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  1. Paintface

    Help me decide on fast HD for playstation 3

    Only requirements are 160gb minimum, and 50 euro max on price. Its all about best average speed. I dont mind noise, power usage etc the usual trades for laptop HDs. i am leaning towards the 160gb scorpio black ( but even for this drive i find average reads reported between 63 and 83 mb/s...
  2. Paintface

    Anyone able to find a better deal for laptop with 5870?

    Been looking for someone who wants to do serious gaming on laptop ( yeah i know he should get a desktop but its his money in the end ) so i suggested a laptop with 5870 and a high clocked mobile i5 dual instead of lower clocked i7 quad. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0040HMLAQ/?tag=tec06d-20 is...
  3. Paintface

    HIS RMA in Europe?

    So my brother his HIS(lol) 4870 ICE Q4 is giving up it seems, crashing the whole PC etc. In europe you get warrenty for 2 years through the retailer, now it seems that retailer is out of business, any chance i can go to HIS directly and get a RMA? i got all the papers that prove date of...
  4. Paintface

    What 460 gtx to buy ( custom cooling )

    Friend wants Nvidia card in his new rig, its his money so that will be that. Now im not sure with the custom cooling on this cards, and with certain brands. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130564 Has custom cooling and stock OC, but i dont know how well it does...
  5. Paintface

    Broken laptop with an HD that i need to recover data from

    But i cant tell what kind of connection it uses, its not the older IDE , or the SATA i know, even though on the harddrive it says its SATA HITACHI Travelstar 5K160 HTS541616J9SA00 (0A28844)... above is the exact harddrive, cant seem to find a picture of the actual connectors. So i guess...
  6. Paintface

    6GB tripple channel DDR3 ram for $105 after rebates

    A steal Patriot Viper II Sector 7 Edition 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600
  7. Paintface

    2TB harddrive for $99 on newegg

    SAMSUNG Spinpoint F4 HD204UI 2TB 5400 RPM 32MB Newegg daily deal, so not sure if this price will last
  8. Paintface

    Windows 7 "privelege" issues while downloading and punkbuster

    Hello everyone, For the past months its been impossible to play Call of duty 4 or 5 on my brothers computer. He had XP for ages till this summer when i installed windows 7 64bit for him. He had occasional issues like while downloading a file with firefox, when it downloaded completely at...
  9. Paintface

    How good is customer service and warrenty representation in Europe?

    I noticed over the years that Americans usually contact the manufacturer for warrenty issues, where as i am used to dealing with the retailshop where i bought the items, the warrenty is usually 1 year for this. Reason i ask is cause, and i could be wrong of course, Americans seem to be able...
  10. Paintface

    How to OC a Q6600 on a XFX 680i SLI mobo?

    Hello everyone I have a good internet friend who isnt very tech savy, he currently has a Intel Q6600 at stock with a 8800gt. I spent last night helping him tweaking his windows and installing new drivers for everything. But i found it a pitty he has such a nice CPU with so much...
  11. Paintface

    CNPS9500 AM2 on a 775 socket?

    I have the CNPS9500 AM2 on my AM2 socket, now i wondered if the CNPS9500 am2 besides the nikkel plating is physicly the same with the CNPS9500 led copper which is LGA775 compatible. My brother has that one in his AM2 rig, means he doesnt need the backplate etc that came with his cooler to put...
  12. Paintface

    Any professional reviews to compare NICs?

    So for years ive been building NICs into top tier gaming systems, ive been using 3COM for a long time but they dont seem to produce retail grade nics anymore, the intel ones seem to be the current top tier. So a few years ago it was a no brainer getting a nic for 20-30bucks to replace the...
  13. Paintface

    Ubuntu / no root ? / copying issue

    So i read that adobe released an alpha for its 64bit flash player on Linux. Ive been interested in linux for a long time, never got around to actually try it besides the Fedora ( console based ) course i took last year. A 64bit ubuntu would be great to put on a low power box to use for...
  14. Paintface

    Any official releasedate for new Regor based X2 CPUs?

    Ive been very happy with the performance of the new Phenom 2 CPUs, and been planning to build a dedicated HTPC / mame cabinet for ages now. The Barton based 4850e / 5050e are by no means bad cpus, but they offer little headroom when playing emulators and playing 1080p content. So the 45nm...
  15. Paintface

    What is the difference on all these Gigabyte 780g boards?

    http://geizhals.at/eu/?cat=mbamd2p&xf=317_780G%7E544_Gigabyte%7E522_%B5ATX Cutting down to the µATX boards of Gigabyte with the 780g chipset i end up with 5 boards. While cross comparing to newegg the UD2H and US2H both have ultra durable 3 ( which is a requirement for me ). What is the...
  16. Paintface

    Thinking about using other bios to fix crashes

    So i have owned my Powercolor 3870 PCS for 9 months now, and still have crashing issues with this card. Got a new mainboard, 2 new PSUs, tried without the creative card in, has excellent zalman cooling ( replaced the zerotherm cooler ). I dont know what causes it... But this is what...
  17. Paintface

    [FS][EU] Saphire X800XT AGP with Zalman cooling

    Selling a X800XT AGP from Saphire with zalman cooling, very quiet/cool. Perfect for the WoW/CSS generation of games which it handles on max settings easely. Asking price is 40 Euros shipping included within Europe, accepting offers from outside of Europe but additional shipping costs are...
  18. Paintface

    [FS][EU] 1GB GSKILL PC4400 ram TCCD

    Selling 1GB(2x512mb) GSKILL PC4400 ram with TCCD chips, in my opinion the best DDR1 out there. Perfect for S939 rigs that are used for WoW or CSS. Asking price is 30 Euros shipping included within Europe, accepting offers from outside of Europe but additional shipping costs are for the buyer...
  19. Paintface

    [FS][EU] AMD 3500+ S939 Winchester

    Selling a working AMD 3500+ S939 Winchester 2.2ghz 90nm. Asking price is 25 Euros shipping included within Europe, accepting offers from outside of Europe but additional shipping costs are for the buyer. I accept Paypal
  20. Paintface

    Did anyone have their IDE port die on their mobo?

    Cause i was gaming a while ago, and windows gave errors that there were errors when writing. I have 2 drives, a SATA 74gb raptor as boot drive with my OS, and a 500GB IDE for games and personal files, the game was located on the 500GB drive. When rebooting the bios post wouldnt list the...