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  1. J

    Sharkoon Unveils Shark Disc RGB Fan

    Min. - max. U/min unknown...
  2. J

    Intel Tapes in 7nm Meteor Lake Compute Tile

    TSMC should not produce for Intel, later they will know why.
  3. J

    South Korea Unveils Ambitious $450 Billion Semiconductor Manufacturing Investment Plan

    SK Hynix is that big, I did not know, do they only produce memory products?
  4. J

    ASUS Also Announces Availability of the ZenBeam Latte Portable Projector

    German Test https://www.prad.de/testberichte/test-asus-zenbeam-latte-l1-ultra-portabler-led-projektor#Einleitung
  5. J

    Intel Reports First-Quarter 2021 Financial Results

    Intel's 7nm Fab Construction Hit by COVID-19 Outbreak https://trib.al/sRK9aFP
  6. J

    AMD Launches Ryzen 9 5900 & Ryzen 7 5800 OEM Processors

    Source: https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/amd-announces-ryzen-5000-g-series-desktop-processors-with-radeon-graphic.html
  7. J

    XGIMI Mogo Pro+ Projector

    I miss a short movie-example about the fan noise, is there a full-hd nearly silent beamer out there? My old epson etw3200 has only 21dB/A but it annoyes me.
  8. J

    Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Keyboard

    If next version has the Option to get disconnect the two halfes for a TV-sleep chair, I would like to buy.
  9. J

    Lexar Announces New NM620 M.2 2280 PCIe Gen3x4 NVMe SSD

    ...Lexar bestätigt, dass KEIN DRAM-Cache vorhanden ist. TLC-Speicherchips von Micron https://www.computerbase.de/2021-03/lexar-nm620-pcie-ssd-tlc/#update-2021-03-11T14:36
  10. J

    Chinese Tianshu Zhixin Announces Big Island GPGPU on 7 nm, 24 billion Transistors

    Most Americans are too arrogant. China is on your neck. This generation is only 3-5 years behind western Chips.
  11. J

    16-Core Intel Alder Lake-S Processor Appears with DDR5 Memory

    Intel will announce alder lake at end of 2021, we will see if they are available in 12 Months.
  12. J

    Qualcomm Announces Boosted Snapdragon 870 5G Mobile Platform

    Next Year there is the a AMD-gpu in the Samsung-apu, so better sit and wait.
  13. J

    AMD Talks Zen 4 and RDNA 3, Promises to Offer Extremely Competitive Products

    Zen 4 sometime close to the end of 2021 I think this is wrong, look closer:
  14. J

    Intel Xe-HPG to be Built on TSMC N7: Report

    Intel seems to pay very good for this.
  15. J

    Lenovo Announces AR ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses

    How it looks in real life
  16. J

    AMD Reports Third Quarter 2020 Financial Results

    sorry, that is BS. Intel is
  17. J

    Oracle Chosen as TikTok's Secure Cloud Provider

    After the CCP has already enough privacy files now it is NSA's turn, whats next FSB or BND???
  18. J

    ASUS ROG Launches Partnership with ACRONYM on Special Edition Zephyrus G14

    Notebookcheck Asus Zephyrus G14 Ryzen 9 GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q Fan noise is the Achilles heel of the system. It's too bad that the system is never truly silent even when set to the lowest power profile possible. Running Witcher 3 on Performance mode will induce a steady fan noise of 50.5 dB(A)...
  19. J

    TSMC 5 nm Node Supply Fully Booked, Apple the Biggest Customer

    TSMC developing 2nm tech at new R&D center https://taipeitimes.com/News/front/archives/2020/08/26/2003742295 Auftragsfertiger: TSMC arbeitet mit Apple an 2-nm-Prozess https://www.computerbase.de/2020-08/tsmc-apple-2-nm/
  20. J

    NVIDIA: GeForce RTX 3080 Reviews Delayed, RTX 3070 Availability Confirmed

    So, the price will rize high, the cooler alone costs nividia up to 150$/card... And look to reddit.
  21. J

    Zergotech Introduces the Zergotech Freedom: Aussie-based Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

    Hello, in case of confined to bed: your keyboard can be split to 2 parts, so left and right side of the bed is possible? Are the keycap for german-qwertz layout configureable?
  22. J

    MSI Announces Alpha 15 & 17 Models Powered by AMD Ryzen 7 4800H + Radeon RX 5600M

    I hope to find one with "silent-idle" mode.
  23. J

    Lenovo Reveals Smarter Innovation and Design with Holiday Consumer Notebook Lineup

    I also searching a quiet Notebook (idle:fanless) a AMD 4900h without extra graphics would be nice.