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  1. Rhyseh

    Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Records 2.5 Million Concurrent Players

    PUBG is some of the most fun I have ever had playing a multi-player game. The game is fun, really fun. It combines a great mix of strategy with a more ARMA style of combat and controls compared to most FPS games. Throw into the mix the random element of the plane drop and the shrinking, random...
  2. Rhyseh

    What are the best options for 4~6 tb of cloud storage?

    https://aws.amazon.com/glacier/&tag=tec06d-20 I use this to backup important data on my NAS. It's essentially my backup if my house burns down and I lose everything. You will have to pay transfer costs to get it back out though. So I don't recommend it for data you want to access frequently.
  3. Rhyseh

    Setting Up Community Network - Help and Advice Please

    The USG's have some management issues, but Ubiquiti have been making some great advances with their Unifi controller software. For a unified management system it makes alot of sense
  4. Rhyseh

    What are the best options for 4~6 tb of cloud storage?

    Qualifying questions: What is the rate of change? Is this for archival purposes? If so, how quickly would you need access to this data? Do you need this to grow overtime? What kind of redundancy are you looking for? What kind of files are you storing?
  5. Rhyseh

    Router for VPN

    You could always try a MicroTik or EdgeRouter. Microtik I've not done much with, but works really well by all accounts: https://routerboard.com/RB750Gr3 EdgeRouter has a hardware offload function for IPSec networking, however you may have to drop to the CLI to get the config up and running...
  6. Rhyseh

    Routing Tables

    I've tried to type out an answer for this three times. Each time I find myself starting to talk about broadcast domains and layer 3 networks. Which isn't going to make sense to you. If you are expected to address this as part of your job. You should really spend some time learning about the...
  7. Rhyseh

    The Filthy, Rotten, Nasty, Helpdesk-Nightmare picture clubhouse

    Oh wow there is some nasty ones here. The worst PC's I've ever seen came from the diesel workshop floor at a coal mine. They were so gummed up with grease, dirt and coal dust.... The most disgusting PC I ever saw was a buddies computer. Was in a smoking household, with poor hygeine, zero...
  8. Rhyseh

    Smart TV or cheap media center PC?

    If it is DLNA then it should. However I would personally go with a media PC. Much more versatile.
  9. Rhyseh

    Which printer is best for printout lots of paper with good quality?

    Take a panadol and settle the fuck down. There are qualifying statements throughout my response that in no uncertain terms state "it depends". It's not illegal for me to offer an alternative suggestion. The OP stated he is printing large quantities of documents at a time. A professional printer...
  10. Rhyseh

    How to recover data from corrupted WD external hardisk

    This probably won't work, but I have had success in the dim distant past with freezing drives. Try cling wrapping it, throwing it in a sealed plastic bag and popping it in the freezer for a couple of hours. If it's a mechanical issue it may help. It sounds like the USB interface is the issue...
  11. Rhyseh

    Which printer is best for printout lots of paper with good quality?

    Then don't pay for binding..... That's it's maximum duty cycle, recommended duty cycle is 250 to 3000 pages per month. It entirely depends on his workload and regularity for printing things. Additional you have to factor in the TCO of the printer, along with the inconvenience of actually...
  12. Rhyseh

    Which printer is best for printout lots of paper with good quality?

    Why not just pay a printing place for a few copies to be printed and bound? Considering toner, hardware and paper costs.... Personally I'd just pay a professional with the right equipment to do it all for me.... It's not that expensive really.. If we are talking a few hundred pages at a...
  13. Rhyseh

    Need your opinion about my internet subscription

    Being throttled to 7.5Mbps is really nothing. I get 8Mbps on a good day here and my cap pushes me down to 250kbps, so to me that looks great (Internet in this country is still stuck in 2001 era tech for the most part). 4Mbps is still enough for a single stream. Can you not pay more per month for...
  14. Rhyseh

    Help IT/System admins, in urgent need of a new RMM!

    Labtech works well, however may be more than what you need (it has a really good remote support integration with ScreenConnect). Also CentraStage works fairly well. Again these are full MSP products and probably overkill.
  15. Rhyseh

    Asus Sabertooth X58 ATX LGA1366 + Ram Question

    It will probably work. It will just clock down to whatever the CPU/Mobo supports. What's the voltage? EDIT: Just checked. 1.65v, according to the manual the sabertooth is fine with 1.65v, so it should work: http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA1366/Sabertooth_X58/e5995_sabertooth_X58.pdf...
  16. Rhyseh

    Backdoor found: should I still buy this Juniper SRX100 router?

    Nope. No fan. It's really very low power draw overall.
  17. Rhyseh

    Backdoor found: should I still buy this Juniper SRX100 router?

    From a networking perspective is a very inelegant solution. Your better off having something embedded in the device (read hardware) to upload logging data. Chances are this is a backdoor that the dev team use and neglected to remove.
  18. Rhyseh

    Backdoor found: should I still buy this Juniper SRX100 router?

    @qubit yes it most certainly does have equivalent functionality. Basically you configure the fe interface as ppp over ethernet and then configure a ppp interface with the relevant parameters. If you've not configured a commercial firewall like this before then I would suggest allocating a fair...
  19. Rhyseh

    Backdoor found: should I still buy this Juniper SRX100 router?

    Alright a few things to allay your concerns. Firstly let me qualify my response a little here. I work for a Juniper Partner, we're a consulting firm (we don't deal exclusively in Juniper, but we push it where possible). First the security back door that was found was in ScreenOS, ScreenOS was...
  20. Rhyseh

    Intel NIC (Network interface controller) vs Killer E2200

    Holy necro batman. Here's a recent review no idea how accurate the testing methodology is, but the results are so close that it doesn't even matter.
  21. Rhyseh

    WRT1900AC/S what to think?

    I mean support in the sense of "router goes bang, 4 hour replacement" type support. Mostly this is only a concern for businesses where down time is a massive cost that they really want to avoid/minimise. This kind of support normally comes in ~$500 to $4000+ per year depending on the device/s...
  22. Rhyseh

    WRT1900AC/S what to think?

    Pretty sure I've posted my support for this setup in multiple forums, but again +1 to this. I work with Enterprise networking for a living and I run this exact setup at home. More than that I sell this exact setup to many small businesses who don't have the budget for a Sophos/Juniper/Cisco...
  23. Rhyseh

    Cloud storage (aka Onedrive will suck so need to find something else)

    Sounds like a job for Xenu Link Sleuth: http://home.snafu.de/tilman/xenulink.html Won't fix all the links, but it will help you find them.
  24. Rhyseh

    Cloud storage (aka Onedrive will suck so need to find something else)

    Google drive sounds perfect tbh.... Is this primarily for backup purposes? If so a NAS syncing to AWS S3 is probably the cheapest option. Dropbox uses S3 as it's storage back-end and AWS have it synchronising all over the world for true resiliency. You can also setup retention policies to...
  25. Rhyseh

    Two modems

    Ubiquiti's ERL has the feature (load balancing) and a nice wizard to help configure it in the most recent firmware version. Depends on BW though, as the modify firewall rules that the device uses means it can't hardware offload the traffic, so for high throughput environments it might not be the go.