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    MSI GTX 1070 Gaming Z 8 GB

    Any reason you stopped benching World of Warcraft? Always looking at those because TPU was one of the few that testet it :lovetpu:
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    Microsoft Pulls a Fast One with E3 Xbox One Demos

    So even microsoft uses windows 7 instead of windows 8 for their desktops. :laugh:
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    noisy chieftec PSU

    Bought it one and a half year ago. so i think i will send it in. it will only get worse when i get my second 580 anyway ^^
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    noisy chieftec PSU

    So i have this 1000w Chieftec PSU witch i have had for some time now. And its starting to get rather noisy. I think the fan inside it is dying tbh. Is there anyway to change the fan? its a Cheftec A135 1000w/APS-1000c both those name are on it :P From Norway so my English aint that good. sorry...