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  1. racedaemon

    LG UltraFine 5K Monitor Plagued by Rookie Design Flaw

    I remember seeing a documentary about UL or TUV and the testing was very thorough. They tested products to destruction, hitting them with all sorts of contraptions, burning them to a crisp and other kinds of physical testing. I presumed they would test other aspects of the product too. Anyway...
  2. racedaemon

    LG UltraFine 5K Monitor Plagued by Rookie Design Flaw

    Aren't those TUV, UL, FCC, CE markings present on all electronics supposed to mean this kind of stuff does not happen? I presume those certifications have a emphasis on testing for harm done by the product not to the product. But isn't a lack of shielding also a interference potential to other...
  3. racedaemon

    NVIDIA Releases the GeForce 372.54 WHQL Drivers

    I understood that. But i was just stating the obvious just in case he missed that setting under "Change resolution". I know i sometimes miss obvious thing because i look at the granular settings first. Also having the full/limited dynamic range setting change on me i know that things can seem...
  4. racedaemon

    NVIDIA Releases the GeForce 372.54 WHQL Drivers

    Are the settings under "Change resolution" correct? I don't see why the nvida driver would individually influence software if the main setting is correctly set. That sounds more like a setting in Firefox or in a codec. Is the video in Firefox HTML5 or flash? Anyway, there are two places that...
  5. racedaemon

    NVIDIA Releases the GeForce 372.54 WHQL Drivers

    That's interesting. My monitor defaults to limited dynamic range after driver install but the color depth is correctly set to 32-bit and the format to RGB. So they try to do some detecting of what are the capabilities of the connected display. The problem is they suck at it. :)
  6. racedaemon

    NVIDIA Releases the GeForce 372.54 WHQL Drivers

    The Fast v-sync showed up for me too with a 960. Previously the help underneath the v-sync setting mentioned "Fast" but it was not present in the list. I did not notice any issues with video playback in YouTube like someone mentioned. But one still has to change the dynamic range of the monitor...
  7. racedaemon

    NVIDIA Releases the GeForce 365.19 Game Ready Drivers

    Always read page 11 - "Changes and Fixed Issues" in the release notes pdf. They always fix multiple things besides the game updates. For example in this release they fix a bunch of Vulkan errors and a BSOD in Windows 10 during driver install and other problems with win10 and win7/8. They screw...
  8. racedaemon

    NVIDIA Releases the GeForce 364.72 WHQL Game Ready Driver

    Clean installed the new driver and i still have those 5.5GB filled with older drivers. The curious thing is that the size did not increase. I'm wondering if those files are forgotten there and if i have to delete them myself. Also, the "Output dynamic range" always changes to "limited" when the...
  9. racedaemon

    NVIDIA Releases the GeForce 364.72 WHQL Game Ready Driver

    hmm i also get random freezes when idling. I'm not sure if the cause is BSODs because the monitor does not resume from stand by and i found only one dump file the first time it happened and no other dumps the next times. Another annoying thing about the Nvidia driver i found out yesterday is...
  10. racedaemon

    NEC Enhances 27-inch and 30-inch MultiSync EA Monitors with IPS Panels

    A much more useful technology for controlling multiple monitors is DDC/CI. I had a very brief look at this to try and automate brightness changes of my screen and the technology seems to be able to take full control of a display, down to passing i2c commands to the controller to access vendor...
  11. racedaemon

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 Specifications Surface

    They probably put the power connector there because a "budget" card is usually paired with a budget PSU that not always delivers on spec, even more so those without a VGA power connector (presuming those still exist). Lots of RMAs and support calls averted by a cheap connector. :) Anyway, i'm...
  12. racedaemon

    Windows 10 Attains RTM Status

    Does anyone know if a insider license is transferable from a VM to a new PC without a previous OS? Is the key linked to the Microsoft account or the "hardware", basically stopping me from running the OS on real hardware? Anyway, i don't think Win 10 is ready for launch yet. The mix in new and...
  13. racedaemon

    TechPowerUp and GIGABYTE Announce GTX 960 G1 Gaming Giveaway

    Let's see if they ship the card to Europe :)
  14. racedaemon

    Lenovo Announces ThinkVision T Series Monitors

    Nicely done, they deserve it! And the final part of this line: sounds like a weird translation you find on cheap product packaging.
  15. racedaemon

    First Intel Core M "Broadwell" Benchmarks Surface

    What happened with the left side of the display? That orange streak is present in all images. Was the tablet dropped or is that caused by heat from the CPU?
  16. racedaemon

    Seasonic G Series V2 550 W

    Returning somewhat to the topic of reviews. It would be interesting to see in future reviews the measure of background noise inside the anechoic chamber with and without the tested device plugged in. I think silent pc freaks would like this. My router also has a audible high pitch noise if i get...
  17. racedaemon

    Seasonic G Series V2 550 W

    It is not the VGA as i don't have one yet. :) I thought coil noise occurs only when a component is under load, i once had a 9800GT that squealed when running certain CUDA calculations. The noise form my PSU is much fainter and occurs when the PC is off. It probably happens when the PC is running...
  18. racedaemon

    Seasonic G Series V2 550 W

    I have the original G550 and given the fact i have really good hearing i can hear an annoying high pitched sound from the power supply when standing ~2m from the opened case. Did you notice any sounds from the unit when the PC was off or do you have tools to measure this kind of thing? Would the...
  19. racedaemon

    NVIDIA Releases the GeForce 335.23 WHQL Graphics Card Driver

    I generally agree with you but i also remember that driver which screwed with the fan RPM causing the card to overheat... and i think it wasn't beta. BTW, what do the "GPU clock offset options for the Maxwell" do?
  20. racedaemon

    GTX 750 Taken Apart, Sips Power from a Single 6-pin Connector

    Let's hope those are not US dollars... although the user that posted the pictures appears o be form the US...
  21. racedaemon

    GTX 750 Taken Apart, Sips Power from a Single 6-pin Connector

    I find it strange that this card has no SLI connector as the 650Ti BOOST had. Ar they keeping that feature for a 750 Ti Boost? Was that to much future proofing/performance potential for that price point? Should i go buy a 650Ti BOOST? :) Only one day to wait for the answer to the last question.
  22. racedaemon

    Khronos Releases OpenGL 4.4 Specification

    I'm no programmer but this part seems remarkably similar to "Tiled Resources" of DX 11.2. I've read comments stating that this could have been done much earlier, in the era of small GPU memory and that it was even implemented bye the developer of Rage. So, all this delay and spontaneous...
  23. racedaemon

    Presenting the All New TechPowerUp

    After reading trough all the posts i can say that i'm agreeing with the majority here. I like the disappearance of the pop out social things. What i don't like (-), and suggestions (=) to improve those areas: - Even with my display's brightness at minimum the contrast of the bright...
  24. racedaemon

    Inno3D iChill GTX 650 Ti Boost 2048 MB

    The x2 power connector is strange. Maybe that is because Inno3D is a a budget brand, although i understand that this particular card is overpriced, and people who buy budget video cards tend to also buy budget power supplies and maybe the really cheap PSUs don't provide the requited voltage on...
  25. racedaemon

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 Series Coming This May

    It would be strange if this turns up to be true. NVIDIA just released the 650Ti Boost, that is slowly trickling down to markets. I've only seen the Boost in my country for the last couple of days. I believe Nvidia usually starts with the low end and after some months launches the high end...