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    Can somebody recommend me a good Water Cooling Setup?

    It is not often I ask questions regarding tech, but I am curious as to what is a good water cooling system. I've never used or dealt with a WC setup so... I'm clueless. Any suggestions on what I should get? My budget for one is $250 USD
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    Need help with Vista

    EDIT. Issue being resolved. Moderator please delete this thread.
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    GPU Z 2.7 Bug?

    Interesting clocks on my M76M... Validation ID is zux5c
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    Anybody know of an Online Tech Retailer that Ships USPS to Alaska?

    Odd question, but I would appreciate it if somebody could tell me of a Tech Retailer that ships USPS because in all of my searching around online I have been unable to find one. I'm looking because UPS and FedEx shipping costs are extremely expensive for where I live -sometimes more than double...