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    AMD Responds to Asetek's R9 Fury X Sales Cease-and-Desist

    Read the decision in Asetek v CM and you will see why Asetek sent out the Cease and Desist letter to put AMD on notice. From what I read, the judgment (not judgement) includes similar like pump designs. Without a hearing this will go back and forth. However, AMD is now on notice about this claim.
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    Post your Cinebench score

    Here is mine
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    New Catalyst 'Omega' is Borking my Desktop

    The Omega drivers work well on my rig.
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    2 Pumps in 1 one set up

    How about trading out the Black ICE GTX Extreme 240 internally for a Black ICE GTX Extreme 360? If you move your CD player lower you'll have enough room. Not a huge increase in rad space but doable.
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    2 Pumps in 1 one set up

    Knox 29, I'll throw my proverbial "2 cents" worth of "advice into this thread. Like you, I have a HAF 932 Adv case. You would think for as big as it is, it would be good for custom water cooling but in reality it is not. No problem with a 360 rad up top, but putting a 240 in front requires...
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    Just got a Watercool MO RA3 420 Pro

    Thanks for the comments. It's been a blast! Radrok you have me out radded as I "only" have one 360 rad (RX360) with the Mo RA3-420
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    Radiator help

    Should be fine.
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    Watercooling radiators question

    I have a XSPC RX 360 rad and added a Swiftech MCR120-QPK rad to it before entering the cpu block. Helps with cooling a 3930k @4.4Ghz and an overclocked GTX 680.
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    [FS] 6970, p67 ws revolution, psu's, watercooling etc

    EXCELLENT reservoir. People buy from this seller. Item was shipped incredibly fast and in PERFECT shape.
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    New System for son's 16th Birthday

    DanTheMan: Excellemnt choices for the keyboard and mouse. I use Microsoft Curved Comfort USB keyboards on all 3 rigs and Logitech G500 lasers on 2 of the rigs and a Logitech G518 on the other. On the FX 8350 I use a CM 922 case, Corsair H100 AIO water cooler, Asus Sabertooth 990FX mb, 16 gigs...
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    New System for son's 16th Birthday

    DantheMan: I own a 3770k rig OC'd to 4.5Ghz, a 8350 rig OC'd to 4.6 Ghz and a 8320 rig Oc'd to 4.3 Ghz With your $1600 budget you could buy either the 8350 or the 3770k. My 3770k rig IS slightly faster but the 8350 is no slouch. I will respect your wish to stay AMD eventhough I use all...
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    [FS] Like new monitor, Mbs, liquid coolers

    All monitors and speakers SOLD!!!!!!!!
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    Newbie needs help with an AMD build

    How much of the upgrade do you have saved?
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    [FS] Like new monitor, Mbs, liquid coolers

    Any interest in these monitors?
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    [FS] Like new monitor, Mbs, liquid coolers

    If no sale by Friday, off to EBAY
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    [FS] Like new monitor, Mbs, liquid coolers

    Bump! Another price drop!:roll: