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  1. stoggs1

    Microphone stopped working in my android phone.

    Hello everyone, my phone is a Xaomi Redmi Note 8 and a couple of weeks ago the microphone for both the regular and speaker phone stopped working. I did a factory reset and took apart the phone and cleaned it out and cleaned the mic out and the issue didn't go away. I ordered a new mic and...
  2. stoggs1

    [WTB][US] I am looking to buy an RTX gpu for a reasonable price.

    Hello everyone, I am currently looking to buy a RTX gpu that would be a considerable upgrade from my GTX 1070 for a reasonable price. I know gpu's are really hard to come buy. I am interested in an rtx 2070 super or better. If anyone here is selling please hit me up. I live about 15...
  3. stoggs1

    Do I need to format drives if I move them to a new pc.

    Hey guys, I just bought a new pc today, ryzen 2600, asus strix, 16 GB ddr4, 240 GB samsung m.2 nvme ssd etc. I plan on using my old ssd and hard drives as well and my question can I reuse them as is and not re install windows and just plug them and not lose data or performance? Thanks in advance.
  4. stoggs1

    When will gpu prices return to normal.

    Hello everyone, So I am in the process of building a new system and I am looking to buy a new gpu as part as my new build but gpu prices right now are insane. I was thinking of getting an rtx 2070 used but the cheapest I have seen one on the used marked was still over $500. I probably...
  5. stoggs1

    PC beeping while in Windows.

    Ok guys, so I have just experienced a very bizarre issue, I was using my computer and transferring some files to my external hard drive and all of a sudden my pc started just beeping. My pc ran perfectly fine but the beeping didn't stop until I rebooted. I have never heard of this or...
  6. stoggs1

    System randomly won't boot unless I reseat the ram.

    So two times in the past couple of weeks my PC got stuck at the Bios splash screen and wouldn't go past it until I powered it down and reseated the ram. I am not sure what is causing this but its most likely an issue with the motherboard or ram itself. Strangely enough I ram memtest not long...
  7. stoggs1

    Should I upgrade from my 2600k to a Ryzen 1600 AF?

    Hey everyone, So I have been contemplating upgrading from my current cpu and motherboard setup which is an I7 2600k overclocked to 4.2 ghz(max stable overclock I can achieve) and an Asus p8p67 deluxe MB to a Ryzen 1600 AF and a solid b450 motherboard and 16 gb of ddr4 ram. The reason I am...
  8. stoggs1

    Is 1.304 to 1.310 voltage safe for overclocking an I7 2600k?

    Hello, I am currently my I7 2600k at 4.2 ghz with 1.3 voltage inside of the Bios. It seems to be stable. My question is this voltage safe? I have a screen shot from Cpu z attached with this post. Thank you.
  9. stoggs1

    My cpu overclock is no longer stable

    Hey guys, So I am having an issue with my cpu overclock, for some reason it is no longer stable. I built my pc about a year ago and set my system to auto overclock my cpu and it set my 2600k to 4.3 ghz. I ran several test and everything was good. However my pc started acting up a couple...
  10. stoggs1

    Call of Duty 2 severe lag and stuttering issues.

    Hey guys, so recently I got an itch to go back and play Call of Duty 2, but I am having some serious issues with some really bad lag, stuttering and freezing in the game. Basically after I play game for a period of time usually 30 minutes to an hour the game will start lagging, stuttering and...
  11. stoggs1

    Need help adding friends for crossplay in Modern Warfare

    I don't know if this is the right section, but I am trying to add my friend in Modern Warfare for multiplayer. He is on Xbox and everytime I try to add him or he tries to add me it says friend request failed. If anyone who is playing this and has successfully added friends from different...
  12. stoggs1

    PC power cycles once at a cold boot then goes into Windows.

