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  1. bistrocrat

    More Clarity on 9th Gen Core Processor Pricing Emerges

    Damn, still some intel fanbois try to convince us here to pay 500+$ for 8 core cpu? I mean - why? intel need our donations or something? I think they got plenty of our donations during past 5 years - selling us 4 cores for 400$ and 8 cores for 1000$ with 0-5% ipc gains over "generations"
  2. bistrocrat

    CTS Labs Posts Some Clarifications on AMD "Zen" Vulnerabilities

    "...An attacker would only need to be able to run an EXE with local admin privileges on the machine..." ...ONLY... :kookoo:
  3. bistrocrat

    AMD's RX Vega Low Key Budapest Event: Vega Pitted Against GTX 1080

    it is just sad... sad that we must wait for 1.5 years (since gtx 10XX) to get this -100$(maybe) cheaper product from competitor, so nvidia will level down those -99$ for their 1.5 year old GPU's and wont haste to release next gen - because there is nothing in market that challanges nvidias...
  4. bistrocrat

    Intel Rushes in a Six-core Mainstream Desktop Processor by September

    intel just dumping irellevant products they had ready in the drawer - thx for AMD these products will get dumped in market in next 6 months after RyZen - not in next 3 years -as intel was planning.
  5. bistrocrat

    JEDEC Says DDR5 Standard Development Rapidly Advancing: ETA, 2018

    Knowing current price fixation and overall acceptance of that - I do not think that any of producers are interested in any advancements till 2020+... ram prices rose more than +100% (compared to previous year - I bought 16x4 ddr4 for two of my systems - and seriously had to find the receipts -...
  6. bistrocrat

    Thermalright True Spirit 140 Direct

    those Thermalright 140mm fans are the real deal - I tested noctuals, all level of bequiet's and I stayed with Thermalrights 300-1300 (no matter color, naming, article and even price - they all are the same) - they are both - more silent at the low end (which is not granted - even with the big...
  7. bistrocrat

    Intel Announces the Xeon E3-1200 v6 Family Based on "Kaby Lake" Architecture

    To Intel's defense - these were made and ready like 2-3 years ago... so they milked market as long as possible - but now they must dump it to the market, no matter that these chips are completely irrelevant even at 50% price drop when R5 will hit the market. so yea - professionals out there -...
  8. bistrocrat

    Simulated AMD Ryzen 5 Series Chips as Fast as Ryzen 7 at Gaming

    every time I open something about Ryzen R5 leaks or R7 reviews - only thing I can read about (99% of the time) is: "*in annoying parrot voice* how is 1080, gaming, how is 1080 gaming, how is 1080 gaming"
  9. bistrocrat

    Editorial Vega Shows Up Beating a GTX 1080 in CompuBench, But Hold the Hypetrain

    I never care about absolute values (like who beats who by how much) - only thing I care is price/performance... and if this Vega in absolute is smashed by Ti, is little worse than 1080, and costs below 1070 - then I will hype the shyte out of my self. so far - AMD has not "crushed my dreams"...
  10. bistrocrat

    AMD's RX 500 Series of Graphics Cards Rumored as Rebrands of RX 400 Series

    saddly but this sounds realistic :(.... I mean if Vega was in the near future (like may-june.2017) then at this point we would have seen presentations, leaks leaks, rummros, leaked pcb designs, leaked product range, price scpeculations and what not (the thing we usually get when release is in...
  11. bistrocrat

    AMD vs. NVIDIA Flamewar Claims its First IRL Fatality

    fighting over GPu brands is beyond being stupid... evryone knows that AMD is the best - nothing to fight here :D
  12. bistrocrat

    AMD Ryzen Reviews and Shipping Coming on February 28th

    :respect::respect::respect: even though I will buy intel I need this RyZen so much
  13. bistrocrat

    8th Gen Core "Cannon Lake" Over 15% Faster Than Kaby Lake: Intel

    "+15%" for intel slides in real life means: "+0% IPC and +5% frequency" (that is a fact - not my opinion);.. and for this Cannon Lake - I would not hold my breth for another +5% frequency... so it will be precise +0% gains... well thx intel for honesty (I guess)
  14. bistrocrat

    MSI Announces New ARCTIC Range of ATX and mATX Z270 and B250 Motherboards

    there is EVGA SuperNova... it always sounds to me like: "booooom, and your flat are on flames... only by evga" :D
  15. bistrocrat

    MSI Announces New ARCTIC Range of ATX and mATX Z270 and B250 Motherboards

    mortar, tomahawk?... what next Big Boy?