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  1. Jack1n

    Seagate Launching Mass Market 20 TB PMR HDDs in The Coming Months

    No, but I had the important stuff on my Google drive. Everything else is replaceable but it is a chore.
  2. Jack1n

    Seagate Launching Mass Market 20 TB PMR HDDs in The Coming Months

    It is not just my own personal experience, it well known that Seagate drives have a high failure rate.
  3. Jack1n

    Seagate Launching Mass Market 20 TB PMR HDDs in The Coming Months

    Just had a 2TB drive from Seagate fail on me without warning. I doubt I will buy another mechanical drive ever again and if I do, it will not be from Seagate.
  4. Jack1n

    Intel In Talks To Purchase GlobalFoundries for $30 Billion

    Going for quantity over quality is certainty a valid strategy considering the current and projected shortages.
  5. Jack1n

    EVGA Z590 DARK Motherboard Released to Retail at $600

    I think a modern GPU would be a tight fit at best in the top 16x slot because of that huge cooler.
  6. Jack1n

    Best way to get network connection from one building to another?

    If both buildings are on the same power circuit, you could use a powerline network adapter.
  7. Jack1n

    Thanks to Windows 11, Scalpers Buy Out Add-on TPM 2.0 Modules

    Just stay on Windows 10 until 2025 when official support for it ends, Windows 11 is just 10 with more telemetry.
  8. Jack1n

    Microsoft Launches Windows 11 Operating System

    I would not say 10 is that good, they added a ton of telemetry and forced updates. They pretty much had to give it out for free for Windows 7 users and force them to upgrade for 10 to overtake 7.
  9. Jack1n

    High FPS but games feel choppy

    Try disabling hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling in Windows.
  10. Jack1n

    Bitcoin price suddenly surges to 3-year high

    His tweets do not matter that much? I guess wiping a third of crypto value in a single tweet is not such a big deal when crypto is already so volatile. And what exactly will change when all bitcoins have been mined? they will become less volatile for some reason? I doubt it. The only reason...
  11. Jack1n

    Bitcoin price suddenly surges to 3-year high

    I love how people try to predict what will happen to bitcoin value when all it takes is Elon waking up on the other side of the bed that morning and to tweet about it while having his coffee. If you think something that volatile has a future in economics you are sorely mistaken.
  12. Jack1n

    NVIDIA LHR cards look like a failed idea/implementation

    Because there is no other way to verify that are gamers and not miners. They are currently excluded anyway (unless they are willing to pay and since they are casual I doubt it), why do you care if some gamers get GPU's rather then none?
  13. Jack1n

    New 5800x.

    Mine goes over 90C
  14. Jack1n

    Low fps warzone

    You need to lower the resolution scale and put it on fullscreen and not borderless.
  15. Jack1n

    Intel Study: Diversity and Inclusion in Gaming

    Happy I switched to AMD.
  16. Jack1n

    Low fps warzone

    What resolution are you using?
  17. Jack1n

    be quiet! Announces Silent Loop 2 Liquid CPU Cooler

    The 360 unit costs a bit more than the Arctic 360 but it does give you additional features like the ability to refill and controlling fan speed and the pump separately(it seems). It would have to perform similarly to be worth it in my opinion.
  18. Jack1n

    Intel Teases Xe HPG Gaming Graphics Architecture

    I think they should use their own foundries to make it, using TSMC or Samsung will not help the current situation at all. They could use their own 14nm process to give us 1080ti level performance at a competitive price and at quantity.
  19. Jack1n

    AMD Confirms it Won't Block any Workloads on its Graphics Cards - Including Mining

    I am 100% against mining but I do prefers the AMD stance just because they are honest about it unlike Nvidia.
  20. Jack1n

    TSMC Could Build Six GigaFabs in Arizona

    Bilingual? I still remember an English speaking woman from Quebec asking Trudeau about services not being available in English in the province and he answered in French...
  21. Jack1n

    TSMC Could Build Six GigaFabs in Arizona

    A lot easier to attract workforce to an English speaking region. Besides, the whole water shortage thing was blown way out of proportion.
  22. Jack1n

    TSMC Could Build Six GigaFabs in Arizona

    And pay more taxes, more to transport it down to the biggest consumer market and not to mention tariffs if USMCA is ever canceled? Oh and not nearly the same amount of skilled labor.
  23. Jack1n

    Report: TSMC and UMC are Trucking in Water Amid Shortages

    They can afford it for sure but it is probably cheaper to truck in fresh water from elsewhere. Not to mention that this is a temporary situation that only needs to be handled short term. As far as output, I did not see it being mentioned in this article that it is affected by this.
  24. Jack1n

    Get a 750W Corsair HX750 (80+Plat) or 850W Seasonic Focucs GX (80+ Gold) for my build?

    Unpopular opinion it seems, I would go with the Corsair. 750 is more than enough.