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  1. Drone69

    Corsair's Upcoming MP600 PRO Gen4 SSD Promises Speeds of 7 GB/s

    It`s a known problem for some people . There`s an 18 page thread on the Corsair forums. People have been RMAing them for new ones with older firmware. https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?s=7f70fda07bcdd1bb726da08525909a9d&t=189618
  2. Drone69

    Maps, science, data & statistics tracking of COVID-19

    They didn`t say why. I was reading a story in the news yesterday about a number of Drs in England that wouldn`t be giving it out. I can`t find the story to put a link to it. But when I called my Dr to make an appointment this morning I asked about the vaccine and was told they aren`t doing it...
  3. Drone69

    Maps, science, data & statistics tracking of COVID-19

    I`m eligible for the vaccine(End stage emphysema) and don`t really have to worry about any long term side effects. Only problem my Dr is not giving the vaccine to their patients. I`ll have to travel to another town to get it.
  4. Drone69

    Is My Ram Running In Multichannel?

    Try them in A1 & A2 or B1 &B2. That should work as dual channel.
  5. Drone69

    Cancelling your GPU Pre-orders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On the Asus Amazon UK store they have the 3080 for $1700.00. They have the 3090 for £2720.00. https://www.amazon.co.uk/stores/page/9E31D09A-63E5-43B8-854E-83AA69FD18FE?ingress=2&visitId=27895fad-9fbc-4187-8404-f45d85370e95&ref_=ast_bln
  6. Drone69

    Cancelling your GPU Pre-orders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Amazon are price gouging as well. There`s a Zotac 3080 for £1389.00. There`s a Asus 3070 for £960.00 as well. There were other 3070s for over £900 as well. I did get a Pallit 3070 for $550.00 to play with though.
  7. Drone69

    Maps, science, data & statistics tracking of COVID-19

    I`m not too happy with her myself. I have End Stage Emphysema so I`m fully aware of the risk she is to myself and others. I haven`t left my home since March because of the risk. The only way she will learn is if she gets fined or catches covid herself. She thinks going to the pub is `safe`...
  8. Drone69

    Maps, science, data & statistics tracking of COVID-19

    She has already been on 3 holidays so far this year. She is a bigger risk than my youngest grandson and he is in classroom with 29 other kids.
  9. Drone69

    Maps, science, data & statistics tracking of COVID-19

    One of my daughters falls into the ignorant or just don`t care category. She complains she has had to cancel a couple of holidays and can`t spend more time in the pub.
  10. Drone69

    old TV plagued an entire UK village

    It was on thinkbroadband in the comments section. The Sun have `tracked` the owners down and are sending them a new TV. I didn`t read the newspaper article myself though.
  11. Drone69

    old TV plagued an entire UK village

    One of the stories said it was a Bush LCD tv that was causing the interference.
  12. Drone69

    Cannot install any VM products on AMD Windows 10 build

    You could download a premade Kali image and import it into vmware. They`re on the kali download page. There`s a vitualbox image as well.
  13. Drone69

    Nintendo Rumored to Release Updated Switch Model in 2021

    They could have fixed the joycon drifting issues with the lite, but didn`t. Now they`ve got to stop the mod chips from working.
  14. Drone69

    Ryzen 3000, FCLK Issue

    Both the CPU-Z images are showing the right thing. the 1st one is 1:1 because the memory is running at 3733Mhz. The second image the ratio 0.5:1 because the memory is running faster than 3733Mhz. It`s how it`s supposed to work. this link has more deatails...
  15. Drone69

    Ryzen 3000, FCLK Issue

    When memory speed is over 3733Mhz the ratio isn`t 1:1 any more.
  16. Drone69

    Editorial Linux Community Hit by the Blight of Social Justice Warfare, A Great Purge is Coming

    Nothing like this surprises me anymore, in the UK the SJWs have had nursery rhymes changed.
  17. Drone69

    Blocking ads on phone without root (mainly youtube)?

    You could try YouTube Vanced. https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-youtube-vanced-edition-t3758757
  18. Drone69

    how to KNOW which card I have???

    Don`t all 1070Ti cards have the same default clocks.
  19. Drone69

    Same here.

    Same here.
  20. Drone69

    How my friend killed his Ryzen 1700X and RAM (First time ive ever seen this)

    The killer BIOS also had SOC over 1.3v. I now set the power manually and use a modded BIOS, with far more options than Gigabytes crappy one.
  21. Drone69

    VIA K8M800 Chipset heat sink ?

    I`ve never used MSI boards so I don`t know. HWinFO64 should https://www.hwinfo.com/download.php I wouldn`t spend any money you don`t need to, see how it works and what the temperatures are like first.
  22. Drone69

    VIA K8M800 Chipset heat sink ?

    I know it`s an old system. Push the power button and see if it works. It`s the only way to find out what the temperature is.
  23. Drone69

    VIA K8M800 Chipset heat sink ?

    It`s the northbridge. This will tell you more https://www.viatech.com/en/silicon/legacy/chipsets/k8m800/ You could change the paste but if it`s not hot then there`s no need. If you replace it with a heatsink and fan is there a fan header to plug the fan in to?
  24. Drone69

    Mouse and Keyboard (I/O) not responding while,during and after Windows Installation.

    If you`re installing Windows 7 you need to use the Windows USB Installation Tool from the installation disk.
  25. Drone69

    MSI P45 C51 wont boot after RAM Upgrade

    Faulty ram. Try it in another board, if you can.