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  1. holyprof

    Lenovo Introduces New Family of ThinkStation P350 Desktop Workstations for the Entry-Level Space

    Have 120 Ryzen 3500 Pro desktops at work. They look good, are functional, silent, fast and reliable. And were way cheaper than anything HP and Dell could offer (and they were both trying to shove Intel CPUs without GPU, although the ordering request called for APU or Intel + dedicated GPU)...
  2. holyprof

    Prebuilts with AMD 4700S Desktop Kits Sell for $600 in India

    I played League of Legends on an i5-4690K with GT710, barely get 50 FPS on lowest graphics settings at 1366x768. I guess the Intel HD Graphics iGPU from 7 years ago would be faster. Edit: I have the 2GB DDR3 version. The DDR5 is faster.
  3. holyprof

    Microsoft Account and Internet Connection Mandatory for Windows 11 Home Setup

    It will ... M$ has enough politicians lobbying for them. Where I work, the govt imposed using Windows and Office (and we had to pay it from our pocket) when we had just finished the migration to Linux.
  4. holyprof

    Facebook Will Trial Showing Ads in Oculus Quest Games

    Me thinking: I play space, flight and driving simulators, a VR headset would be great! Valve VR: too expensive and useless controllers (for simulators - that's what steering wheel and HOTAS are for). Oculus: everybody knew it will require fb account (I'm OK with that), sell your data (I'm Ok...
  5. holyprof

    AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT LC Specs Confirmed: 12% Higher Core and Memory Clocks, 10% Higher Power

    5 to 8% performance gain over 6900XT, still can't buy it at normal price anywhere. YAWN.
  6. holyprof

    Logitech Grows 76% for Fiscal Year 2021, Q4 Revenue Doubles

    If you notice, their new company identity is "LOGI", without the "tech". Couldn't be more appropriate. The days of legendary Logitech quality and longevity are gone. Back then, they sold good stuff with high prices. Now they sell overpriced mediocre goods. Thankfully there are lots of new brands...
  7. holyprof

    QNAP NAS Affected by Qlocker Ransomware, Company Advises Immediate Action to Secure Your Data

    QNAP is a joke. Same thing happened 2 years ago. They just shrugged off and told the users it's their own problem. I know 2 people that were affected by that and lost everything. Link from 2019 and they still haven't fixed it...
  8. holyprof

    Samsung is Preparing Exynos SoC with Radeon GPU for Next-Generation PCs

    You know, Chromebooks, ARM powered MS Surface and Samsung Galaxy laptops with mobile CPUs existed before Apple created the M1 powered Macbook. Who is copying who?
  9. holyprof

    Sapphire Radeon RX 6900 XT TOXIC Pictured: Lugs a 360mm AIO

    I have a similar solution which I love and hate at the same time. It's the EVGA 1080 Hybrid. Love: ultra low temperatures even in a poorly ventilated case (+10 to +15ºC above ambient when gaming), never hits above 50ºC even when it's damn hot in the summer. Hate: after I spent tons of money on...
  10. holyprof

    Audio-Technica Creator Pack

    Great review. I have the ATH-M50x and they sound better or in the same class as some $500 headphones while costing less than a third of that. I've had Pioneer, Sony and Sennheiser before, but Audio-Technica has really great stuff. I was thinking about buying a new microphone. After this review I...
  11. holyprof

    Cleer Audio's Crescent Super-Smart Home Speaker Readies for Market

    That one made me laugh hard :laugh: Probably a typo ... maybe the author meant RJ45? For much less ($200) one could buy true Hi-Fi studio monitors with bluetooth, 5" woofers and real soundstage. No digital processing or beamforming can replace the real thing. Connect your phone and voilá...
  12. holyprof

    What are you upgrading this holiday season?

