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  1. tonyd223

    Biostar TA790GX Series

    Thought I'd start this one off - I've got the 128M. Points - the primary graphics slot is the lower one next to the two PCI slots - and if you use the supplied DCCFX-P2 card in the first PCI-E slot, you get 16 lanes in the 2nd slot. I can't lose a PCI so I'm running my HD4850 in the top...
  2. tonyd223

    Best Case under £50

    Ok, what's the best case under £50? I have an iCute S901-5G1-BB http://icute.com.tw/english/S901.html with two thermaltake iCage's - 120mm fans in blue on the front blowing cold air in, with a single 120mm fan expelling. I know sharkoon do a rebadged version of this... This qualifies as...