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  1. LTUGamer

    RGB lighting

    Hello. I am wondering if the CPU cooler officially supports RGB lightning via Asus Aura software (for example https://www.antec.com/product.php?id=707270&pid=58&lan=nz) is it possible to control it via other software programs with non-Asus motherboard? No difference between Asus aura, msi mystic...
  2. LTUGamer

    M.2 SSD drive instalation

    Today I have received this M.2 SSD adapter. Put XPG SX8000 SSD drive in it, and inserted them in system based on AsRock Z87 Extreme 4 motherboard. However I can't see the device on my computer. Disk management shows only my current Sata SSD and HDD drive. Any unallocated drives wasn't found. Red...
  3. LTUGamer

    Windows 10 drivers

    Hello, I am going to buy samsung m2070 printer http://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/product/wireless-mono-multifunction-printer-xpress-m2070 . However in all webpages it is written that it is supports Windows up to Windows 8. I would like to ask you if there will be any problems to install...
  4. LTUGamer

    New graphics card causes PC restart

    Hello everybody, I am having problem regarding Asus GTX 750Ti graphics card. PC restarts or shuts down (no bsod it turns off imediatly) then new graphics card is installed. I even wont have enough time to install drivers. It restarts then graphics is on idle. Regarding power supply it is the...
  5. LTUGamer

    Adobe Flash Player problem

    When I decided to update Adobe flash player I seen this screen: I have already deleted old player version and tried to install new one. However Download Manager is still empty so now I am without flash player at all. The easiest way to get Flash Player is to find full version of program...
  6. LTUGamer

    [Solved] Laptop CPU frequency downclocked

    So the problem is that my laptop CPU always works at 1200MHz despite given load Discrete GPU works on regular frequency so there is huge bottleneck from CPU side. Despite that in game CPU load is bellow 100% mark even it works at 1200MHz Usually solution is to configure settings but...
  7. LTUGamer

    Is there any possibility to make it work again

    So I am having USB flash drive and it looks lite it doesn't want to work. It is possible to see it via device manager. However via disk manager it doesn't. Is there any ability to repair it?
  8. LTUGamer

    Games to benchmark

    Hi guys, I would like to receive list of latest games (2013~2014) list which features built-in or separate benchmark tool. Not intrested in synthetic benchmark software Games I have know: Resident evil 6 Thief Sleeping dogs Sniper elite v2 batman arkham origins (?) Thanks :toast:
  9. LTUGamer

    NZXT Sentry LX failture

    I sold my NZXT Sentry LX few days ago. People who bought it contacted me and said that first day controller worked fine while in second one just all display items brights (all numbers looks like 8888...) and it don't react to any pushes We tried to: 1 Push restart button 2 Take off battery...
  10. LTUGamer

    Mouse doesn't recognize surface

    Connected in new place Mionix Avior 7000 doesn't recognize surface. It moves well on sheet of paper but on table it doesn't work at all. Any ideas how to solve it?
  11. LTUGamer

    Is my 7790 dead?

    Hi guys I have used integrated graphics card for a month. After that I put back Sapphire HD 7790 Dual-X in the rig and now I can't use it. It begins to spin at max RPM and everything goes right until end of windows charging. After that there is only black screen. Tested on two separate...
  12. LTUGamer

    PC doesn't want to disable write protection

    Hi! I need to remove some photos from internal digital camera memory. I tried to disable write protection however I can't find storage device polices subfolder Is there another way to disable it? Is there another way to delete files? Tried Any File Remover, won't help.
  13. LTUGamer

    New CPU cooler from Enermax leaked

    ETS N30 series coolers from Enermax have beed leaked. There will be two cheap 92mm towers which features ultra low size Source & detail info: http://www.games.lt/g/news.full/34373
  14. LTUGamer

    How to unlock voltage boosting on HD 7790

    It looks like all options is correct but I still can't boost voltage. Any suggestions? I am using HD 7790 by Sapphire :)
  15. LTUGamer

    Need to choose cheap camera

    Hello. I need to choose cheap camera. It should be valued at 100 eur. I know that it very low value and serious products costs much more. Until now I used Sony Ericsson C510 Cybershot (great phone for photography better than new one and older digital camera) for photography so my expectations...
  16. LTUGamer

    Your favorite case

    Every time I see article about new case everybody says how terrific it looks. So it interesting how good case looks. Please post your favorite case picture or link in this thread
  17. LTUGamer

    First game from North Korea: could you reach it?

    I have recently read about the first game from North Korea: http://hexus.net/business/news/internet/49653-north-koreas-first-video-game-now-playable-online/ So could you reach this website where is ability to play it? Link: http://www.koryogroup.com/Pyongyang_racer/racer.html Unfortunatly I...
  18. LTUGamer

    Is this logic?

    Hello. Is this set look logical? http://www.scythe-eu.com/en/products/audio-accessory/kro-craft-speaker-plus-rev-b.html AMP is 2*10W and speakers power is 2*20W. On the other hand manufacturer don't sell this set then half power is lost in couse of AMP
  19. LTUGamer

    Crysis 2 benchmark

    Hello. I have some problems with Cysis 2 benchmark tool. Until first benchmark run everything runs great but before benchmarking I see this window: If I press yes then game looks like this: Then one way to turn on game is reinstalling :/ Anyone could help to run benchmark? Patch 1.9...
  20. LTUGamer

    Help to find drivers

    Hello. Help my to find drivers for my old scaner. So I need to get drivers for Canon CanoScan Lide 25 wich are designed for Windows 7 64 bit. I found 32 bit version easly but I here isn't any 64 bit software :/
  21. LTUGamer

    How to run crysis 2 benchmark?

    Hello. I instelled Crysis 2 to run benchmark. Unfortunatle adrenaline benchmark shows error... Could you tell me what to do? Game runs perfectly, it is patched
  22. LTUGamer

    Sugest benchmark software

    Hello. I need program wich can show my HDD's write access time. H2benchw and HDD tune PRO is not good because they needed blank hdd without any physical partitions. So what could you sugest? :)
  23. LTUGamer

    Thermaltake PSU voltages

    Hello. I have new Thermaltake Smart M650W PSU. Voltage tests shows intresting thing: 12V voltage is too small. Is it PSU defect or bad sensors? In my opinion if this voltage is real system haven't any posibilities to work... If there are sensors problem how could I see real info abouit...