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  1. numlock2.0

    Deal: 1GB Sandisk MP3 Player $28.99

    Buy.com $28.99 but with google check out it's $18.99! Free shipping sweetens the deal :D Good for anyone that needs a MP3 player for cheap, or as a backup
  2. numlock2.0

    Deal: Nintendo Wii Customer Choice Bundle

    Dell.com has a similar deal now that is cheaper and has less stuff
  3. numlock2.0

    Deal: Nintendo Wii Customer Choice Bundle

    At Walmart!!! Doesn't seem like too bad of a deal for a highly demanded product :) Stuff included: Wii System + Wii Sports etc. - $250 Wii Classic Controller (assuming you chose this, I would get a Component Video cable) - $20 Extra WiiMote - $40 NunChuck Controller - $20 Big Brain...
  4. numlock2.0

    Cooler Master GeminII - $14 after MIR + Free Shipping!

    Newegg OMG!!! :eek::eek::eek: Me wants!!
  5. numlock2.0

    $320 2900XT @ Bestbuy

    Yeah, I'm waiting for it to get back in stock, or when prices drop.
  6. numlock2.0

    $320 2900XT @ Bestbuy

    Link Not a bad deal :) The box looks like the regular ATi box
  7. numlock2.0

    The ATi Hd 2900XT

    Hmm...the one on Newegg has been there for a few days Link edit: or you can get it with free shipping at ZZF
  8. numlock2.0

    Massive Thermalright CPU Cooler

    Link to picture I do hope this is fake...it looks impossible to mount or maintain! Not to mention the cost of all that metal! You could fit like, 9 x 120mm Delta fans on there to cool the whole case, and make a racket while you're at it. Well, I guess you could run it passive :p Comments...
  9. numlock2.0

    Intel E2100 series available on Newegg!

    Omg! Me wants! I actually may want to get these over the e4300 for my next build, just to see how far I can push.
  10. numlock2.0

    C2D system

    Is it too late to change graphics cards? Because I would have gotten this. It is such a good deal and is much better performing than an X1650 Pro. However there are going to be more heat issues compared to the X1650 card. Regardless, good luck with your build! Hope you get a good PSU ;)
  11. numlock2.0

    What can I flash a 9600 pro to?

    QFT. That's probably the best you can do. With that core, all you can do is change the name or overclock. Also, since the OP has AGP, he won't be able to just upgrade the video card. He'd have to get just about everything. If he was, I'd get the X1900GT for $120 (mentioned above)
  12. numlock2.0

    Asus OCgear at Computex

    That's pretty cool :D Turn the knob down in internet/work mode and crank it up in gaming mode! Sounds like a good idea, although I think there should will be a max/min that you can set yourself.
  13. numlock2.0

    Early pictures & info of the AMD RD790 board

    I do hope Phenom will be awesome when it is released. The board looks pretty nice, I'd like one :) I also like the Shark inscription on the motherboard in the first picture in the link that CBOT posted. (That was an awkward sentence)
  14. numlock2.0

    BFG 6600GT OC for $43 after MIR @ Newegg

    Hello techPowerUp people! Yeah, this is my first post. So please do not yell at me! (Not that you will right?) Linky Still a decent graphics card for a very good price...after Mail in Rebate that is... I personally do not like MIR's, but I haven't not got a MIR back before. A nice...