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  1. TheDeeGee

    Nothing but BSODs, fresh Zen3 build.

    So far i'm having nothing but BSODs with my first AMD build in 15 years. What am i looking here, is the memory or the cpu? Ryzen 7 5800X Asus ROG Strix B550-E Gaming HyperX Fury Black HX436C17FB3K4/32 Currently on BIOS 1401 and i also tried the new Beta 1602, which crashes as hard. If the...
  2. TheDeeGee

    If Noctua had made a GPU Cooler...

    Noctified my GTX 1070 Arctic Accelero Xtreme 3 :) Fans are the Noctua NF-A9 FLX hooked up to a Lamptron FC5 V3 Fan Controller running at 900 RPM. So far the Temps have peaked at 44C during gaming with +135 on the Core and +500 on the Memory. From where i sit the setup is inaudible.
  3. TheDeeGee

    EA fired Plants vs Zombies Creator for refusing to add Pay2Win.

    Starts at 41:00.
  4. TheDeeGee

    Name Change

    I would like to request a Nickname change, if this is allowed. Who can i contact for this?
  5. TheDeeGee

    Theme Parkitect (RCT inspired)

    Theme Parkitect is a business simulation game that charges you with the construction and management of theme parks. Simply put, you build the rides and manage the parks, and management is key! The parks need planning, more planning than just where to put that crazy rollercoaster. Lay down the...
  6. TheDeeGee

    EIZO ColorEdge CX240 noisy?

    Recently i started looking for a replace for my 5 year old EIZO FlexScan S2231W (S-PVA/CCFL). I did get a EIZO FlexScan EV2436W 3 months ago, but i'm not liking it one bit and made a huge mistake buying it cuz i was too hasty. Apart from a yellowish area in the right lower corner, the IPS...