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    Axiomtek Unveils MANO540 Mini-ITX SBC

    I don't understand how can this be called SBC. It requires ATX PSU to function. SBCs only require 12V input. If they call this a SBC, then every other mATX, ATX, E-ATX motherboard is also a SBC.
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    QNAP Launches 6 Port Unmanaged Switch QSW-2104 Series, Featuring 10GbE and 2.5GbE

    Mikrotik (CRS305-1G-4S+IN) with 4 SPF ports costs 120 eur~ This one with only 2 SFPs costs 3 times more? And this one doesn't have PoE on the 2.5gig ports as far as i can see, so it can't justify its costs.
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    Chia Farming Already Causing SSDs to Fail at Scale, Storage Device Shortages on the Horizon

    But theres no surprise here. TBW declared for the SSDs are some magical perfect work scenario nobody knows about. In reality even "sequential" 10GB+ file write gets write ratio of 5x and more. No wonder they die fast because when you buy a drive with 300 TBW label, you only get about 100TBW if...
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    Oculus Will Sell You a Quest 2 Without Facebook Integration for an Extra $400

    So now we know how much money does one single person add to FB account just by using the product (the ony with FB connection). 180USD yearly.
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    Apple Updates M1 Mac Mini with 10 GbE Upgrade Option

    is it 10gbps RJ45, or is it SFP+?
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    Cerebras Updates Wafer Scale Engine on 7 nm - 2.6 Trillion Transistors, 40 GB Onboard SRAM, 850,000 Cores, 12" Wafer

    I think you wouldnt care that much about yields when you can sell single sheet system for million or more. I mean, it costs like 50USD or so to print chips on single wafer, so even with 5% yield rate you would only need 20 wafers before you get the perfect one. Thats only a kilo of USD. Selling...
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    Apple Announces the 2021 iMac, Powered by M1 Chip, Featuring 4.5K Retina Display

    4k retina with 400x300px virtual resolution. I don't understand why are they wasting energy on those fake pixels.
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    be quiet! Introduces Fully Modular Pure Power 11 FM, Upgrades SFX and TFX Models

    The previous TFX models were FSP rebrands at +20eur price. This does look like it is going to be another rebrand. The worst part about all this, is that FSP PSUs are not available. They are all sold out, while BeQuiet still has stock. It seems like FSP doesn't want to sell their brand products...
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    GIGABYTE Announces Z590 AORUS Tachyon Motherboard for Extreme Overclocking

    Looking forward to seeing what Buildzoid has to say about this.
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    Apple is Discontinuing Intel-based iMac Pro

    Of course it will. The cost of manufacturing that is. Not the product retail price.
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    ADATA Explains Changes with XPG SX8200 Pro SSD

    I also have SX8200 and SX8200 Pro. There is no noticeable difference in performance, however, there is noticeable difference in degradation. non Pro version seems to degrade much much faster when given many little files to write to it. sx8200 480GB version, 9,2TB total host writes @ 92% health...
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    Lenovo Develops Radeon RX 6800 XT and RX 6900 XT LEGION Edition Graphics Cards

    Do miners even care about how GPUs look?
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    NVIDIA Announces Financial Results for Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2021

    Revenue from gamers is most likely somewhere around 5%, while the rest 95% of "gaming" market is of course miners. Also, limiting the hash rate on gaming GPUs will increase their revenue even more. Just look at the specs. 320W mining card does less hashes than 320W gaming card. I bet they will...
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    HP to Acquire HyperX Gaming Peripherals Brand from Kingston, Which Retains Memory Business

    They are only selling the Brand, because there are no products to sell. We all know that products are generic coming from same factory in china with custom logo on them. Just like million other companies do.
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    Chinese Cryptocurrency Miners Are Buying Up Gaming Laptops To Mine Ethereum

    Apple financial report shows that iPhones are being bought out for mining as well.
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    Minisforum Announces 10th Generation U820/U850 Mini PC

    And as always. Power brick is 1/3 of the actual product size. Where do i put it? Glue to the monitor alongside the PC? Mini PCs are for convenience and minimizing space, so why are they trying to achieve opposite by having external power bricks? This applies to all mini PCs out there. They could...
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    BIOSTAR Announces the Intel H510 Series Motherboards

    The power required to run empty cpu socket might overheat the VRM like this.
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    Axiomtek Announces MANO522 Mini-ITX Motherboard

    I think it means 60C ambient. The bare minimum limit where you can call it industrial grade. However, according to wikipedia, So it only corresponds to consumer grade and is unclear why they mention the temp range in the article, as if they wanted it to be industrial grade.
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    Apacer Announces AC732 Military-Grade Shockproof Portable Hard Drive

    I would guess it IS HDD inside afterall. 5TB would be an unusual size for SSDs, also, look at the weight. Going from 2TB to 4TB size is adding 100gr. It is impossible for SSD to add such weight.
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    Stealth Announces WPC-905 Water-Proof Fanless Mini PC

    Yes we do understand this is not for consumers, who in their right mind would buy these? Only government pays astronomic prices for cheap things like these. Like almost every purchase is like that. They buy sugar, costs 0,5 Eur/kg for consumers, but with custom label "not for resale" price rises...
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    Stealth Announces WPC-905 Water-Proof Fanless Mini PC

    I think they made a total of like 5 of these PCs. They knew all along that this thing won't sell, so price tag ir just a randomly generated number rounded to the nearest shop-like looking price.
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    BIOSTAR Announces the New Racing Z590GTA and B560GTQ Motherboards

    lol. Like almost nobody cares about Biostar. The PR is a little bit exaggerated to say the least :D
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    Thermaltake Introduces the ToughDesk 500L RGB Battlestation Gaming Desk

    This is NOT robot vacuum friendly. No, no, no. Stop breaking my robots.
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    Apple MacBook Pro (2017) Suffers from Widespread Retina Display Flaw

    Looks like a feature... not a problem.
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    Gigabyte Announces Z590 Vision Motherboard Lineup: Empowering Creators

    Vision link is awesome. Only thing left is monitors with USBC display+power input and i say bye bye to HDMI/DP + power cords