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    Memory Timing

    Or increase voltage and try 4 4 4 12, some of my value Team Grou reacher 3 3 3 9 on 700mhz Dont be afraid to give voltage to the ram till 2.1V-2.2v
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    Q6600 overclock problems

    You dont need to raise voltage on G0 untill 3200mhz. Try to change ratio fsb and memory, maybe memory iz not overclockabel, and disable in bios coola and quiet or what it's caled...
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    can we say the best quad core is q6600

    Q6600 G0 on stock volt goes 3,4gh and it is best buy.
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    motherboard problem, wont boot up os

    Is your computer overclocked, if it is first put it all on defolt. Did you check in bios for boot sequence?
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    Cooling questions

    My advice is to buy wider case with at least 2x 12cm fans. Good and not so expensive wide and big cases are from chieftec. Like Silverel said smaller fans are noiser and they push smaller amout of air threw it. But 44C is a good temperature for mbo
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    Techpowerup HWBot team!

    I have a suggestion, all memeber who did not score any points should be deleted from hwbot team. All member who havent scored points only lower our team score. We have many members but only few of us are in to this.
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    [Case Gallery] Beer ME

    Gledaj case modding je bio hobi dok sa bio na faxu i prodao sam dvadesetak kučišta ali bez ikakve naknade za modana kučišta. Mislio sam i otvoriti firmu za to ali naše tržište je jednostavno pre slabo za ovakve optimistične projekte.
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    Want a modded case

    If you are willing to come in Croatia for case then i am the one :)
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    Which motherboard brand has failed on you the most?

    During sck. 939 era abit gave me a lot of hedache with tccd and bh6 memory modules.
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    Techpowerup HWBot team!

    Buy old hardware ond overclock it. That is only way to get points. I've oced about 20CPU-s but only half gave me points
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    [Case Gallery] Beer ME

    I could try to cut plexi on side to put one beer in it but i dont thik that it can bee cooled. There is no place. I+ve changed parts in it. I've found old server mainboard with 2x PIII on 933mhz with rambus and now comp is even faster. Works great in xp :)
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    x1650gt wierd problem

    I've bought Peak x1650gt, this one has the same core like x1650xt only with lower gddr mhz it runs on 1000mhz. 1. PROBLEM I run it on 2 monitors, both the same and one connected on vga and another on DVI. The monitor connected on DVi wont run on native 75hz, only on 60hz (everything higher...
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    Techpowerup HWBot team!

    Few days ago came mobile sempron and it OC like hell. Now i am first with it, because noone is there. It runs with deafult voltage on 1800-2500mhz and that is not the limit. I will try to get some more points from it. Also some new hardware came but i did not get time to test it. Cdwall...
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    SPDTool: Read, Edit and Flash your Memory's SPD

    I want to change spd on my laptop, deafolt is 2T and i want 1T and 2,5 3 3 7 it is long work to set it over and over agin in windows
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    [Case Gallery] Antec 900 Turbine

    Damm i just saw it. Great case mod!
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    What type PSU should I use?

    I have crossfire x1950, 6600, 4gigs ram and all that on 400W. But it's silwerstone :) So you do not need many watt power, new graphic cards are only using less. For examle 3850 is using 120w, while 8800gts up to 230w with +12 very stable 12,02 - 12,04. So, my advice is to buy some brand names.
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    RADEON HD 3870 AND 3850 Oc and Other experiences !!!

    Sorry for going by the theme, but... Can you fit zalman vf900 on 3870? And can zalman cool it down bettter when iz oc than stock cooler?
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    Multiplier modification

    You can lower down multy from 9,5 to 7 if you are searching for example max for your ram. All mobile AMD have changable multy, and first edition of normal 2500+ barton. And like ROB! said all black edition of x2 procasoors also. But you can change multy in all a64 cpu to smaller value.
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    GF2MX400 "Sparkle" 64MB bios flash

    So try to boot up with pci card and then flash it threw dos.
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    Volts needed to keep E6300 @ 3.5ghz stable

    Ofcourse it depends on stepping. But most of first C2D like 6300 and 6600 had some blockade around 3500mhz, and it also depend on chipset of your motherboard because 6300 has small multy so you need mbo with high chipset volatge to get high FSB. My 6600 is B2 and tahat is later revision and...
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    Techpowerup HWBot team!

    For long time i didn't tested nothing, kid and wife are taking a lot of time from hardware :(
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    3870 overclock

    And how are the temperatures?
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    ATI Radeon 2900PRO 1GB - Shadows issue

    It should, try put new chipset drivers, but that is all that i can suggest.
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    4400+ IHS removal

    You didnt said which cooler do you use to test that?
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    4gig decreasing overclock

    If all 4 memory has the same chips i can not see the reason why they can not overclcok the same as 2x1gb.