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  1. mdm-adph

    Unlocked Cores on Phenom X2 550 Stable on Benchmarks But Not Games

    I have the weirdest problem -- I'm finally able to unlocked the two extra cores on my Phenom II X2, and it boots and runs fine, as far as I can tell. I can encode video much faster, it doesn't run that hot, and it's stable on Prime95 (for the couple of hours that I tested it). Except that...
  2. mdm-adph

    What's the Fastest Card That Doesn't Need a Power Connector?

    Need to upgrade a stock Dell for a friend (his HD 4670 just died). What's the fastest card that doesn't need a power connector? The HD 5670? I know there were also versions of the 9800GT and the HD 4850 released that didn't need power connectors, but I haven't been able to find them. :p
  3. mdm-adph

    Starcraft II AA

    What's the deal? Is it on by default? I still don't see it in my settings, but since the last patch my framerates aren't half as good as they were before (used to run fine on Ultra, not running on High with lots of problems).
  4. mdm-adph

    6600GT running at 110C

    Was updating a friend of mine's computer over the weekend -- old AGP 8X system. I bought a used PNY 6600GT 128GDDR3 from Ebay -- works great, ran Furmark at fullblast for 20 minutes, didn't freeze up or get artifacts or anything... ...but it's doing that while it's sitting at 110C. (Idles...
  5. mdm-adph

    Looking for the original PS3 model with PS2/PS1 compatibility and an SD Card slot

    Trying to look for this on the internet and on Ebay -- anyone have any tips as to what model #'s and other features I need to look for to get this exact model?
  6. mdm-adph

    Any Socket 754 Motherboards with PCI-E and 3+ RAM Slots?

    Here's a bit of a classic trivia question for all you gurus out there: I know of boards like the Socket-754 Biostar NF4 series that have PCI-E graphic card slots, and boards like the Socket-754 K8V that have more than 2 RAM slots, but I've yet to find a Socket-754 board with both more than 2...
  7. mdm-adph

    Classic Socket 478 Thread Question: PIV 2.4 or Celeron 2.8?

    Hey, everybody -- I'm in a situation where I want to upgrade my laptop. I have an old Dell Inspiron 1100, with the unique presence of an upgradeable socket 478 socket with 400MHz FSB inside... It's got a Celeron 2.0GHz chip in there now, and I'm looking to upgrade! My question is... What...