    Well, since new GPU is out of the question because of crazy prices and zero availability, also my old 1080 is still holding well so I didn't buy anything this year. My bro bought me a Logitech X52 Pro HOTAS to replace my old and worn out Logitech Wingman Attack2 from 2006.
  13. holyprof

    Acer Unveils Nitro XZ2 Series Curved Gaming Monitors

    Although i agree with everything you wrote, I don't see anything wrong with this monitor, except the price. There is a huge market for gaming monitors, for kids that don't use their PCs for professional use like most of us do. Regarding dpi, my WQHD 24" monitor seems just right, so yes, at 32"...
  14. holyprof

    Apple Silicon Will Support Thunderbolt 4

    Makes sense, after betting on it for so long and being a non-open and less used standard (unlike USB), it's 100% Apple style to adopt it.
  15. holyprof

    Intel's Raja Koduri Brandishes a Large Chip Package, Calls it BFP (Big Fabulous Package)

    Raja this, Raja that ... i don't care, only things I appreciated on that pictures are the 750W Cooler Master PSU and the big bad waterblock hahaha :laugh:
  16. holyprof

    GIGABYTE AMD Motherboards Adopt the Latest AGESA BIOS

    Thanks a lot. I stand corrected, this time MSI surprised me. Beta BIOS is available for my motherboard. It took them 3 months to launch the though. Version 7B79vAH2(Beta version) Updated AMD AGESA ComboAm4PI Release Date 2020-06-12
  17. holyprof

    GIGABYTE AMD Motherboards Adopt the Latest AGESA BIOS

    MSI will issue the update for my X470 motherboard with the usual 3 months delay compared to Gigabyte, Asus and AsRock, if at all. The motherboard itself is perfect and very well equipped for the price, but updates aren't a priority for them it seems.
  18. holyprof

    CPU Fan RPM spiking

    With the Ryzen CPUs (i have R7 3700X), temps go up and down quite fast, so the fan follows. I had to set it to custom fan curve and set falloff to 1 second (was 0.1s) to avoid the constant up and down. The configuration is in BIOS or motherboard app, not in NZXT CAM. I have only case fans...
  19. holyprof

    ASRock DeskMini SFF PC with AMD "Renoir" Desktop APU Surfaces

    One of those would be perfect for a mini-server or HTPC (actually I'm thinking of using it for both at the same time). All other mini-barebones have so little space for storage (either 1 or 2 M2, or M2 + single 2.5"). I would equip this baby with a 512GB M2 NVME as a system drive + 2x 1TB SATA...
  20. holyprof

    NVIDIA's Next-Gen Reference Cooler Costs $150 By Itself, to Feature in Three SKUs

    I was dreaming of upgrading my EVGA 1080 hybrid to one of those new 3080s ... If the cooler itself is $150, then my 1080 with AIO, bought in the middle of the crypto craze for $600, looks like a bargain. If AMD comes up with something good to compete with Nvidia (RDNA2 card that ties with the...
  21. holyprof

    Thermaltake Announces RIING Pro RGB 7.1, Shock XT Series & Isurus Pro V2 In-ear Gaming Headsets

    - Mum, I want my head to look like a Christmas tree when I'm gaming! - Sure, I'll buy you those RGB headphones. Jokes apart, the RIING Pro RGB 7.1's technical specifications look nice to me. Might consider buying them when my current phones break.
  22. holyprof

    Electronic Arts Launches 25+ Games on Steam Starting Today

    Translated: "Why every company should have its own launcher when Steam works well and gives access to millions of gamers. And now with Epic as an alternative, it's even less necessary to have so many launchers."
  23. holyprof

    Western Digital Sued Over Undocumented SMR on Certain WD Red HDDs

    I was planning to buy two 4TB HDDs or two 1TB SATA SSDs for a small home NAS (still haven't decided if i'd go with a mini-PC or a dedicated Synology NAS device). Thank you WD and Seagate for your help with my decision - no way i'm giving money to scumbags that sell expensive "RED" or "Ironwolf"...
  24. holyprof

    MSI B450/RX580 signal loss as soon as I launch any game (with GPU-Z logs)

    Yeah, better stop messing with it. I expect that the R9 390 will help pinpoint the problem. Hopefully, it's a GPU problem, not motherboard.
  25. holyprof

    MSI B450/RX580 signal loss as soon as I launch any game (with GPU-Z logs)

    Probably this is not the cause, but the GPU pulls 75W from the motherboard, so if the motherboard has power deliveyr problem, it can cause reboots or crashes. I had a problematic motherboard that worked ok with integrated GPU, but crashed or rebooted every time the GPU was asked to do something...