    Hey guys, so I have noticed my PC power cycles once at start up after a cold boot then goes into Windows normally. Basically I hit the power button PC turns on for a few seconds fans spin, shuts off then on then boots into Windows and I can use my computer normally without issue. It's been...
  13. stoggs1

    Gears of war 5 wont launch, error code (-2015295486)

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased xbox game pass ultimate so I could play Gears 5 early, however the game flat out refuses to launch and I get file system error (-2015295486). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice now with the same result. I also checked the system event viewer...
  14. stoggs1

    Can an ssd speed up a mechanical hdd?

    So something I have noticed since I have started using an ssd is that my mechanical drive seems to load games and applications a bit faster now. The increase isn't huge, but I noticed games take anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds less to load than they did before, this is from my 2 tb hybrid drive...
  15. stoggs1

    SSD idling at 40 c

    Hey guys, I just checked the temps on my Adata 480 gb ssd and it was sitting idle at 40. Is this safe? Note this was an hour playing Metro Exodus which is installed on the drive. Thank you.
  16. stoggs1

    Issues with removing shroud/heatsink from gigabyte windforce gtx 1070

    Hey guys, I just purchased an used windforce 1070 from gigabyte. I wanted to remove the shroud and repaste the card with some noctua nt h1 paste but I can't remove it from some reason. I remove all the screws from the card that are visable from the back of the pcb, but no luck.
  17. stoggs1

    Motherboard showing different cpu temp than cpu monitoring software

    I just built a new pc with an i7 2600k and asus p8p67 deluxe motherboard. In the bios it shows the cpu is running between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius, however open hardware monitor, hwmonitor, speedfan and quick cpu are all showing 32 c idle and 60 c under a full load. My cpu is overclocked to...
  18. stoggs1

    Should I need to replace thermal paste and pads on a used motherboard?

    Hello guys, I just purchased an used Asus P8P67 deluxe motherboard, and I was wondering should I replace the thermal pads and paste on the heatsinks? I would rather not disassemble the board, but if it would help the board perform better I will do it. Thanks.
  19. stoggs1

    Metro Exodus horrible performance

    Hey guys, I just purchased Metro Exodus last night and low and behold the game runs like absolute garbage on my pc even on low. My specs are a gtx 970, FX 8320 @ 3.8ghz and 16 gbs of ram. Now I know my system is outdated especially the cpu, however this is the first modern game I have played...
  20. stoggs1

    Anti static bag alternative for transporting a motherboard

    So I am purchasing a used motherboard from a local seller in my area, however he does not have a box or anti static bag for it. So is their a safe alternative for an anti static bag I can use to move it? If Not other than ordering one online what are some stores or shops that might sell anti...
  21. stoggs1

    Should i replace thermal pads for a used motherboard?

    So I will be purchasing a used motherboard which is an msi z97 g45 along with an I7 4770k in the next few days and my question should I have to replace the thermal pads on the board or do you think they will still be good? Thank you.
  22. stoggs1

    Windows 10 is not detecting my Ethernet lan or wlan

    So I got a nasty virus/maleware on my computer, I was able to get rid of it, however I can no longer use the internet due to Win 10 not detecting either my Ethernet adapter or my WiFi that uses an usb wifi card. Now device manager detects both but when I go into network and sharing in the...
  23. stoggs1

    Hard drivr at 100% usage with no apps running

    So I noticed something strange about my computer last night, according to task manager my hard drive was running 100 % even though their was no apps running either in the foreground or anything unusual in the background. I don't have a screenshot to show and I am at work so I won't be able to...
  24. stoggs1

    What the best thermal paste in 2019?

    Hey guys, what is the best current thermal paste? I have been a long time user of Artic Silver 5, but I want to know what is the best right now. Note I don't want to use liquid metal. Thank you.
  25. stoggs1

    How much should I sell my cpu and mobo for

    So I am getting ready to do a new build and afterwards I am going to sell my cpu and motherboard which are an Amd FX 8320 and Msi 970 a g43 motherboard. I also might be selling my gtx 970 if I don't keep it as a backup gpu. What prices would you guys recommend I should ask for? Thank you.