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  1. HaKN !

    D5 Pump question

    Is it okay/safe to run this pump on 100% speed all the time ? i was just thinking about its life span. im using my pc ca 12 hours a day EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 200 D5 PWM D-RGB - Plexi
  2. HaKN !

    Pump suggestion , D5 or DDC 3.2

    Im really stuck at wich pump i should choose. I know the diffrence in specs. I just dont know what is best , Head pressure or flow rate. i have a 360mm 240mm 120mm cpu and gpu
  3. HaKN !

    EK MLC 360 pararel loop

    So i took my EK MLC Phoenix 360 Kit and turned it into a paralel loop. my cpu temps has gone down but gpu temp is up by ca 5c. but boy that MLC kit was hard to fill up again. and no this is not a long term soloution , i was just preparing my loop for the upcomming month where i get my D5 and...
  4. HaKN !

    Help on Raid 0

    Hello people. You all can see my system specs. I now have tried to setup Raid 0 but with no luck. When done in bios , it works to some degree , it works all the way to when i try to install W10 and it get stuck on 0% Also tried with RST in windows 10 with no luck , it just gives me an error...
  5. HaKN !

    i5-10600K or Ryzen 7 3800X For Gaming

    Hello there. If you had a choice between a i5-10600K or Ryzen R7 3800X for gaming, surfing and internet stuff. What would you pick and why ?
  6. HaKN !

    RTX 2070S wont kick down to 2D mode

    Since yesterday when i got my 2'nd screen , it stays on 3D mode clocks and wont kick down. Driver are installed freshly with Driver clean and NVinstall afterwards without any luck. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. HaKN !

    Ryzen 3800x OC questions

    What do Amd guys recommend ? Leave all on auto? Only PBO or set manually OC ? board is Asus Strix X570-F
  8. HaKN !

    i9-9900 Non K - questions :)

    Hey guys , just wanted to know what thermal interface the new i9 use , i couldnt find the answer everywhere i looked. And is it worth investing a good/expensive cooler on it even though it cant be overclocked. And last , what max turbo clocks is it suppose to run on all eight cores. Thanks...
  9. HaKN !

    I9-9900 (NON K)

    Hey guys , just the bought the i9-9900 non k for 1727kr danish money ( 261,2 USD / 206 pounds / 231 euro ) and its very cheap here. U think i need to worry when the new ryzen series launches or should i just keep this. Im a gamer/browser. I dont OC at all only out of box OC. Cause i really...
  10. HaKN !

    Auros gaming 5 z370 cant find nvme drive

    Guys im having a bit of a problem. Just switched motherboard and this gigabyte cant find my samsung 950 pro 512 nvme drive ? Tried all 3 slots on it and disabling CMS and so on. Can anybody help me ?
  11. HaKN !

    Asus z170 Maximus Hero VIII boot up problem

    So after a restart my pc wont boot up. It just shows qcodes 4f, 22, 66, 62, 71, 77, 79. It differs from time to time. Have no idea why. Any help/suggestions ¿ Pc specs. I7-6700k 2x8gb gskill trident z 3200mhz Hero viii GTX 1060 6gb gaming x Corsair Cx600w 950pro 512gb 2x2tb hdd Have tried to...
  12. HaKN !

    i7-7700k Delidding ,is it worth it?

    Hey guys , just bought the new i7 ( two weeks ago) and since day one i was wondering if it was worth it? My chip runs at 5.0 - 1.344 volts and temps in game is mid 70's and stress testing is in the high 80's, and from what i can see around the web people are getting pretty nice results, but...
  13. HaKN !

    Memory speed on msi x99s sli plus

    Hey guys ! So i just upgraded my ram kit from 16gb 2133mhz to 32 3200mhz but when i set my ram to xmp on the new set wich is 3200mhz , it starts to shit it pants , why is that? Am i doing anything wrong? Or is it my CPU's imc that bad? Im running a i7-5820k
  14. HaKN !

    Gtx 980 ti reference thermal pads size

    Hey guys ! Just wanted to know what size thermal pads is needed to my reference card :) Just bought a 100x100 1mm will that work?
  15. HaKN !

    "Safe" voltage limit on big haswell(5820k)

    Hey TPU forums , my first thread here :) First off all , ive been trying to find any information about a "safe" limit for volt overclocking , but it seems that people around the OC community have diffrent opinion about it. Right now my i7-5820k is overclocked to 4.5 with 1.295 volt stable...