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    The Product Stack

    "You have to wonder if the GS part means Goes Slower" That made me laugh out loud.
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    NVIDIA PureVideo Presentation

    Wizz, I love the new site colors. It's hilarious just how bad NVIDIA wants ATI gone, releasing brochure after brochure. Looks like good stuff though, if it all ends up being true. That DualTV stuff has potential.
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    NVIDIA G70Go Presentation

    Personally, I would if it could be done. You will get a LOT more performance simply by waiting a few weeks. Only kicker may be that the 7800GTXGo may cost a lot more.
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    NVIDIA G70Go Presentation

    Good stuff. I remember being in awe over the 6800Ultra Go, now I'm the same way with the 7800GTX Go. Can't wait to see 'real' benchmarks.
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    NVIDIA tells us the truth about CrossFire

    Wow, NVIDIA is whack. I love their cards, but to spread lies and false rumors about ATI is rediculous. Page 4.. You mean I can *only* have 14x Anti-Aliasing with my ATI's?? There is no way I could settle with less than 16x :mad: "Enthusiasts don't buy old technology." Of course not, but...
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    X800 GTO² to X850 XT BIOS Mod

    Awesome find! That must be one of the coolest BIOS flashes ever!