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  1. TiN

    TSMC to Build New $15.7 Billion Fab in Taiwan, for 3 nm and 5 nm Chips

    It's funny how second photo in news of TSMC shows Intel Pentium E2200 65nm CPU :)
  2. TiN

    [FF] ENDED - Giving away Windows and Office keys

    Win10 x64Pro would be nice :D
  3. TiN

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Reference Pictured, Just 1 Power Connector

    Looking forward to zombify and overclock some of these :)
  4. TiN

    Cooking new hardware :)

    Cooking new hardware :)
  5. TiN

    GPU-Z Does Not Report Accurate Voltage - EVGA GTX 980 Ti Classified

    Jordan is 100% right. Just addition, that cards which allow actual voltage monitoring using PrecisionX software are EVGA GTX 980 K|NGP|N and GTX 980 Ti K|NGP|N. This is due to extra hardware present on these cards to make this possible.
  6. TiN

    k|ngp|n and EVGA Eclipse the Competition in a Storming LN2 World Record Session

    Why you forgot to look on dates on your links, before spreading lies around? :) Did you even watched video? There screenshots in it with all places at rankings at publication time... Yes, 7970 with "optimized" drivers score higher, now even average joe with his aircooled 7970 score...
  7. TiN

    HIS Coming up with a Radeon HD 7970 X2 Card

  8. TiN

    GeForce GTX 690 Breaches P20000 at 3DMark 11

    Moar CPU speed? :) And moar GPU speed this time, 1588MHz all four GPUs :)
  9. TiN

    GeForce GTX 690 Breaches P20000 at 3DMark 11

    Two is better than one, I already started testing with two in QuadSLI :) More details posted: http://kingpincooling.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1729
  10. TiN

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 Launched

    Let's see what zombies can do with it :)
  11. TiN

    EVGA GeForce GTX 680 Cracks 1842 MHz Core

    This news is already need update :) We did not slept tonight and kept pushing 680 to new limits. Got 1900MHz running stable, resulting fastest single GPU on planet with P15327 in 3Dmark11 with tesselation enabled as intended by Futuremark :D Screenie and some photos and details available on KPC...
  12. TiN

    Asetek to Offer Liquid Cooling Solutions for Data Centers

    lauri_hoefs Before thinking about watercooling in mission critical servers - answer question - what's temperatures we are talking about if both watercooling loop and heatsink as populated in same chassis, but big bulky rads occupy valuable space in these Asetek designs. Also for MC tasks...
  13. TiN

    Asetek to Offer Liquid Cooling Solutions for Data Centers

    Most of watercooling builds from modders look much better/cleaner :D I would not install this into my servers, no way :D One of main ideas of watercooling - to reduce noise, what's on server market not important at all :)
  14. TiN

    EVGA Introduces Two GeForce GTX 580 Classified Ultra graphics cards

    FYI - This is the only one GTX 580 card with same as GTX 590 core on it (binned for lower power draw/higher clocks on normal cooling). So take extremely tuned GTX 580 PCB, take best GPU available binned for max perf/watt, mix some magic souce into this, and here you go - EVGA's Ultra 580...
  15. TiN

    Tri-SLI using 2-way bridge cables

    Your pic is correct. With newer drivers I think even two bridges may work (1-2 and 2-3 w/o 3-1)
  16. TiN

    XQD Memory Card Format Announced, Promises 125+ MB/s Speeds

    Crazy stuff. But I like it :) The only problem, what will happen to card-readers? :) Should we have keyboard with PCI-Express x1 cable ? :D
  17. TiN

    FXI Puts A Powerful Cloud Client in Your Pocket with Cotton Candy

    Where to order? I'll take two right now. ARM FTW.
  18. TiN

    Galaxy GeForce GTX 580 with Multi-Display Support Pictured

    Useless for 27"-30" owners 2560x resolution .... :shadedshu
  19. TiN

    Introducing the EVGA X79 Motherboards

  20. TiN

    Exceleram Unveils 32 GB Quad-Channel DDR3 Memory Kit for Sandy Bridge-E

    Why most guys with negative comments are not smart enough to realize, that in today environment no need to have crazy memory-intensive applications to benefit from big amount of RAM in system? Normal people never run just single application at time, even simples office computers or gaming...
  21. TiN

    Nzxt hale90 850 w

    He-he, cross-loading chars, noise charts, like mine :) Work on appearance a little, and job done :)
  22. TiN

    EVGA Intros GeForce GTX 580 Batman: Arkham City Graphics Card

    If not awesome enough always can go buy EVGA GTX580 Classified :)
  23. TiN

    Colorful Shows Off The Most Powerful GeForce GTX 560 Ti PCB Featured in iGame Card

    Ha-ha, maybe in dreams. Even single not overclocked GTX 580 will kill this 560 without notice :D, no need even to bother on 590. That's epower cards I used is for 1200mhz GPU clocks on both GPUs :D
  24. TiN

    EVGA X79 FTW Motherboard Pictured

    Senseless comment, what does that mean? :) You need more than 32GB or RAM ? :) Each slot support 8GB DIMMs max.
  25. TiN

    Gigabyte G1.Sniper2

    How come board got "recommended" with such cons >Onboard audio and network solutions limit bus clocking. >Changing memory divider forces a x38 multiplier on the CPU. ? :D