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  1. overclockthesun

    Truth : Science Vs. Religion

    I shouldnt be posting in a religious thread with an avatar pic showing a n00b Pope! :wheee:
  2. overclockthesun

    Truth : Science Vs. Religion

    Ironically, he lost his ruthlessness when his "Son" died on the cross. So if god exists, then this is a funny predicament. His son came to teach us peace, instead he taught it to his father.
  3. overclockthesun

    Truth : Science Vs. Religion

    that is something even I wonder about. But hink about this..... even in his own world, God must play by his rules..... he just couldnt create another person out of nothing on Earth once he set the ball rolling... os he had to take something from Adam....that something was his DNA... the Bible...
  4. overclockthesun

    TechPowerUp and PowerColor Hardware Giveaway December 2010 Winners Announced

    Congrats winners.....now I hope the next time around I win....really need a card