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  1. masterdeejay

    Voodoo3 2000 windows 10 x64 driver

    Hi! I want to play 3dfx glide games, but i dont want to use another pc only connect the voodoo via pcie1x riser (usb) and play games on my main pc. I have a voodoo3 2000 AGP card, i ordered an AGP-PCI adapter and a PCIe-PCI adapter (ebay and aliexpress). Currently only the AGP adapter arrived...
  2. masterdeejay

    Overclocking s1366 dual cpu system

    Im started researching an interesing overclock project. It is not a guide just theory. It is possible or not? I have a dual cpu setup, Lenovo D20. I know that the only overclockable dual motherboard for this socket is the EVGA SR2. But it is highly overpriced, rare and it has only 3 channel...
  3. masterdeejay

    Dual s1366 cpu upgrade question x5680 vs x5687

    I have an old dual s1366 workstation. Lenovo D20. Currently it has two X5675 cpu-s. The s1366 cpus are very cheap on ebay/ali... etc so i can upgrade for a little price. I used this machine for work (VM machines, servers...), but now its is only for gaming. What is the best upgrade option for...
  4. masterdeejay

    Tesla M2090 6Gb gaming fun

    So i bought an old M2090 tesla card for cheap. It was 29 usd on ebay. I know it is not usefull for any gaming but i like to experiment whit it. I tried to run games on it but i didnt found a solution until now. I switched the card working mode to WDDM. mode switch The problem was to force the...