congrats in advance! Bob
  23. 123bob

    Going home

    Thanks Skinnee. :toast: See you back at the ranch. Bob
  24. 123bob

    What happened to the F@H postwhores?

    So, you want more posts at the F@H side? I think I can ask a whole bunch more noob questions there. I'd be more than happy to oblige..... Crunching I'm good at, F@H is new to me. Just be careful what you ask for since I'm up on your tailpipe on the daily stats. Yes, you have lots more...
  25. 123bob

    Let's see some boinc benches

    How about the # processors parameter in your WCG device profile? Looks like this on my "home" profile of my quad. .....There may be an equivalent parameter in your local BOINC client config too? I always set my stuff on the web page and leave the client alone. It gets the parameters when...