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  1. mechtech

    Prime 95 Version

    Just curious TPU has 30.5 build 1 https://www.techpowerup.com/download/prime95/ However on GIMPS, the latest listed is 30.3 build 6? https://www.mersenne.org/download/ What gives?
  2. mechtech

    New Build - Monitor glitching!!??

    Good day, So new build - amd 3400G, asus B550, 32GB ram, seasonic 500W gold, Benq BL2420PT monitor to onboard display port So first boot - bios and everywhere else screen blinks and glitches. On another PC ok Tried -changing DP ports (same thing) -installing updating drivers (same thing)...
  3. mechtech

    Powered monitors speakers buying advice?

    Hello im looking for a set of powered speakers with preferably optical input in addition to analog. Price range $300 ish Canadian pesos. soundchip is Realtek on-board 1220. Listen to everything generally but perhaps some preference towards piano. there are some Edifier R2000db for 30% off...
  4. mechtech

    4k monitor scaling for gaming

    So, just got a 4k monitor (LG 27UL550-W), pretty nice, although a bit big for the desk, kinda have to move my head around to side to side. (Previous monitor is 2560x1440 23.8") So I was hoping to run games at 1080p to keep the fps up but still good decently sharp, but it's not. Is this due to...
  5. mechtech

    GA-990XA-UD3 Issues/no boot

    Cold boot issues, restart issues, no boot, no post issues, etc. System Gigabyte GA-990xa-ud3, powercolor 6850, g.skill ddr3-1866 GB kit, 500W seasonic, WD black 640gb, amd 955be OK so my old system was basically the same, Upgraded the mobo, ram and video card. So problem, booted ok...
  6. mechtech

    Mechanical Keyboard Help

    Hello peoples. I am looking for a mechanical keyboard, with preferably cherry brown switches, I am in Canada, so availabililty is pretty slim here. I mainly play css (pub for fun) and type. I am interested in these models, does anyone have any experience with these or other models with...
  7. mechtech

    radeon 3850 flash problem

    Hi people. I need some help/info with atiflash.... I have an HIS 3850 turbo 512MB ram, very occasionally I get grey lines and a lock up, from my research it appears to be specific to this particular card. What I tried to do is flash the card by using a dos boot disk (usb floppy) with ati...
  8. mechtech

    New XFX 4770 BIOS, cant extract/see need help

    Hello people. I recently bought an xfx 4770 and it seems to have the spin up bug. I know I could fix it with RBE, however I contacted XFX and they sent me a new bios in a bootable ISO. I would like to just get the bios file out of the iso to compare it and add it to the tpu database...
  9. mechtech

    flashing different vendor bios, same card

    Hello peoples. I have an old HIS 3850 Turbo, and once in a while I get grey lines on teh screen and it locks up, from what I read it is an issue with this particular card. What I would like to try is to flash it with a reference ATI bios to see if that helps. The question I would like...
  10. mechtech

    Windows 7 x64 and CSS (hl2.exe CRASH)

    Hello peoples. I was wondering if anyone else can't start their CSS cause it crashes out? I get hl2.exe crash, and in the details it shows, ummsomething..scene.dll The other games I have through steam work though, hl2, DMsource, TF2, CS1.6, so ya strange. Completely uninstalled CSS...
  11. mechtech

    GPU-Z 0.3.2 Bug Report

    Sorry I made new thread, wasnt sure and couldnt find an official 0.3.2 bug thread. This one should be simple anyway. system - XP SP3, HIS Radeon 4850 turbo, cat 9.1 gpu-z 0.3.2 under the graphics card tab it reports the GPU Clock @ 650 Mhz and under the sensors tab it reports the gpu...