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    Seems every single WD SSD of mine has some problems

    don't understand what's wrong, all i saw is these kind of hd tune benchmark, not flat enough or something?
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    wd sn850 this good?

    saw a test on google
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    zen 4 with 5nm and DDR5 and 2021, kind of doubt it

    5nm DDR5 2021 these three are already major uplift, kinda mind blowing, doubt that they release once and for all, left alone pcie5
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    Nvidia Ampere with HDMI 2.1?

    I want hdmi 2.1 so bad, the new Xbox and PS5 are having this new port, I just hope the new gen GPU including AMD can include it, for future proof, unless GPU makers like Nvidia and AMD carry the new ports (don't forget DP2.0), the panel makers won't do much things, DSC is still compromised