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  1. oli_ramsay

    PC died, help diagnose pls :)

    Woke up one morning to black screen and no power to usb devices. Restarted and it got stuck on Windows repair loading screen. So I made a Windows USB stick to reinstall and it now freezes on the black loading screen that has blue Windows logo. Tried unplugging everything and running just...
  2. oli_ramsay

    Best programs for stress testing?

    Hi My PC is randomly crashing and BSODing occasionally. What software would you use to stress test your hardware to check what the issue is? Am I right in thinking: Memtest86 for RAM Prime95 for CPU Furmark for GPU? Been a while since I've had to use this type of software so I'm a bit out...
  3. oli_ramsay

    Installing OS to m.2 drive

    Hi I've just bought a Samsung Evo 970 to use in system in my specs. Is it as simple as plug it into motherboard, go into bios, change boot order and install just like on a conventional SSD or HDD? Thanks
  4. oli_ramsay

    Ryzen+ build questions

    Hi Building a 2600x system soon with flare X ram and MSI B450 gaming pro AC. What do I need to set in the bios to enable XMP (I've heard it's called something else on amd) also what do I need to do in BIOS to enable auto overclocking on the CPU? Thanks!
  5. oli_ramsay

    Worth upgrading 7 year old SSD?

    Would I see any tangible benefit upgrading my old crucial M4 SSD to an m.2 drive when I build a new PC and carry across storage. I've heard in real world usage it's unnoticeable but obviously benchmarks tell a different story... Thoughts?
  6. oli_ramsay

    Input on build?

    Hi My 3770k 8gb ddr3 system is dying so I'm going to build a Zen+ system and upgrade to 7nm Zen 2 when it's released on the same motherboard. I was thinking: - 2600x: overclocks itself, just plug and play for max performance as I CBF to OC manually - MSI tomahawk b450: recommended a lot on...
  7. oli_ramsay

    3770K bottlenecking Vega64?

    Just bought a vega 64 and it was only getting arounf 60fps in PUBG in certain senarios so I checked task manager + GPU-z: I think this is the excuse I need to finally upgrade my 6 year old system (@ stock because mobo is fucked). Gonna build 2600x ryzen system on payday :)
  8. oli_ramsay

    Drive space mysteriously disappearing

    My drive is nearlly full but as you can see if I check properties of all folders in C they only take up ~35GB :confused: I've got hidden files displayed so I shouldn't have a massive hybernation file or pagefile or I'd surely see it in C:
  9. oli_ramsay

    [WTB][EU] [UK] Motherboard for 3770k

    My gigabyte ga-z77-ud5h has just died so I'm just looking for a half decent replacement for quite cheap if possible. Cheers!
  10. oli_ramsay

    Can't get new display to run @ 144hz

    Hi I've just got an acer xf270hu monitor and I can't get it to run at 144hz. I'm using the DVI-D dual link cable that came with it, and I'm unable to select anything over 60hz even at 1080p. I know I need a displayport cable to run @ 1440p 144hz (which I'll be getting soon) I'm running a...
  11. oli_ramsay

    Worth upgrading from 3770K for gaming?

    Hi all Is it worth upgrading the rig in my specs to a newer CPU? I plan on getting a new GPU soon and don't want it to be bottlenecked by anything else in my setup. It's OC'ed to 4.4GHz and I'll probably be getting a GTX 1070 or AMD equavilent (when they're announced) in the next few months...
  12. oli_ramsay

    PC wont turn on

    Hi My Dad gave me his old pre-built PC to fix. It turns on for a second, no signal to monitor, then turns off. No beeps coming from the motherboard. I've tried it without RAM and HDD unattached, same problem. What I need to know is if it's the Motherboard or CPU that's dead. I have no...
  13. oli_ramsay

    can my PSU handle another 7970 for Crossfire?

    Seeing as they can be had for around £150, I figured why not buy another for xfire. I've never ran a dual GPU setup, so I've no idea what the drivers are like or if there are any other issues I should be aware of (eg. micro-stuttering). I'd love to hear input from someone who's ran these cards...
  14. oli_ramsay

    £200 Build (no monitor needed) for internet, no gaming

    Hi all Got some great advise for my last build, so I'm asking here again. Not sure whether to go AMD or intel, just want the fastest system for that budget. Can hopefully get an SSD too, but maybe that's asking too much for £200 total I'll be using ebuyer.com
  15. oli_ramsay

    Free Mutli-threaded DVD burning software

    I used to swear by DVDFlick; when I used to used years ago it used 100% of CPU. Now it only uses 20% and takes forever! Even if I set it to 8 cores, 4 cores, or 2! Tried using handbrake but that obviously doesn't create an ISO which I can burn a dvd from. So... I just need a good free piece...
  16. oli_ramsay

    How can I transfer iTunes library to a new PC?

    I've just built a new PC for someone and they need me to transfer their purchased music to the new machine. I've a feeling it's not going to be as simple as copy and paste. Anyone done this before?
  17. oli_ramsay

    Overclocked 3770k underperforming @ 4.5GHz

    I've ran a few benchmarks and it's scores lower than other's: Seems it's performing as if it's at 4GHz, here's what I should be geting My OC is stable and has been stress tested, gamed with, etc :confused:
  18. oli_ramsay

    Am I getting the most out of my SSD?

    Here's my bench results: And here's someone else's: from here: http://www.thessdreview.com/our-reviews/crucial-m4-128gb-sata3-ssd-review-hdtune-pro-testing/ System in specs Running at SATA 2 speeds, any ideas? According to intel rapid storage it's running at SATA 3 6 Gb/s
  19. oli_ramsay

    Build for internet browsing + using itunes (no gaming)

    I've been asked to price up a couple of builds for a friend's mum. She'll just be using it for itunes and internet (nothing heavy and definitely no gaming). I've been out of the loop for a while and would love your opinions on what's the best CPU for the job. Maybe an AMD trinity APU? I've...
  20. oli_ramsay

    Computer is low on memory... what???

    Not the most descriptive title but my computer keeps throwing up these errors when there's clearly >2GB left. My specs are on the left. I have the page file turned off because I have 8GB of RAM Any ideas?
  21. oli_ramsay

    imgur.com loading extremely slow, all other sites fine

    Something weird has been happening the past 2 days. imgur.com images loads very very slow, sometimes with corrupted images: It loads just fine on my phone, so the site can't be down. I've tried resetting my router, clearing cookies etc but it's still painfully slow and making reddit...
  22. oli_ramsay

    Help fixing Acer Aspire M1100

    Hi guys, I'm trying to fix this for a colleague, but it appears the motherboard is dead. There's no signal output to the monitor and there's no beeps at start up. I've tried unplugging HDD, DVD drive, and running it with just one stick of ram, also tried different PSU. Still nothing. The...
  23. oli_ramsay

    7970 running @ pci 1.1

    Any ideas why? specs on left EDIT: card is in top slot of mobo:
  24. oli_ramsay

    Budget gaming build £300

    need some advice on components
  25. oli_ramsay

    [FS][EU] e8400, 4870, p35 mobo, ddr2 ram, tru 120

    e8400 £SOLD 4870 512mb with acrtic cooling accelero £45 3 X 1GB Patiot DDR2 400 4-4-4-12 £5 each MSI P35 Neo 2 (IDE port doen't work, nor 1 of the Sata ports, I believe the marvell controller has died) £25 thermalright ultra 120 (only includes fittings for intel socket 775) £15 Argos Value...