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  1. Trompochi

    FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood benchmark

    All maxed. :-)
  2. Trompochi

    NVIDIA Beats AMD to Market On HBM2 - Announces Tesla P100

    But... Can it play Crysis 3? (sorry I had to XD)
  3. Trompochi

    US Prices of AMD Ryzen Processors Surface

    Holy batman....
  4. Trompochi

    One big UPS for these 2 systems?

    Hello guys, long story short(or maybe not short enough :P), I have 2x 1000va UPS that I've been using for 8+ years always replacing the batteries every 2+ years when they fail, when one set of batteries fail, the other unit does the same 1~4 weeks later(since they're replaced around the same...
  5. Trompochi

    TechPowerUp Gives Away an ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 STRIX Graphics Card

    Yep, I want my future GTX 1080 autographed by W1zzard!
  6. Trompochi

    NVIDIA Releases first WHQL-signed GeForce Driver with Vulkan Support

    I'm using a GTX 580, no issues at all with these drivers
  7. Trompochi

    AMD 7870k OS crash when installing video drivers

    Aquinus 99% of the time it was a fresh windows install, because almost everytime we tried to install drivers and OS crashed, it couldnt get back to desktop again, it was instant crash after the "Welcome" screen.
  8. Trompochi

    AMD 7870k OS crash when installing video drivers

    Reflashing the bios didnt help, same crash during drivers install, my friend decided to buy a different mobo in a few days...
  9. Trompochi

    AMD 7870k OS crash when installing video drivers

    PCGamerDR the board came with the latest bios version (FB for rev 4.0), not sure if reflashing the same bios would fix anything, but I can tell my friend to try that, since we're out of options right now.
  10. Trompochi

    AMD 7870k OS crash when installing video drivers

    Update: different cpu on that mobo and a fresh windows install does the same thing, crashes during drivers install, we tested both ram sticks on my system just in case, ram works fine... Now the thing is, we are in dominican republic and the parts were bought on Amazon, shipping the board back...
  11. Trompochi

    AMD 7870k OS crash when installing video drivers

    My friend will borrow an APU from a cousin to test it in his mobo, I told him to try his 7870k on the cousin's mobo too, but he might need to update bios for that... I'll update this thread once he gets back to me with the results. Thanks guys for trying to help me fix this.
  12. Trompochi

    AMD 7870k OS crash when installing video drivers

    installed windows 7 and installed catalyst drivers, no crash at all, rebooted computer and the video adapter still says "generic blah blah"... not AMD R7... then I tried the 800mb installer from gigabyte, after that finished installing, system crashed again.
  13. Trompochi

    AMD 7870k OS crash when installing video drivers

    Yep, this is using bios FB, so its revision 4.0. I changed the igpu settings on bios, also set the windows 8 setting to Legacy only instead UEFI, I tried to use UEFI once on my system and all it gave me were problems... Sleep stuff disabled on windows, installed crimson drivers and after the...
  14. Trompochi

    AMD 7870k OS crash when installing video drivers

    Hello guys, a friend just bought new parts for his new build and is having problems when installing video drivers so he asked me for help with this... The system never crashes while the video drivers arent installed, this happens on windows 10 and 8.1. System specs: AMD 7870k Gigabyte...
  15. Trompochi

    TechPowerUp and ZALMAN Announce Windfall Giveaway

    Wow, very nice giveaway! Wish me luck! ;-)
  16. Trompochi

    Intel Core i7-5820K/5930K/5960X

    Thanks a lot for this review! :lovetpu:
  17. Trompochi

    I7-3770 High Ghz

    Changing the multi to x43 on all cores isnt bad at all, it works at 4.3ghz on 1 or 2 cores, 4.2ghz on 3 cores and 4.1ghz on all 4 cores, all this depending on current workload, with the default settings mine goes up to 3.7ghz on all 4 cores, then 3.8 and 3.9 ghz if less than 4 cores are in use.
  18. Trompochi

    I7-3770 High Ghz

    the 3770 (non-K) can be overclocked up to x43 multi, that's 4.3ghz (not on all cores at the same time), adding BCLK OC can take that number close to 4.4ghz, but that depends on how high the mobo can go on that :)
  19. Trompochi

    EVGA Announces GeForce GTX 960 SSC 4GB

    Probably 2gb+2gb :roll:
  20. Trompochi

    Please help me understand this Cisco STB

    Thanks for the info, sadly I barely have access to anything on the comtrend router, the admin/admin login only allows me to configure wifi and look at the device info menu, everything else on Basic setup, Advanced setup and Management is blocked, basically they're capping me to 2800kbps using...
  21. Trompochi

    Windows 7 or 8 boottime WITH POLL

    system specs on my profile
  22. Trompochi

    Please help me understand this Cisco STB

    Recently I got VDSL2 and IPTV installed at home with a Comtrend CT-5374 and a Cisco ISB7100, I'd like to know how much bandwidth is this STB actually using, on the config window > network info it says 3145728bps, which is 3072kbps or 3mbit, then on the next menu it says "bandwidth cap...
  23. Trompochi

    What's my stuff worth?

    That's a great price, actual prices(based on a quick ebay search) are: 16gb ddr3 1333mhz $80+ I7 3770k $260+ MSI Z77A-GD55 $80 Pretty sure you can get a bit more out of those parts :) Oh and I looked only at Buyout prices, not bids
  24. Trompochi

    Which OS you prefer

    windows 8.1 with classic shell, 0 crashes and memory usage is better compared to windows 7, last time I installed win7(shortly after trying windows 8) and updated it, it was using 2.5gb ram vs the 1.6gb on windows 8... now 8.1 is using the same 1.6gb ram without any programs open.:D
  25. Trompochi

    Your Internet Connection!

    Okay that didnt take too long, Claro just announced their new prices too, and for the same USD$63 we're paying, we go from 2/768 to 10/2, for $5 more I can double the download speed and get some extra upload... So 20/3, 195+ channels and phone for $68 a month. :peace: