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    Crucial Scraps the Ballistix TX3 PCIe SSD

    I'm honestly not even all that surprised. With Samsung and OCZ having pretty great drives on the market, with the TX3 numbers far behind, why would they launch a "gaming" product that is far behind the competition? Let's just hope they work on something competitive and reasonably priced. With a...
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    VLC Media Player Reaches Version 2.0.0

    Nope. I was, but this whole deal with -A is driving me nuts, so I stopped watching earlier this season. As far as the "ugly" interface is, there are skins. Use them. I've been using VLC for years, and if something doesn't play or doesn't play right, there's something wrong with the file. I...
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    ASRock Develops three Cedar Trail-Based Mini-ITX Motherboards

    Not full sized DIMM slots either...
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    WD Slashes HDD Warranties By A Third – But You Can Buy Them Back

    I had a pair of WD3200AAKS's that were about 2.5 years old when they both failed. I bought them in retail boxes, which had a 3 year warranty at the time. Western Digital cut that down to just 1 year not long after I bought the drives. When I tried to make a warranty claim to get them both...
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    Core unlocking on the FX 6000 series, and 4000 series

    With how the power consumption is unlocking an X2 to an X4, imagine how much worse an FX quad core unlocked into an octo core would be. lol
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    AMD FX Sets Guinness Record for Clock Speed

    I haven't seen anybody try to explain why the Bulldozer chip was only running 2 cores. Easy! Less cores means higher clocks. They were going for maximum clock speed on any amount of cores, not just a ridiculous overclock on all 8 cores. I had an i7 860 for a while but it ran too hot to keep on...
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    AMD Showcases its First 28 nm GPU

    1) This is a discrete card. 2) What is up with all the hate from AMD. They're making progress and you all just boo them? Too many Intel fanboys from what I see. 3) Try reading the article. It has information you all aren't seeing. Just looking at a picture does NOTHING if you don't understand...
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    AMD Readies Two Unlocked A-Series APUs

    Now i've got my eyes out for these guys, maybe for an HTPC. Thanks for the advice about motherboards TheLaughingMan. I'll have to pick up a Gigabyte, maybe an MSI (if they're similar with BIOS options, and i'm assuming they are)
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    ASUS Intros E45M1-M PRO Fusion Motherboard with AMD E-450 APU

    Okay, so it has USB 3.0, SATA 6.0gbps and is a whole 50 MHz quicker?
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    HP Introduces New Notebook Portfolio Powered by AMD

    I can't recall ever seeing a well built HP G series. Most models i've seen have had parts of a bezel not even snapped on all the way, so who knows how bad off they can get internally. You definitely get what you pay for. I'd be in the market for a DV4 or a DV6 more than likely, unless Toshiba...
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    AM3 CPU + 1600 MHz RAM = Uh oh..?

    MSI 790FX-GD70 w/Phenom II X3 720 (bought it as soon as they came out--it's a C2 rev memory controller), paired up with some G.Skill ECO 2x2gb DDR3-1600 7-8-7-20 timings, 1T @ 1.4v no problem. I can't go any higher than 1650 on this system at these timings, and I think i've had it up to 1700 at...
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    Enermax Announces Aeolus N14 Netbook Cooling Pad

    I think it would be awesome to have a version like this but with a little 2 port USB hub on it.
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    Athlon II X2 255 Reaches 4.80 GHz

    Congrats Chew* I just picked up a 250 the other day that I could squeeze 4 GHz out of on the stock heatsink that it came with--yes, the wimpy little one. Makes me wonder what a better board would do with it. I'm using a Gigabyte MA78LM-S2H haha.
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    Evercool Intros Armor Hard Drive Cooler

    i'm surprised you people didn't mention the IBM Deathstar drives in the pictures.
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    Intel Core i5 750 Processor to Launch on Sep. 8

    It'll be on sale tomorrow (saturday) at micro center. Come get one. the ones i saw were also b chips. Only problem: Hyper TX3 is the only 1156 ready heatsink they carry. big lol. You should see the tiny thing the i5's come with stock.
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    Arctic Cooling Announces MX-3 High Performance Thermal Compound

    Great timing! I just switched to OCZ Freeze because it was cheap ($4!) and got great reviews. Do i pick some of this up?!?
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    Antec Two Hundred Surfaces

    Find a picture of that case with 3 of the 4 in 3 modules, along with the optional clear side panel. I bet it would look nice. As for a "Two Hundred". Not interested. Once you go low enough number-wise, you should appeal to the mATX crowd.
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    Patriot Brings a Cost Effective Solution to Gaming Memory

    with patriot, the way it worked (at least a couple years ago) was: XBL (Xtra Bandwidth and Latency) > LL (low latency) > EL (Eased Latency) > Signature (value) It isn't supposed to be great overclocking memory. Just wait and see if they get their hands on some of that Elpida Hyper MNH-E stuff...
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    Xigmatek Unveils First Midgard Medium Tower PC Chassis

    Looks like somebody got a CM690 and wasn't happy with the ports on top along with the fans... One improvement though...look at the right side of the case. You get latches on that side too! Not on the CM690!
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    NVIDIA Accuses Intel of Anti-Competitive Pricing for Atom Processor

    rofl@intel. I actually think the extra $ is worth it, considering how much better the chipset is. Now as for AMD. They don't depend mostly on marketing. They come out with a chip and hope for the best :p
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    Thermaltake Launches Element T Mid-Tower Chassis

    ...and here is exactly one reason why I don't approve of Thermaltake. Sure they do make decent stuff, but come on already. At least have a LITTLE originality. Gotta love their noise ratings on their fans. That's the main reason why I dislike them. my "40db" fan can cause temporary deafness!
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    Corsair Ultra Fast 256 GB SSD Sneak Peek

    Wonder how this handles random reads and writes...
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    My Intel Core i7 and Phenom II 940 Comparison

    holy crap, i didn't know it was that close! time to upgrade from a 720 to a 955! well, later this month. Anyone want a slightly used and possibly degraded Q6700? It's seen -70c just once!
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    Phenom II AM3 Plagued with DDR3-1333 Issue

    this isn't that big of a deal. remember how s939 A64's responded to 4 memory modules? They would usually get clocked down, or would run a 2T command rate...kind of the same thing.
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    Thermaltake Introduces Vi-ON External Hard Drive Enclosure

    I was going to say we have had more in stock at Micro Center than we know what to do with for a few months now. For some reason a lot of stuff ends up being "announced" here on tpu long after it hits shelves.