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    Which AMD RX 6000 card would you buy?

    Which "Big Navi" AMD RX 6000 series card would you buy?
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    Auto dashcam video recorder recommendations

    I'm in the market for a good dashcam video recorder for my new vehicle. They seem to be quite prevalant in Asia and Europe. After recently encountering some road rage on Southern California freeways (surprise, surprise), I'm suddenly interested in protecting myself and my new auto with video...
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    Troubleshooting random home internet service drops

    I’m on Cox cable for my home internet and have been having issues for several months that has been difficult to resolve. Four months ago I upgraded to a 300/30 internet service plan. I ordered a new DOSIS 3.1 cable modem from Cox’s compatible equipment list since I like owning my own equipment...
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    Satori.Coin.Robber overriding wallet addresses

    A variant of the Satori botnet is reportedly using open remote management ports in Claymore miners and changing wallet addresses. Those running Claymore miners should look into changing to read only access for remote management...
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    1440 144hz or 4k 60hz?

    Time to consider options for a monitor upgrade, so I'm looking to my TPU brethren for advice. The biggest trade-off I seem to face is 1440 @ 144hz or 4k @ 60hz. What are your thoughts and suggestions for a 27" upgrade for mainstream gaming and general use? Is the faster refresh rate generally...
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    ASUS Z97-PRO Wi-Fi locks up with onboard Wi-Fi enabled

    I've been running my ASUS Z97-PRO Wi-Fi ac USB 3.1 for many months now on Ethernet, but just recently had the need to try the built in wireless connectivity. Unfortunately, whenever I enable the onboard Wi-Fi in the system BIOS, it will lock up attempting to boot into Windows 10 64. Disabling...
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    How soon is soon for R9 availability?

    I'm planning out a simple gaming rig for my nephew's birthday and will need start ordering parts within a week or so. I'd love to pick up something from the new R9 lineup but every place I've checked has these parts listed as "Coming Soon". What is the current estimate on general availability...
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    Blu-ray software player without the bloat?

    Is there a decent HD Blu-ray player out there for Windows 7 64 bit that doesn't have all the bloat that I've seen from some of the more common offerings? I'd like to just pop the disk in and play it, no ripping and converting, no massive auto-updating in-your face launchers. Your...
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    SSD 24x7 application drive?

    Is a SSD a viable option for a 24x7 application drive? I do a fair amount of distributed computing (BOINC) when not gaming and am uncertain if these drives are up for sustained activity round the clock.
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    AMD Open Physics Initiative

    AMD is working on their own take on Physics on a GPU via OpenCL and DirectCompute code. http://www.amd.com/us/press-releases/Pages/amd-ecosystem-2010mar8.aspx
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    ASUS 5770 CuCore @ stock only?

    I just bought and installed an EAH5770 CuCore yesterday but am seeing some strange behavior when I try to overclock even the tiniest bit. I have two LCD displays, the main on DVI and a secondary on the VGA connector. Things are stable and beautiful at stock settings running Win7 64 and Cat...