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  1. J

    "Not So Fast": Bungie Automatically Bans Destiny 2 PC Players With Overlays

    The statistical information I get from MSI afterburner is detrimental for me to choose my in game settings. I need to know what % usage my components are at. I guess for now I will do it the old fashion way and record my stats for a few minutes then minimize and adjust. Anyone willing to test...
  2. J

    ASUS Unveils the Radeon RX 480 DUAL 4GB

    Damn click bait.
  3. J

    The second Earth that we could visit in our lifetime

    Ah the headline post is slightly misleading then.
  4. J

    The second Earth that we could visit in our lifetime

    I love this. I'm curious though, where did you see/hear that we would travel 4.25 light years within a time frame of 60 years?
  5. J

    AMD Details ZEN Microarchitecture IPC Gains

    Way. The value train is coming.
  6. J

    AMD Details ZEN Microarchitecture IPC Gains

    This is awesome. I've started saving my pennies already. Testing the overclocking capabilities of a new generation is a lot of fun and the community gets really involved. Can't wait.
  7. J

    How to restore default GPU clock after an OC?

    Even when going over stock most GPU BIOS's are limited to a voltage that would not cause damage. I've never seen a GPU die in my 15 years of system building. I've seen green and white lines running across the screen, nothing an oven @ 375'F can't fix.
  8. J

    New gpu + keep my fx8350 or move to intel ???

    You won the silicon lottery. I use a combo of multiplier and bus speed. Vcore @ 1.56. Yes, I know I'm over AMD's "limit" :D
  9. J

    New gpu + keep my fx8350 or move to intel ???

    Why not? It's a way better performer and it sets his computer up for a mobo/cpu/RAM upgrade. You've got that right. My 8350 could only get 4.8 stable. My 8320 has sat at a nice 4.95 for the past few months. The jump in voltage for me to achieve 5.1 is a little too much.
  10. J

    New gpu + keep my fx8350 or move to intel ???

    Subjective question as it depends on the game. I've seen a 6700k overclocked to 4.6Ghz bottleneck the Titan Pascal in Starcraft 2 and H1Z1. These are single threaded games and as such will more than likely be limited by CPU. Other games like "OverWatch" which is almost entirely GPU, will...
  11. J

    GPU won't align with PCIe in case

    Gravity bent your case. Buy a new one ASAP
  12. J

    SLI with different cards

    Argh. I'm trying to SLI a GTX 460 and 460 v2, Apparently NVidia decided to use completely different architectures for the same model. I've tried DifferentSLI and it did not work. I'm wondering if there is a way to "turn" this v2 card into original by flashing the BIOS or spoofing it's hardware...
  13. J

    [Rumor] RX480 AIB Card Leaked and Tested!

    I'm honestly not an Nvidia fan boy. I own three FX CPU's right now and still run one as my main setup. I tried their GPU's again, did not have a good experience and switched. Maybe I'll go back again one day.
  14. J

    [Rumor] RX480 AIB Card Leaked and Tested!

    Funny, because I just had an R9 380 for the past 3 months and saw "hotfixes" every month , but no official driver update. Also, I said core clock throttling, not thermal. And it definitely does, check MSI afterburner during benchmarks :D Ah, I see you know nothing about me, now your post makes...
  15. J

    [Rumor] RX480 AIB Card Leaked and Tested!

    VR-ready for performance for 200$! (Also includes arbitrary core clock throttle 2.0, and driver updates every 2 months- non certified of course)
  16. J

    PSA: No your 9xxx gpu is not worth 350 dollars

    I got that card for 350$ in Winnipeg two nights ago second hand. Not a chance I would pay anywhere close to 700$. Ridiculous prices still.
  17. J

    [US] Newegg EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti $409.00

    Second hand in Winnipeg. A lot of these cards for sale right now.
  18. J

    [US] Newegg EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti $409.00

    Thank you, Ended up grabbing a MSI GAMING GTX 980 for 350$ CDN last night though!! It's an awesome card. Feels like butter compared to my R9 380 :D
  19. J

    [US] Newegg EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti $409.00

    Man, I need a GPU this week. So frustrating...might have to settle for a second hand 970.
  20. J

    [US] Newegg EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti $409.00

    When will prices drop at retail stores :(..ugh.
  21. J

    EVGA supplying retailers, before sending cards to direct, paying customers, preorderers and members.

    Good to hear. Hopefully the 1070 follows this logic so I can buy it in store soon.
  22. J

    980ti prices tumble (in UK)

    800-900$ at my retailer in Canada still...:(. Planning on upgrading my GPU this week from an R9 380, and I have no idea what to do... My buddies GTX 460 is fried so he's getting the 380 and I'm upgrading.
  23. J

    New multithreaded CPU benchmark: "Eight queens puzzle"

    The 8350 HT link is supposed to sit around 2600, unless power saving features are dropping the value.
  24. J

    AMD Briefly Shows Off Zen “Summit Ridge” Silicon

    I'll be going Zen for sure. The PCI lanes are now going to be on the chip like Intel correct? I'm excited to see how well they will overclock. I want 16 threads @ 5ghz.