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    Google Uses the Nuclear Option Against Amazon, Pulls YouTube from Fire TV

    I thought the nuclear option was when the Google AI achieves sentience before the Amazon AI. This is just a *content* war.
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    Razer Reveals D.Va Inspired Gaming Peripherals for Overwatch Fans

    Girly is the point. There's a whole marketplace off 'general' (fairly masculine) hardware out there. This is nice! I bet my daughter would like this too. So far Razer has served me well. I have two normal mice and a keyboard as well as their portable Turret system for the media center PC...
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    BIOSTAR Unveils the Racing GM5 Gaming Mouse

    Bwahaha! Is that carbon fiber using high or low modulus epoxy? How dense is the weave? Is it a monocoque build? By how many grams was the weight reduced in lieu of using a plastic top? Come on! If you're going to use carbon fiber you've got to really sell it! ;)
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    HP Deliberately Cripples Third-party Inkjet Cartridges?

    Yes. This is true. They've done it to me twice, and the local ink refill guy is aware of the practice. They've gotten me to buy the name brand ones once, and I'm never going to buy an HP printer again.
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    DRAGON WAR in Corsair 900D

    I voted 8/10 because: Never seen someone loop-tee-loo the hardline tubing like that. Very creative, and unconventional. The rest of the build looks clean and the acrylic work is nicely done.
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    MSI Teases the X99 Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard

    The carbon fiber IS that important. But it's only worth the money if you're going to invest in lightweight, forged titanium 6-5 mobo standoffs and screws, and you sand down the edges of the case to reduce aerodynamic drag.
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    Intel to Bring the Best in Gaming to the World Stage at Intel Extreme Masters

    WHAT? I went to the one in San Jose a few years ago, and the Sharks hockey arena looked 1/2 full. They said they hit their attendance target of 10,000, which I believe. The guys I ended up sitting next to had driven all night to get there. It was awesome! Also, Jaedong was there unleashing...
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    Rambus Explores Future Memory Systems

    Patent trolling.
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    No drip H2o chassis

    I voted 10/10 because: This is awesome! I love the overkill industrial look.
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    ST.o.CH FACTOR_I ( snow white)

    I love the front and the very innovative look on the water tubing. Nice!
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    Swiftech Rolls Out MCP50X Pump

    Yay for a pump engineer's input despite some translation difficulties. From looking at the flow diagram, he's right about the pump being better suited to smaller diameter pipes. I ran the MCP35 for a long time with the attached acrylic reservoir. The first one cracked before they recalled...
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    ??Merry X'mas to my world friends??

    This is the most offensively hideous computer ever, and I think if I saw it in real life I'd weep... BUT I applaud you for your boldness, and it looks well done. 7/10.
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    New Apple Mac Pro Available Starting Tomorrow

    That's a lot of gear to be running off 450W maximum power!
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    Steel Dragon

    Outstanding acrylic work, and I love the way it all ties together. Great job!
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    [Case Gallery] Snow Shadow

    Subdued but classy Nothing flashy, but the cables and tubing are done nicely and there's some subtle attention to detail there. Good work! Those monster fans look pretty sweet!
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    OCZ Vertex 450 256 GB SSD

    Yeah, 256Gb is the current sweet spot. If you want 512Gb, just buy two 256Gb and RAID 0 them.
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    Brace for Cylons, In Win Tòu Inbound

    Looks good! That's a really cool case! I like the angled front and sides, and the semi-reflective plate glass is great. I saw a similar scratch-build by a modder on Bit-Tech a while back. I don't remember who. I guess the only part I'm not a huge fan of is the grill on the top, but that's...
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    [Case Gallery] The Song Remains the Same

    Bizarre but cool! Interesting theme! That's very unique.
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    [Case Gallery] CM Special* Force 500

    Small cases, big cooling Packing gear into a small case is a fun challenge. Nice work!
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    [Case Gallery] PARVUM SYSTEM S1.0

    GPU angled? How'd you get the GPU to slope down like that? Is there a riser-block adapter in there? Nice build!
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    Apple Unveils New Mac Pro

    Nice! I'm about as anti-Apple as people get, but I have to hand it to them: this is some beautiful engineering. Unfortunately, I'm not optimistic about seeing one in real life due to the price I'm assuming these will go for. Still, nice setup!
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    [Case Gallery] Stryker Ice Dragon

    Gtx 480 I love the GTX 480's on water cooling. It's great to have a single-slot card with that amount of firepower... and it definitely benefits from the watercooling compared to the stock card.
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    OCZ Vertex 5 SSD Series Detailed

    Sweet! I can't wait. I've had some of each of the Vertex 1-4's, and my 3 Vertex 1's in RAID 0 are still working great along with all of the others. When a company sells enough product, there are bound to be failures. It's partly just statistics. Also, you had to very carefully follow...
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    Intel Fixes 8-series Chipset USB 3.0 Erratum

    Consumer Ignorance is Bliss What portion of the populace is going to be aware of whether or not they're buying a C1 or C2 chip? Probably close to 0%? Also, what portion of the populace is going to connect the dots when (if...?) they have USB 3.0 stuff plugged in after it sleeps? Again...
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    EKWB Officially Releases EK-FC7990 Full-Coverage Water Block

    No... er, *fewer* hideous circles. Hurray!