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    Quake Wars will have in-game ads

    Now I feel happy for pirating it, and u should too.
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    Intel anti-cheat system in the works

    They think they can control what my CPU does.
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    HD 2400 and HD 2600 pricing revealed

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    HD 2400 and HD 2600 pricing revealed

    No AGP on that list.
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    Sony Promises More PS3 Games

    I seriously dont think the Wii has more/better games than the PS3. They are either not very good games that get away with it because of the motion sensing, or people's expectations are so much lower for Wii games than PS3 games. Right now, the Xbox 360 and of course the PC are owning.
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    Seagate readies 10 000 RPM SATA HDD

    Not by a long shot. But there will be a very big threat from SSDs. Although not for a while.
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    Intel accelerates introduction of 1333 FSB CPUs

    This is a pretty poor idea. Anyone without a 1333 board wont be able to buy a Core 2 Duo. They still have the 800 ones, so why not suspend those first? All this just to bring up sales of the P35 chipset? The 680i SLi chipset also supports 1333 and the 45nm CPUs.
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    OCZ Unleashes Enthusiast-Grade DDR3-1333 CL7 Solution

    Great. Now all we need is a motherboard with a 2666 FSB.
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    Seagate readies 10 000 RPM SATA HDD

    FINALLY, some competition for the Raptor. 2 years in and still selling at above 200$!
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    NVIDIA Unveils Tesla GPU Computing Processor

    So the C870 is an 8800 GTX. Ans the D870 is eight 8800 GTSs.
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    WiFi transmitted over 382 km

    Hurray for globalization!
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    Valve Announces Major Update for Steam

    As long as this doesn't hurt the pirate commuinity, I'm fine with it ;)
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    THQ Announces Warhammer for DS and PSP

    Maybe u should change the title of the news story. There is already a Warhammer PSP game, but its not very good. The new game is a Warhammer 40,000 game, which apperantly is a strategy game (unlike the first?), so maybe it will be better.
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    Leadtek announces WinFast® PX8400 GS TDH

    So its an 8600 GT with half the memory bus.
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    THQ Announces Warhammer for DS and PSP

    The DS port makes me laugh. Even on the PSP I wouldnt play it. Unless of course, its not just a silly port that fits on a console, but not on a handheld. If they actually create a new game that fits handhelds, or at least change it sufficiantly, then maybe the PSP version will be decent.
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    Nintendo Dominates the console market

    If you're saying that the DS is for kids, I'll agree with what you said. But the PSP has MUCH more than just better graphics. It's the ultimate hadnheld device. Comparing it to the DS is a joke.
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    Nintendo Dominates the console market

    Gee, I wonder if the fact that those are the 2 cheapest consoles has anything to do with sales. The DS and the Wii are not even good enough to compete with the PSP and the PS3.
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    Dell Introduces 24-inch 2407WFP-HC LCD Monitor

    I doubt the backlight has much to do with the color. The 2407WFP can reproduce 8 bits of color, and u can asjust the color magut, as shown in this review. http://www.behardware.com/articles/629-5/24-inches-the-dell-2407wfp-vs-the-samsung-244t.html
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    How much better is an AMD 64 x2 4800+ than my P4?

    Actually, it can. Almost no bottleneck at all. And even if u had a bottleneck, it wouldnt really matter. Stick with the Pentium 4, till ur next build.
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    Mouse w/ Out Mousepad?

    I've been using my desk as a mousepad for years. It's great. May want to buy a mousepad for games later on though.. for better gliding.
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    Dell Introduces 24-inch 2407WFP-HC LCD Monitor

    Ok wait, is the only difference between the 2407WFP and the 2407WFP-HC, the 93% color gamut? Well, cant u just adjust the colors on the 2407WFP after u buy it to match the 2407WFP-HC? Its kind of dissapointing though. The 3007WFP-HC has an improved response time (11ms to 8ms). The 2407WFP-HC...
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    Bigfoot Networks KillerNIC M1

    Why did u measure FPS? And ur ping is 5ms?? My ping never gets below 250ms in any game.. maybe u dont need that thing.
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    New PC

    Ask and you shall recieve. Please see my argument against the E6750. I welcome any rebutel, of course. Overclocking is very important. I ask the OP to reconsider. I'll walk u through it like I've done many others.
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    New Comp Build

    The performance of a C2D? Are u high? Give me a single X2 that can touch my E6420.
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    New PC

    The E6750 costs more and wont be out for a over a month. Cooling for the 8800 is not "a problem", but extra cooling is used to overclock. The OCZ is GOOD but the Thermaltake is GREAT.